Or the whole you on April fool’s day! Wacky industries application need

cloud network hunting note: you always have too much “surprise” April fool’s day, let you shocked at the same time, also can bring you of laughter. Earlier, people will call their closest people, tell them some things, these things absolutely can let friends dumbfounded. Now, turn to apply, let love playing tricks on people’s friends so much, come up with numerous excellent mischief.

let’s first take a look at some Android machine application of April fool’s day!

1. April Fools Pranks (April fool’s day Pranks) : the application for a large number of classic Pranks, and the practical jokes. Users can also see some usual best trick here, can even on social media sites to share these jokes and pranks.

2. Whoopee as! , whoopee cushion) : the application, as the name implies, is able to turn your phone into a whoopee cushion, or it can be called fart bag, function is fart, er, voice is still very vivid. It has three models: 1, the motion detection mode: when someone sit down a fart. 2, the time delay model: when someone left the room, a fart. 3, sound detection mode: when someone spoke, a fart sound. The cliff is a to force applied, in a serious meeting, or in a close party release such artifacts, the acid is incredible.

3. Prank Pack (Prank package) : this is not an application, it is 13 super industries application, download the app, you can get the following application: Farts/Whoopee as (Whoopee cushion), Scissors (virtual) Scissors, Hair clipper, buzzer, sound quite distinct, can let the other side think you really shaved all of his/her Hair), Cracked Screen (broken Screen Prank, open the application, will suddenly burst, the phone’s Screen, of course, this is just a joke, but the Screen broken effect is very real, at first glance would scare a lot of people), the Laugh Track (canned laughter), the Cards was catnip (magic card Trick), used Counter (Geiger Counter), Finger Scanner (fingerprint), Emergency Call (Emergency Call), Fake, Crash suspended animation (program), the Blue Screen of Death (the Blue Screen of Death) and the Detector (Detector) and so on. Although this app promises zero advertising, but some of these applications are locked, want to unlock you’ll have to earn gold COINS. How to make? Ok, download activated wireless advertisers like pushed to your AD, so you can get “reward” income.

4 Aging Album 3 d time (the clock) : the app allows you to grow old, like time flight to see what his long like in the future. Of course, it not only able to edit your photos into old, still can let you and the prestige bickering. This app with tall on the 3 d animation and sound effects, and automatic editor based on the technology of face recognition effect.

5 iBeer FREE (love to drink beer) : the application allows the user to mobile phone “, “beer, applied realistically simulate the feeling of the beer, simulation is high, tilt the phone to” drink “, shaking more bubbles, “drink” finished GeEr will loudly.

6. Face Switch Swap& Morph! (in face – exchange and transform!) : users using the app can make jokes on friends or colleagues photos, deserve to go up to beard ah, a person’s face and neck to another people, no problem can be the dalai. The application of the function is also very good oh, brush, automatic face detection, and filters to choose from, simple image adjustment tools are prepared well for you.

7. Simple Voice Changer (Simple Voice Changer) : this is an interesting application of the can change your Voice, believes that many people will like the dalai. Its function is complete, in addition to change the voice, also can add special effects to your voice, a total of 12 kinds of sounds to choose from, with out you can also share the achievements, set up the bell is completely OK to dalai.

8. A mazing Broken Display (Broken screen trick) : the app can fool others believe you broke the phone’s screen, you can first set A Broken screen wallpaper, then set A trigger. You can also set up sound beforehand, broken screen cut brush ring at the same time, more is not realistic? Or you can also be an instant effect, and then open the application, when you pass the phone to a friend, the crack will slow extension, speed is a little slow, but the effect is not discounted.

9. A ir Horn (air Horn) : this thing is very simple, can play A variety of different sounds, like air Horn, library Carla dance (A Mexican song and dance), shout sierra (South African football fans to cheer loudspeakers), siren, ambulance, fire brigade and the voice of the nuclear alert and so on.

10. Ghost Prank (Ghost camera) : want to scare friend? Try this app! Choose a ghost, add to the photo, deserve to go up again the voice of the brotherhood of the Wolf, finished will happily share go out to the major social media sites.

here and then let’s look at some iPhone application of April fool’s day!

1. April Fool Pranks (April Fool’s day Pranks) : the application to give you a happy April Fool’s day trip to figure industries provides numerous small idea, just shake mobile phone, there will be a new idea was born, like words can also collect and share.

2. p rank contributor (sound) : you can choose a cricket sound, adjustable frequency, at a specific time to harass your friends or colleagues, of course, you can also choose to other sound effects, the application provides a series of sound, like a horrible sound, open sound, noise made the drip, floor and so on and so on.

3. Dude, Your Car! (man, your car!) : this is a kind of practical application, want people to think that his car was damaged, or article posted by the police? The method is very simple! First of all, to take a photograph of the car, and then happily add scratch and indentation, broken Windows, smoky!!!!

4 Remote Mouse, wireless Mouse: the application can turn your iPhone into a usable set of wireless Mouse, and Remote control computer, so you can torture friend unnoticed. This app has a perfect analog touch pad, multi-touch gestures, password protection, also supports remote voice typing and so on new features.

5. Prank Mirror Mirror (trick) : the application provides many tools, let you can leave their “dignified and beautiful pictures of the effect of the whole into a distorting Mirror, distorted, cannot bear to look at, and is an immediate oh. Among the application effect of 15 kinds of parody, what fish head effect, effect of aliens, is so acid man had to stop.

6. Scary Prank (horrible Prank game) : is a scare of artifact, once triggered effects, there will be a ghost image jump out to the screen, with the cry of horror, then a front-facing camera could quickly capture the friends to fearful faces, cut archive, handle points minutes of black history.

7. Hidden camera pranks (Hidden camera prank) : the application with an excellent collection many “Hidden camera prank” the most interesting, yet to use this app needs to be connected to the Internet.

8. Icon Prank – Photo Drop (Icon pranks – Icon Drop) : the application will make your Icon like a jigsaw puzzle scattered to the bottom of the screen, this time you show it to friends for help, dropped a precipice will let friends to eyeball. The small icon in the application of scattered, scampering around the screen to go scampering, scene is very happy feeling?