Opera CEO before releasing new browser, regain the Opera lost wealth

cloud network hunting note: “convenient, fast” should be the two words can be used to describe the latest release of Vivaldi browser, though its just a preview, but also to see the characteristics of the browser. CEO before its founder Jon von Tetzchner as Opera, Opera browser will also be many virtues to the browser.

Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner late last month launched a Vivaldi preview browser technology, it is a technology based on Chromium kernel and main for the user’s browser. Vivaldi tools such as the characteristics of “Quick order” (Quick Commands) can be used to “handwritten orders” instead of the mouse operation, and the Quick dialing function similar to Opera can allow users to quickly get bookmarks, another new feature is to support the user in the browser directly take notes, at the same time can also be different tags together.

von Tetzchner said in an interview, “the existence of Vivaldi is only for those who are like-minded, good experience for those who hope that the browser can bring them more.”

since von Tetzchner, co-founder of identity from the Opera departure for three and a half years have passed. Is almost a year ago, Vivaldi community (note: cloud network editor king hunting a aims to take by My Opera community closed Opera fans have nowhere else to go after the network BBS) was founded before he back into the public view. Obviously von Tetzchner will not be satisfied with just to manage the online BBS.

von Tetzchner said earlier even resigned from the company, but he still willing to continue to use the Opera browser. But in the Opera gave up using Presto (note: cloud network editor king hunting Presto is a browser layout engine developed by Opera Software) engine and transform their target audience, Von Tetzchner decided to return to the browser’s development. “Opera is based on community, maintained close ties with users at the same time, but now I feel this connection shall be ceased to exist.” He said.

in the past year and a half, the team has been hard for Vivaldi browser, and the current version is still a technical preview, there are many functions are not perfect, but the browser is already very good. In the design of some functional properties of Vivaldi, a large part of the inspiration from the Opera, von Tetzchner conceded the point easily. And in the later, the Opera abandoned these and turned to its (is Blink back again).

“for those of browser request is not high, there are a lot of the browser can choose, and our target users are those who will take a long time on the Internet, open at the same time a lot of web pages, like the person who deal with a lot of content.” Von Tetzchner said in an interview.

Vivaldi team decides to Chromium as the browser kernel. Because the team strength and energy are limited, can’t from the beginning to develop our own engine, the beginning von Tetzchner also considered using Mozilla engine or its, but finally decided to use the Google framework.

“use its not too big effect, use Mozilla, we feel very few people use it. They do, of course, is a good choice, but finally chose a safer way.” He said.

I have been using now Vivaldi preview, the whole team is functioning as planned. Our design focus is “simple”, but also have some fun. Web page and the menu bar icon on the page, for example, the main colour change their color, of course if you don’t like, can also choose to shut down the function. Like the early Opera, Vivaldi put the menu bar at the upper left of the window, allows the user to more easily find your bookmarks and other tools.

there are a lot of interesting small functions, including page preview, page zoom. To begin with, I think “quick order” (as apple’s Spotlight) will not be very useful, but when you use this feature, it will soon become a part of the process of using, when I went back to Chrome, I will miss this functionality.

of course, some I can every day on the small feature has not been added, for example, bookmarks bar. Now you can’t install any development tools. And all this will see in the next generation of preview.

in the long run, Vivaldi also embedded email client. This looks like a browser back in the direction of the early, but these are Opera insist for a long time. For Tetzchner, this is also hope he can see in your browser.

“I think not everyone need to email service,” he said, “of course, for those who still need to advanced users. We found that some users have a lot of email, but they did not bind them together, so we will email the client embedded into a browser, is also necessary. Vivaldi suffix will provide each user with a Vilvaldi.net email address, but the browser’s inbox client can be used for any docking.

now Vivaldi has 25 employees, all of the money comes from von Tetzchner individuals. In the long run, he plans to attract users to use third party search engines, and associated accounts to get profit, but more specific operation way is to understand their problems.