Orange garment of beauty: from the CRM service guide into the brand stores, and hope to do connection white-collar clothing brand O2O platform

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

in the clothing industry, brands have been trying to tell and consumers beautiful story, speak up, looking forward to the consumer to laugh at “”; Clothing dealer has been working hard to build a favorable platform, the mood, look forward to the “hand” of consumer and extols brands; And consumers, especially for high quality consumers have been hope can buy refreshing, fondle admiringly of his own clothes; So, this kind of information asymmetry and respective “heterogeneous”, everyone began to go their separate ways. Orange beauty garment to see the market pain points, hope to make the connection quality white-collar female and high quality clothing brand platform, look forward to let the consumer offline shopping is no longer on the back foot, at a loss.

interviewed CEO find translation is orange love beautiful clothes, look very young, “she explains, has twenty years experience in enterprise information systems consulting and services, more than 8 years experience in garment industry information systems consulting and services. Co-founder from jingdong, fifteen years development experience.

find translation tell hunting cloud network: “I’m in the clothing industry has been studying before the development of women’s brand clothing, investigate quality white-collar female clothing consumption habits, also know women’s apparel consumption such as beautiful clothes assistant similar applications, in fact the market has a lot of ‘crisis’ and’ machine ‘.”

your own business of orange like beauty products, recommend brands, offline shop, shopping and sharing, and other functions, positioning group of 25-35 high income white-collar women. Find translation said, first of all, this part of consumer groups to the requirement of brand consumption has a delicate and unique taste; second part of this group according to the market survey showed that 80% of women will choose in the offline stores to buy like clothes; Finally is this part of the female consumer psychology habits tend to take the initiative to choose , rather than a passive choice AD hard embedded in the application of a lot of shopping.

selection and store has many women shop used most fight together, and then aggregate the mall brand information, and recommend to the consumer. Good brand is, however, to “blossom”, not only in market, a brand name and about 70% of offline store alone, thus store inside of the clothing brand information can only be the tip of the iceberg, and many brands are not willing to provide the information to the mall, to update the information could not namely. find translation tell hunting cloud network: “after eight years of experience in apparel brand service, so we choose the direct cooperation with the brand, the top before the polymerization garment industry brand information, information update time to time by the brands and the brand, and can cover all the stores of brand. For clothing brand cooperation, on the one hand, orange beauty has a lot of clothing brands cooperation resources; Orange love beautiful clothes, on the other hand, free to provide brand stores dominated by the user’s personality CRM system, can help the brand get more consumers, broader, so brand merchants willing to cooperate.

guide for product core functions – offline clothing brand, orange love beautiful clothes from CRM (customer relationship management system) system, provide more human, dominated by consumers to buy the service. First of all, orange will give brand stores provide free orange CRM system; Second user after choose to use orange love beautiful clothes, you can browse the brand dynamic (new product, store activities), search goods (according to the demand for your product), comments on photos, take a find commodities, collection, etc. Users the option to show the subscription and collection after and comment on sharing function, such as subscription to collect a certain brand clothing, the corresponding brand stores can see (if you don’t subscribe to, cannot view), and then stores will push brand information about the collection of goods, by the user’s own choice, push messages in the application, and will not be a telephone, SMS form of harassment. Second, guide a user can choose to subscribe to consultant for the brand store seller, the seller can choose to interact with the user and to push the brand information. Choice by the user, but is not brand and stores, which accord with the consumption of high quality white-collar female mental habits – do not want to passively accept, is not willing to reveal personal privacy information, just want to buy like the new dress.

about what people care about most clothing “die-hard powder” and most women choose casual stroll, orange coat also love the United States to such brand merchants favorite female users is prepared, the constant pursuit of a brand, after she choose to subscribe to the brand information can receive the goods and the brand new store activity information; For women just want to swim clothing ocean, orange love beautiful clothes also provides convenience for them, can be in store scan tag, to understand the details of goods to see other similar product of reviews, looking for the same brand, similar to other brand, and found near the location of other brands.

markets have actually, or plate is mostly need a validated process, orange garment of beauty products also are currently at the design stage, find translation tell hunting cloud network, at the meeting in the second half of the product line, the name might change.

hunting cloud network at the same time think this industry will face a lot of problems. First for the consumers, this part of the quality of female consumer groups of privacy information and consumer psychology in orange with the partial active love beautiful clothes can reveal personal information has a certain conflict; Second, orange love beautiful clothes in the face of the vast market guide in application how to get more users face a greater challenge.

but if orange love beautiful clothes value can be straightforward, Zhao Dongju an example shows that the 100000 members of the national information for a fashion brand, but it belongs to the most real and telephone information of only five percent, so he wants to buy from offline to online CRM, can help clothing enterprises real information to update the user to around 70%. At the same time for an ideal technology practitioners think of sell clothing enterprises with large data service to let them do the new product can have a reference, find translation said big data too the United States, but there is no logic, popular big data useless for the time being. We will only precipitation data and also to say applied large-scale enterprises, it is too early, you know, popular cannot be easily predicted.

find translation tell hunting cloud network: “we can now hope as soon as possible to find the right angel investment, many traditional clothing enterprises want to invest, but find translation said temporarily won’t consider, don’t want to” invisible reform “from the start, very afraid of traditional enterprise will make this product a big enterprise to obtain subservient to the target user, funding, after will find translation to optimize the core team, products on the market for seed users (to push the personnel to guide the brand clothing stores is cooperation).” After future orange love beautiful clothes online, also can join brand clothing reservation service, guide to build the closed loop mode, but not into the payment.