Optimal: bju international, do light and convenient community O2O distribution at the end

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

“optimal” (bju international) is a main O2O platform distribution at the end of the community, to cover the community business super h&z, let users never leave home can quickly complete the shopping. At present, for optimal WeChat end has been put into operation, in actively improve the APP.

Zhao Zengyu co-founder and marketing manager to hunt cloud network said: commodity procurement is rigid demand, in people’s lives for a long time, go to the supermarket and shopping convenience store is the only way to meet the demand of the rigid. In nowadays, the improvement of Internet technology and the rapid development of Internet industry, let us see the new ways to satisfy people the rigid requirements. “Optimal” appears in a platform model in community life, let originally downstairs shopping this tedious and a waste of time, become a convenient and comfortable experience.

on user location and businesses choose to hunt Zhao Zengyu cloud network provides the results of their survey and data analysis: through the investigation, we learned that there are a lot of people willing to experience this kind of comfortable way of shopping, our user base for the use of high frequency of young people, Internet with children young mother and housewife, etc., in the age of 15 to 40 years old. In the aspect of business, we focus on business, and cooperate with cooked food suppliers, proprietary products. Of service as a partial city, chengdu city has a population of 15 million, nearly more than 9000 living communities, each community population in 3000 ~ 3000, and community around there will be 2 ~ 3 supermarkets and convenience stores, broad market scale and large user group for merchants to see the potential business volume and the considerable income.

in terms of distribution, he adopted the crowdsourcing model of light logistics, namely the orders and delivery by merchants themselves. Compared to the self-built logistics, crowdsourcing mode light logistics burden smaller obviously. So to ensure the quality of service, he best team is how to handle? Zhao Zengyu told hunting cloud network for optimal the merchants constraints in the form of agreement of logistics service, at the same time, the user’s assessment will be as a standard of evaluating merchants, evaluation of high merchants will be the corresponding subsidy support, all this will protect users enjoy the fast and high quality service.

do community distribution of similar products is not a few, like chengdu area lazy supermarket and so on, at present, the profit pattern of the lazy supermarket prefer to laundry washing a quick profit, such as services, are not focused on business. Except for service businesses differentiation Zhao Zengyu thinks, the biggest advantage for optimal fast delivery, the difference in the jingdong proprietary distribution services, such as a young female white collar before work accidentally tore stockings, or a housewife found that lack of spices when cooking, during the World Cup football fans need beer and braised food at home, for these pressing needs, he will in the fastest time delivery.

to the business model, Zhao Zengyu has his original ideas, he thinks that “big is death, small is big” : product do more concise, the better user experience, on the contrary, the more the more don’t want to see. For optimal platform includes the business can offer all the products, these products have clear classification, on the present commodity, we a commodity bar code on the integration of mad, the bar code contains a large amount of information: such as production date, shelf life and so on. Although some users may not notice these, but we want the user to know, these products are safe and comfortable to use.

on the market develops, he will start from a community, gradually to achieve the standardization, the first pilot for CRC phoenix. Hunting cloud network realized that: on the basis of a certain users, he also will continue to plan, they expect from a village was built, then inject community distribution service, including real estate developers and property service, etc., such as real estate developers of proprietary supermarket is a big idea.

“optimal” belongs to chengdu small strange technology co., LTD. Was established in October 2014, several technical ideas of young people get together and formed contains product, market, technology, the design team.

at the moment, he best team has to start a business subsidies, the financing is the trend of The Times, Zhao Zengyu convective cloud network said: we want to find a can understand our investors, bring us money and resources, to get through the community distribution at the end of the platform.