Outbreak of incubator, entrepreneurs?

the author: Liu Kuang to zen master put in Internet, micro letter no. : public liukuang110

a few days ago, prime minister, visited the zhongguancun business street was once again inspired entrepreneur crazy enthusiasm. Move the rise of the Internet, more and more college students, prick silk gens influx into entrepreneurship, lack of capital and experience in the entrepreneurial process will inevitably encounter all sorts of problems, so all kinds of venture capital incubator, gen guest coffee, chuangye building have sprung up.

but the problem is coming, the incubator is brought entrepreneurs better entrepreneurship environment and superior resources, but in the face of so many domestic venture incubation platform, entrepreneurs and how to choose? Which business incubator is best for entrepreneurs? For this, as the entrepreneurs Liu Kuang from the perspective of a startup and incubator outsiders for entrepreneurs is analysed.

a, comprehensive incubation

when it comes to comprehensive incubation platform, Liu Kuang or simply explain: the comprehensive incubation were mainly concentrated in the Internet industry is given priority to, including mobile Internet, smart hardware, O2O, etc. Such including incubator innovation works, tsinghua science park, hainan ecological software park, star of lenovo, 3 w, garage coffee, angel sinks, entrepreneurs, 36 kr, and many other platforms, of which the most zhongguancun street embody concentration.

the first category, in this kind of incubator, as a business incubator star of lenovo and innovation works is one of the two front-runners, they provide venues and supporting services for entrepreneurs, mainly in the service of their portfolio companies. Innovation works, focused more on investment star of lenovo is more emphasis on training courses.

1, lee and Mr Liu respectively as the helm of innovation works and the star of lenovo, they two recognition in Internet technology can make countless entrepreneurs to come, say many entrepreneurs choose innovation works and lenovo star a large part of the reason is due to the personality cult of lee and Mr Liu.

2, innovation works, and the star of lenovo has a professional management, legal and technical team, they will be able to guide and help entrepreneurs to solve the problems encountered in the beginning. Good, of course, this is also a weakness entrepreneurs can through under a hotbed for premature infants not die, adverse environment that is entrepreneurs don’t have experienced a fierce fight, the future is difficult to do.

3, to the problem of entrepreneurs in the early stage of the capital has a strong strength of innovation works and lenovo star will direct investment, of course, they will also have certain control, entrepreneurs must consider to be clear about this issue.

the second type is a delegate with tsinghua science park of startup hubs, both in its investment in enterprises, also include other enterprises, the park is to provide software services for these enterprises.

1, tsinghua science park, adjacent to tsinghua university, Beijing university, dozens of national engineering research center, national key laboratory and laboratory in surrounding, has a strong human resources, entrepreneurial team if can pass the tsinghua science park to recruit many first-class scientific and technological personnel must be better.

2, tsinghua science park, the construction and development of the government’s vigorously support, located enterprises in infrastructure construction, talent introduction, fiscal and taxation management enjoy certain preferential policies.

3, tsinghua science park has a large number of high-tech enterprises, many overseas and domestic high-tech enterprises gathered in this, more than 100 innovative enterprises with the core technology and independent intellectual property rights. With technology as the leading enterprise is easy to get here fast growth, but also can obtain the tsinghua science park in such aspects as capital support.

the third kind is the government designated good specific area, cover the floor invite enterprises, provide certain supporting policies. Because Liu Kuang I now also in haidian ecological software park business, so, for example, as a representative.

1, government investment in the dominant business incubation first nature is on the policy advantages, in the enterprise to the financing, loans, tax and so on various aspects to enjoy certain preferential policies, but also need to maintain the government’s human relations.

2, for a lot of the early entrepreneurs financial strength is not very strong, can save the rent office space, also can timely understand the latest policy information, such as national ministry of science and technology, the local science and technology commission.

3, with the appropriate industrial park management committee of association, alliance, but also organize annual product types, projects, such as the selection activities, for the company and the product propaganda must help.

the fourth class is 3 w, garage coffee, angels, entrepreneurs, such as 36 kr innovation service platform.

1, the incubation platform is appended to the media, there are also relying on coffee shops, provide entrepreneurs and investors a docking and exchange platform. Entrepreneurs can they find good angel investment, investors can also use them to find better items.

2, for entrepreneurs, the community is very important, there is a very good business atmosphere, through this platform you can come into contact with more entrepreneurs, investors and fresh entrepreneurial ideas and projects, and even may find suits own business partners here.

3, 36 kr incubation platform for selected entrepreneurial teams, will provide office space, to give a certain amount of seed capital and entrepreneurial guidance, after a period of incubation and will continue to recommend excellent project investment risk, it will also give certain help.

2, vertical incubation

the current domestic platform for the business incubators are a dime a dozen, also caused a problem including professional at the same time, it is so, some of the more specialized vertical incubation platform begins.

F Camp vertical fashion pioneering

F Camp can be classified as vertical incubator first sponsors, they are mainly the following three types of Internet services of the project: 1. The fashion lifestyle class vertical O2O e-commerce or the local life, such as design, tourism, automobile, health, home, clothing, food, etc; 2. The fashion lifestyle smart devices, such as health, home, and other sports direction; 3. The new media and digital marketing.

first of all, from the point of view of product marketing, F Camp think understand fashion understand life is to satisfy customer needs to make more products. F Camp of fashion brand enterprise senior executives, entrepreneurs, Daniel, understand fashion fashion marketing veteran investors, their views on fashion products will give entrepreneurs more breakthroughs and innovation.

secondly from the point of view of focus, F Camp focus on fashion in the field of Internet related hatch, they are given in this natural is that much more sophisticated and professional training. Dedicated incubator help focus of entrepreneurial teams, set focus to make entrepreneurial teams get rapid development in the early and establish market position.

in the end, F Camp and entrepreneurial incubator strategic cooperation, such as bond to make up for any deficiencies in itself in other ways, let entrepreneurs also can accept an outsider’s reference and guidance.

jiufu inside and outside and repair, vertical mobile financial incubator

at present in the field of vertical incubation, jiufu should be regarded as one of the outstanding person. Jiufu focus on mobile financial hatch, both inside and outside and repair: internally, jiufu have already hatched a 6-7 mobile financial products, and have a good development, especially the shocked the entire Internet financial circles wukong finance; Foreign, jiufu also open mobile financial hatch, jiufu has just opened the first Internet financial business competition in business street, and hand in hand to IDG, redwood, huaxing capital, high mountains, huaxing, only capital, investment institutions, such as the east Buddhism hunting for mobile financial entrepreneurs.

one of, jiufu themselves as the practitioners in the field of mobile financial and business himself, the financial risk control, financial product design, has a wealth of experience in such aspects as the IT technology, these are the most precious wealth for entrepreneurs, they can give in mobile financial entrepreneurs more guidance.

second, jiufu on hatching star products has accumulated a lot of experience, the wu is empty finance and flashing silver Wecash are two typical successful cases, jiufu will give entrepreneurs these successful experience sharing, help them little detours.

third, in addition to the entire journey free business consulting services, jiufu will also with bosses, giant power to give capital participating entrepreneurs more help and guidance, let they realize their Internet financial dreams.

in addition, there are BAT at home and abroad, such as Microsoft Internet technology giants are aimed at hatching, such as baidu, tencent cities across the country have established the business incubators. Overall, Liu Kuang think entrepreneurs want to make a breakthrough in one area, based on a vertical professional incubator platform will be more suitable for yourself, but if you can ride giant, strong science and technology park tickets, entrepreneurs will get a more comprehensive support in a comprehensive way.