Orange: nothing with peripheral equipment, the automatic recording of sleep

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in modern society, many people are faced with insomnia, insomnia is a very painful thing, hunting cloud network recently exposed to a still in private beta App: orange. Don’t need to use any peripherals can detect and record the sleep, designed to help users to improve sleep quality, is expected to formally launched at the end of a product.

is the creator of the orange LeiYueChuan and hunting before cloud network reported “affectionately doctor” founder. Due to the popularity of electronic devices, most people will generate strong late procrastination, plus requiring for sleep, enough sleep 8 hours will be entirely off the next day, it is LeiYueChuan saw this pain points, so I want to lead the team members to do a sleep management software.

in terms of product design, orange mainly include record of sleep, the sleep PK three aspects analysis and close friends. Users only need to register for the first time input get up and sleep time, orange can do to sleep data record the whole intelligent design, abandoned the user operation record mode. Users can also through orange to provide quality analysis of sleep, with a clear understanding of their sleep every night. In addition, users can also to sleep PK, comparing health.

as a sleep management software, orange target user group between the ages of 18 and 40. LeiYueChuan revealed in an interview with cloud network hunting, orange closed beta version has more than ten thousand users online half moon activation, and between now and the user data, sleep sleep in the young man is very bad now, insomnia is very serious.

a separate App, don’t need peripherals, how can realize automatic management of sleep? This goes to orange product core content. Orange have their own independent analysis and design of sleep, when the user input to fall asleep and wake time began when the automatic analysis of records. Future will add more depth analysis, including the user have a good sleep is not good, deep or shallow sleep, did you sleep snoring, ever say talk in a dream, all of these can be in later versions reflect, in addition, sleep will also join industry rankings.

than similar products such as Sleeplace, Sleep Better with Runtastic need to purchase a peripheral or must Sleep pillow, such as the edge of the regulation, the characteristics of the orange is more simple, do not need to manage can automatically record. Not only that, there are many on the market such as bracelets, necklaces and other products to detect sleep. User acceptance for a long time to sleep tools and how to use frequency, and developers need to consider. “Mobile phone has been a lot of people cannot leave, so orange in view of the long-term record of sleep better.” LeiYueChuan thought.

based on the analysis of the user data of sleep, orange will introduce next sleep social and health of the O2O mode. Insomnia seriously divided into several types: procrastination habits, psychological problems, lack of exercise, have a sleep disorder or real problem, “suit the remedy to the case on the issue of different, these can be guided from online to offline, have imagination space in the future.”

hunting cloud network that will sleep problems as a subdivision of medical and health sector allocated more vertical. But how to more fit the user’s demand on product design, on the basis of user behavior analysis to further improve the user viscosity even deeper.

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Company: chengdu easy know pulse technology co., LTD.

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