Only focusing on socially responsible business incubator, 1776 of the company

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every emerging business enterprises want to change the world, and is located in the district of Columbia business incubators and seed fund 1776 cultivate those early can only see the clue of the company.

this business incubator is especially focused on the social responsibility on the innovation of the company, you don’t find some social photo sharing application class appeared in the 1776 incubation program.

on the contrary, the business incubator is looking for the next solution to traffic jams or a breakthrough in testing the water harmful chemicals.

the fund like data-driven service market to help startups, like to help the obstetrician diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy, or a collective financing to help raise money for the teachers’ application.

these startups don’t like the movie “the social network”, for example as gorgeous paints. But 1776 co-founder Evan Burfield and Donna Harris, said the company long-term impact on the society may be bigger and the profits are very confident.

in less than two years has trained more than 250 1776 new start-up companies, the company focused on old and deep-rooted industries such as education, energy and sustainable, health care, urban planning and transportation, etc.

1776 co-founder and chief executive Evan Burfield

1776 offers these inexperienced company offices, capital, and important relations of cooperation. And most of them need to overcome huge bureaucracy and legislative hurdles to succeed.

1776 with partners from many companies, non-profit organizations and universities.

the business incubator has set up a “special group” to help startups to unblock. In this “special group”, with the help of these startups got a total of more than 2000 lobbyists, mentor and public affairs to help the company achieve its dream expert help.

“every professional companies treat public affairs has its dark art,” Evan said Burfield. “They have a group of people make it materialize these policies and have room to move back and forth among them, the most start-ups cannot close these.”

he explained that in 1776 they called the “for rent” management services to help startups in the “don’t like change of the market”.

“if you want to change the world you will have to figure out how to deal with these,” says Burfield complex rules and procedures.

he explained this is not to say that can blatantly ignore what you thought of “law” of the dark and regardless across it. Until the collapse of many companies have failed to understand the rules. For startups, on the other hand, to a certain extent in the legal gray area is very important.

for many startups government industry, not only to understand these laws also to be close to externalize the legal person. Located in legislation for the 1776 relationship obviously deeply benefit from the district of Columbia.

in addition to the relationship between industry is also very important. For example, a startup company could have on the application of a medical device with groundbreaking ideas, but if the hospital network system is not using the technology of this company, so their innovation is likely to be futile.

the “challenge cup” winner of the 1776 held may receive money from 1776 and mentors and policymakers to establish contact.

as for emerging startups 1 eq. Early last year 1 eq joined the 1776 on the Internet of things how to reform the health care incubation project. Instead of letting these companies effort is a waste of time to cater to the outdated hospital board, 1776 decided to 1 eq and several excellent medical team to accelerate the process of their tests.

1 eq to stop at MedStar Health to improve its service. MedStar Health has 10 hospitals and 100 care of puerpera childbirth. At the end of 2014, 1 eq released its first product BabyScripts main trial.

in Washington, dc 1776 campus will also hold some activities for the startup and some courses.

BabyScripts now allow the obstetrician for pregnant women to provide a wireless blood pressure cuff, the application of wireless measurement and provide guidance during pregnancy. Then BabyScripts data feedback to the pregnant woman obstetrician that help them determine whether signs of high-risk pregnancy.

although 1776 also to focus on the cause of education startup the huge investment, but Burfield says health care is still the most active one aspect, 1776 he saw its tremendous potential in the market. Although 1776 is located in downtown Washington, dc, but its investment is not limited to this.

this entrepreneurial incubator held a called “challenge cup” global competition, Burfield and Harris will find potential companies and fund them.

this contest held in 16 cities around the world, every winner from different cities to participate in the May 1776 Challenge Festival, this is held in Washington for a week, in the activities of the business enterprise have the opportunity to attract investors, contact new mentors, met with policy makers, and investment for bonus.

so what kind of business enterprise can get the favour of Burfield?

“although we don’t involve some fashion start-up,” he said, “but we are very open.”

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