Over the past three months, the United States where the venture jindu focus on?

recently is a good day for technology start-ups. Many venture capitalists are raised record funds, and some of the emerging companies are relatively easy to made an incredible value.

when the venture capital market has become so popular, it is easy to lose its original orbit. So Pitchbook company based on the data analysis of global private equity and venture capital firms, will be in the first quarter of 2015 regional venture deals summary together to make the slide.

now look at classified by region in the fourth quarter of the vc industry of science and technology of what happened:

NO. 5: Los Angeles. LA companies raise more than $560 million in the first quarter. Most of the money for consumer and medical services of the company’s start-up. Socks brand Stance, with a $245 million valuation has achieved the highest financing.

NO. 4: the Pacific northwest. The company raised $687 million, of which more than half of the money for IT. Porch, a help homeowners quickly find a professional home maintenance of software, it jumped on the valuation of 5.1 times to $435 million. The area of investment valuation is an average of more than the last quarter, more than doubled.

NO. 3: Boston. Here in the first quarter of 2015, a total of $1.3 billion in venture capital financing. Health care and IT start-up companies accounted for more than 85% of the total of the total amount of financing in the morning. Seres Health, drug makers, is $389 million for the highest valuation of enterprise.

NO. 2: New York. It barely beat Boston, $1.42 billion in venture financing to start here. IT and B2B department got the lion’s share of the financing, at the same time consumers startups is raised to a quarter of the total amount of money. Social e-commerce service provider Fancy11.8 $of the valuation.

NO. 1: the San Francisco bay area. Only in the first quarter, start-ups in silicon valley and surrounding received $5.4 billion in venture financing, greater than the sum of all other areas of the financing, topped the list. The IT department to raise $2.1 billion m, and medical and consumer sectors also attracted more than $1 billion in financing. Taxi software Lyft melting in March to $500 million in financing it received $2 billion in the highest valuations.


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