Onetouch: combination of fitness equipment and intelligent tracking watches

two basic camp occupies the wearable technology at an early stage of development in the field of mainstream development: one is like Fitbit or Jawbone representative fitness tracking devices; Another is like Android Wear and Apple Watch powerful smart watches. There is too much evidence that the two camps in the near future will be merged into one. Fitness tracking is Apple Watch and most Android device is an important part of dressing, and Fitbit’s new model also increased the function of the smart Watch make its health tracking device performance will be improved.
Although many smart watch on fitness function, many health tracker with the performance of smart watches, but whatever the choice needs to better balance the characteristics of both. Either you choose fitness tracker function or choose smart watch productivity. Alcatel (Alcatel) to introduce a latest price at $149.99 in this month formally listed Onetouch wearable watch, it attempts to these two characteristics of this perfect together.

use Onetouch Watch a week later, I found it’s not a great smart watches, also is not a very good fitness tracker. Instead, it only made a different compromise: are you willing to give up other kinds of the best products, to pursue a price is most smart watch cheap, appearance than most fitness tracker cool watch?

at first glance may feel Onetouch belongs to the smart watch. Circular dial, metal material and color display, make people easy to compare it to MOTOROLA’s Moto 360. But 360 this smart Moto watch fully USES the Android operating system, while the Onetouch is developed its own set of operating system: compatible Android devices and iOS devices at the same time. Besides the advantages of cross-platform, Onetouch watch dial and lighter, cheaper and battery more durable than most other smart watch.

from the aesthetic point of view, Onetouch shape than many other similar products more able to bear or endure look, especially compared to other products of the same price. Is not the same as most of the Android devices dressing, its popular design, close to the normal wrist circle of the dial, wear in the hand is also don’t see this Watch is equipped with a computer, it is also not as tall as Apple Watch on trying to interpret the definition of fashion. For most people, we are wearing just a ordinary electronic.

OneTouch watches is a diameter of 1.22 inches round the dial color touch screen, the resolution of 240 x 204 pixels. It is not true circular screen – like Moto 360 dial inside, there is a black – although it is anti plane area, the line of sight range changes of data is more, but the pixels are still clearly visible on the display. In outdoor also can easily see the screen content, I think for most smart meters with color display the I am not sure of that. Most of the time, this watch is turned off. But you can or by pressing the button next to the lift arm, it’s like looking at the time this stance is more backward than I expected, because I still like still arm can tell time.

Onetouch can be fixed rubber strap, make you comfort all day long. Black and white two colors you choose, but these two colors are not interchangeable, so remember to choose carefully. Can be fixed strap has several key advantages: one strap with NFC chip inside makes matching more quickly, and built-in rechargeable USB plug. Strap on the tail of the USB plug can be said to be the focus of this watch: it plug in any USB, charge no longer need to clumsy charger.

click on the screen, you can start a basic grid view different built-in applications. The most basic app, including: the weather, the compass, music control center, mobile sensors and and can remote control the pictures of the phone’s camera app. In addition to this, of course, also can equipped with step, mobile distance record, record sleep and measure heart health tracker.

watch the three sections of the most basic pointer, digital dial (length), and you can change the color of the dial and background. But access notice required by clicking on the dial at the bottom of the screen, this is very inconvenient, especially when you wear on your hands more trouble. But this area can also act as a back button at the bottom of the

in the received information or someone need to find you, the intelligence of wrist watch will hum noise to attract your attention, and Onetouch seems to be in the notice in the information and the tendency of intelligent watch some out. Whether informed of any information, the watch display will not light up automatically, the notification window will not automatically pop up. Want to see notice, what about your other hand will contact with this watch. Only when there is no need to clean up any information or walking from my wrist, it will automatically display notifications information to me. In addition, the information of watch notice also supports only part of the application (telephone, information, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, sets, Facebook Messenger, Google +, Google video chatting and Gmail). So this watch can show reminds me the E-mail or E-mail software in the cell phone from Google Now remind. Alcatel told me that in the future they will be based on user feedback information to add support for more applications.

on the intelligence of other watches you may find the existence of the third party applications, such as: facial recognition and voice control, may not apply to Onetouch watches. Inform the restrictive and does not support due to its additional features, it is not so much a smart watches with health tracker as it is a health tracker with smart watch function.

as a health equipment it and what are the characteristics? Since its limitations, so how is good enough? Then I can let’s start from it a bit, its own iOS and Android operating software that allows you to attractive display to view your tasks and set goals. Fortunately, this watch is not like the tracker I before, when a pedometer count is highly accurate. Heart rate monitoring is relatively slow, but it is accurate and reliable for a heart rate monitor is absolutely. It is not difficult to find that almost all of the people use Onetouch Watch because it decent appearance and accurate records of their steps.

as for I prefer health tracker, but it still has more room for improvement. I will be able to set goals and movement on the attached app to check the chart, but this need my conscious to check progress every day. Watch won’t be in order to achieve my targets set by the madness of wake me up. Watch receives any information cannot and the health of apple’s app, Google health platform or other service software synchronization, like a trapped in the alcatel’s system. Relative to the other can be added with different fitness tracker system, same price, this watch is actually a very disappointed. Can not compare their own performance and friends, and also does not support data synchronization with android or apple’s built-in health system. In addition with alcatel watch sleep tracking software cannot be run automatically, so I need to start this function before you go to bed, have to shut it down after wake up.

then you accept what is the cause of these limitations? On the one hand, you may be more inclined to this tradition, less dominant watch. Onetouch watch, on the other hand, compared with other smart watch battery is more durable. If I shut down or to stop at night sleep tracking, one-time charge can continue to use after the completion of two days, or even longer time. Another super handy built-in USB port, you absolutely need not trouble to battery life and charging.

Onetouch Watch for the split between smart watches and fitness trackers, more obvious, all products in the field of wearable devices like the flood, and it is one of the typical representatives. Pretend to be a smart watch health tracker, none of it will be both or one of the best performance to the limit.

if you want to have a traditional Watch rather than exercise tracker wristbands health, have to admit that Onetouch Watch more attractive than the Fitbit, Jawbone. Attract customers stores are not only durable battery, accurate and reliable pedometer, and active record and relative equipment also cheaper. Only downside is that all of your data can only be stored in the alcatel system, rather than with a more open or more practical platform compatible.

but as a smart watches, Onetouch there are still many deficiencies, especially when you wear on your wrist some important notice: you can’t look at it. Nor has it Pebble, Apple Watch extensibility, also can’t like Android wearable devices support third party applications. Onetouch Watch cheap, looks good, but this is also the most it with an intelligent Watch less attractive place.

this is a side in wearable devices, both apple and Google this platform support, also did not like Fitbit,, Jawbone and other professional health tracker. Will be the basic characteristic of the smart watches and healthy combination of the basic properties of the tracker is very easy, so you can easily find the Best Buys store shelves filled up with all kinds of such products. But could the most core technology perfect unifies in together? This really is a very difficult thing to do.


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