Optimal letter trial-and-error used car insight: C2B didn’t value, B2C is the future

note: hunting cloud just announced today for baidu, KKR after a total of about $170 million m investment, optimal letter began to focus on expanding used-car B2C field, in the company in the development of the previous three years, however, also walked a lot of detours, CEO Dai Kun writing Shared his used car model and trend toward the core issues. Starting at tencent technology:

this is Dai Kun full text:

the first two years in the trial and error, made a lot of tuition fees.

company operating three years till now, the first two years of trial and error. Although our direction is right, but in the last two years we tried a lot of patterns, also once against the dealer will do some execution. These ideas will lead to a company in the ecological chain, from the role of a service into an oppressive role. Once you’re in an industry, oppression, soon there will be a rebound.

so we in the development process of several times in it comes out of the question. Now we are clear, logic is to service the guidance of big dealers. On the question of the guiding ideology in the past, let us nearly died.

ok we haven’t die, we really started to have the idea of doing B2C, in early 2014. C2B business, then we just tried to pay a lot of tuition, but failed. Because of C2B this service not much value, in the eyes of consumers, you and cattle service and there is no difference from the offer.

after we found C2B this is the right thing, soon found B2C this things is very right.

B2C logic is completely make sense. Car dealers, dealers need to find customers, we now offer the service and would help it become more honest and transparent.

in B2B, honesty and transparency has helped shape shape dealers earn money, if the transparency and integrity transferred to consumer link, to help dealers earn more money? You can. Whether can help consumers to buy the goods more appropriate? Should also can. So we’re going to online B2C business.

in the B2C level, the core of our strategy is to help the dealers to resolve the problem, still not we become a used-car dealer. It’s a bit like the concept of taobao, the goal is to help dealers to clinch a deal, but by our platform to provide all the vehicle testing and quality assurance services.

used electricity should start from information + to choose

auto electrical contractor is not an overnight process, especially for a used car. Because of the big market environment and direct consumption environment does not allow consumers to online shopping, including the new car is hard to do it. Before electricity, you first need to solve the information services, and information to help consumers to make the right decisions.

used car industry, it is very important, is a commodity that used-car dealer brand does not mean it. If you need to buy a used car, the car could be in any one place any dealers, so you need to inform you of where the car is a information platform. This is not electricity, but it is a precursor to electricity. All consumers in the shopping process must have a link, namely information service, we need to cut from here.

information platform to electricity has two leap stage. The first is to help consumers choose and leap stage, choose only provides consumers with information platform, but can’t help consumers choose and link. We want to buy added functionality, to help consumers offline simulation and how to implement actions and transactions.

do choose and what is the goal? Consumers at the beginning of the information platform screen 10 feel like products, finally can continue to narrow the range, lock him really want that car.

in order to achieve this goal, we must first provide a very complete, comprehensive, in addition we will consumers and dealer’s communication process simulation, including the configuration of the vehicle, contrast and ratio of the problem, to help consumers compare, help customers to target from 10 to 2, and finally to from 2 to 1, this is a process of absolute leap.

when consumers lock in a car on the platform, to complete the transaction this leap is easy. So the realization of this process is to move forward step by step, rather than a one-off move forward.

C2C is not the mainstream of second-hand electricity

car inside this area, B2C is very important. C2C used electricity for now is not the mainstream.

C2C is one of the biggest problems on both ends of the C’s perception of the car, sell the car owners often think his car is great, because he was accustomed to. Can buy a car of people don’t think so, he can smell smell or feel the car is dirty.

in this case, B is indispensable to the service. For ordinary consumers, the performance is very important, of course, but the appearance is the most intuitive the most important. Distributor must have to be refurbished after collect, arrange, everyone wants to buy a beautiful appearance and interior clean car, no one is figure only cheap price. This is the dealer the B side in second-hand car trading process provides an important value.

in the second place, the existence of the dealers can greatly shorten the transaction time. Dealers in the process of the deal, will put the money paid to the owner, the owner can go to buy a new car, as for the back link shall be borne by the distributor to sell cars. But in the process of C2C, sell car owners have to wait until a buyer clinch a deal can go to buy a car, this process is usually much slower.

the price level, the C2C platform for eliminating the middle dealer link, in theory, the owner can sell a better price, consumers can buy a cheaper car. But in fact it is difficult to achieve, because the owners and consumers in the process of trading are necessarily requires repeated comparison.

if there is a very small number of platforms, it is difficult to select the users really want. So our approach is in the base of a large scale down to solve the quality problem, based on hundreds of thousands of, the base of one million to do information transparency, rather than hundreds and thousands of basic framework to do it.

C2C is rid of the intermediate links, but ignores the value of the intermediate links to provide. We ever also think C2C may be a feasible method, because of the used car industry opaque, not good faith, is largely caused by the dealer. But today we don’t think so, dealers can be changed.

of course, reforming dealers will undoubtedly is the place where we make it the hardest.

a lot of problems between consumers and dealers in the past, because the dealer’s service levels are low. Today many dealers helpless is consumers no longer believe them. The past climate, dealers from good cost is very high, so he could choose from evil. However, if you can use the method of integrity to earn money, no one is willing to do the bad guys.

so we have to change the mechanism, let dealers with higher levels of service, a more sincere way to earn enough money to build a good faith of the ecological system.