Online recruitment “to the countryside” : brings to the Philippine rural average equal employment opportunity

cloud network hunting note: in the Philippines, jobs tend to be concentrated in big cities, job seekers to find work in rural areas have to be uprooted. Online freelance platform can link freelancers with customers all over the world to together, provide employment opportunities for them, and broke the geographical limitations, improve the employment rate in rural areas.

technology has changed the way we work, makes us more flexible working hours, can also work from the comfort of home environment. But can it really as we expected, to bring more and better jobs in rural areas?

Evan Tan is southeast Asia regional director, in his opinion the answer is yes, at least in the Philippines. Along with the development of the freelance web site, he said, people no longer need to go to the capital, large cities such as looking for a job.

“online freelance platform gives people equal opportunity to work in the you want to do, regardless of their economic conditions, social status and education background.”

in addition to, the Philippines and some web sites to freelancers and seek short-term cooperation of customers all over the world together, including Elance – the fast-growing and Raket. Ph.

Tan say they are and the government’s office of information technology (ICT) cooperation, bring the backward rural areas more job opportunities, the move and the national information and communication technology development route is consistent.

under the route, to the Philippines in 2016 for the national people’s plan to increase at least 1.6 million is associated with the IT outsourcing jobs, involving at least 40% of the population from the countryside.

ICT deputy executive director of the office Mon Ibrahim admits to make progress in rural areas need to take some time, especially in the southern island of Mindanao has been filled with violence. In a recent about rural outsourcing work on the BBS of Ibrahim said: “most of the IT industry in the process management industry well-known companies are very hesitant to not to travel to Mindanao. The government realized that outsourcing or online work can provide more employment opportunities in this area.”

uneven distribution of resources, big cities more opportunities

according to the national statistical data coordination committee, Tan said the poorest administrative region has 10 national 16 in Mindanao.

to dispersed employment opportunities and promote the development of the administrative region, need a lot of effort, in fact jobs or concentrated at Manila’s rapid economic growth.

, for example, a simple glance at the Jobstreet website, you will find in the Philippine capital area more than 43000 job openings, and the number more than the sum of all the other parts of the country. Tan said north Mindanao only 450 jobs, more than 890, davao SoCCSKSarGen (a district in the Philippines, located in central Mindanao) more than 220, misha central yan 3200, it had wooden 830, cordillera region (CAR) of more than 630.

Tan said, pointing to the main business district in the Philippines: “we believe that the jobs are concentrated in Manila, this is not fair. I still remember a story is said makati city every weekend population will be reduced from 2 million to 500000, this suggests that there are 1.5 million people from other regions to makati work during the week. If you have a relative or friend left his hometown to the capital to find better opportunities, this is very common in the Philippines.”

net work to promote rural employment, effective

however, this kind of situation is finally changed, although will be very slow, thanks to the development of online job.

data according to, the Philippines, Mindanao Tan said in the past few years the city’s online workers has increased. In fact, the island of card of cagayan DE oro, davao and yili f the three cities are located in has the largest number of cities in the Philippines “web worker” the top 20. In 2014, in the three cities the number of users, in turn, grew by 23.8%, 21.4% and 14.9%.

“work despite the lack of diversity, the user can give full play to their talents, we see the huge potential. Our task is to continue efforts to let more people have the chance.”

Tan believe that online free professional platform for the national unemployment rate is also improved.

can be seen from the Philippine bureau of statistics latest data, the unemployment rate in the Philippines or unemployed labor percentage increase from 6% in October 2014 to 6.6% in January 2015.

, by contrast, the number of workers on is growing every year. Platform on the total number of registered filipinos has grown from 450000 in February 2014 to February 2015, 600000 people. refused to disclose the sum of these freelance income, but we can see them in the quarterly earnings report profits for the web site.

Tan concluded: “as we have stressed, network widen the road for the applicants, regardless of where they are and what kind of person, have the opportunity to do what my ideal job, but also to enhance the talent liquidity.”

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