Orange hotline: female strangers privileged speech social platform, announced the complete HongTai funds being financing

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stranger social market there have been more men to less meat more (Wolf). As a boy, in a message on the safety, give a bunch of girls say hi to 10 female germinal might only be a person, the only one is likely to be a robot. Loneliness is everybody have a state, in the bored or depressed heart be agitated when can immediately find a warm voice, is undoubtedly the most warm thing.

orange line of the main forms of voice calls social, rather than social text, more let a person feel real, interesting. Orange hotline to solve is stranger girls too little on social platforms, so girls privileges as starting point design products, build a social network girls are more willing to stay. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of reasonable allocation of resources, the launched chat girls had the privilege of revenue – female users can set when answering the phone.

product use crowd mainly aimed at students aged 18-23 years and 23 to 26 years old before long the young men and women stepped into the workplace, they have relatively free time, and men rushed to chase love age groups.

founding team 3 are backbone of the east China institute of technology, students, alumni, CEO Xu Weifan startup before pay remittance in icbc, the world is responsible for product design and operation; The CTO Jiang Cheng 5 years group of deep tillage to recognize in the development and project management, completed a number of international development projects; COO Gu Hailong before starting a business in the army, the management consulting as a partner. Founder Xu Weifan told hunting cloud network: “orange hotline is the first main girl strangers privileged social platform, platform have girls chat through income earning thousands.”

Xu Weifan itself have social aversion disorder, does not take the initiative to hook up with strangers on social networks, is a typical otaku character. But even the otaku attribute kokomo, also has the social demand, there will be looking for a moment; you talk I was doing on a product, the pressure is very big, only to find that doesn’t even have a speaker, but this time if we can have a chat with her sweet voice sister. “So I think of doing a sister to accompany me to speak, listen to my pack to force of products”, Xu Weifan said.

the current domestic’s main rival is to accompany me, next, next is currently on the market of strangers voice social platform. But Xu Weifan tell hunting cloud network, relative to the distance, to accompany me, orange line more focuses on the r&d of girls privilege function.

at home, a stranger social platform of war is of high quality female user resource. Which platform of high quality more girls, which platform is on fire. Xu Weifan believe that will always be a stranger social field is the red sea. Because social products and acquaintances micro letter, etc, the stranger social product is not exclusive. “You have devoted to devoted to find the speaker, the speaker can use orange hotline to find the; As you can go to 58 city spring recruitment information, also can go to the fair net hair again; So this field will always have a chance.”

product early online traffic is too big, just a few degrees cause server goes down. Has upgraded the server, the product development is good, launched two weeks was in millet app store TOP3 position for four days. Future will continue to deep girl privilege features for female users create more exclusive function. At present, the orange line has just completed by HongTai fund (Mr Yu, ChengXiTai) investment must level of financing.