OneAPM declared C round of funding of 165 million yuan, capital investment

(word/yan-mei wu)

application performance management enterprise OneAPM today announced the C round of financing is 165 million yuan RMB, become capital led matrix partners, qiming to vote. Performance management at the same time, the Browser end product Browser Insight also publishes, universal coverage APM and ITOM two big markets, accelerate to build APM ecosystem.

OneAPM three aspects mainly provide service for the enterprise: the user the entire application end-to-end performance of this kind of environment, support the user experience management, and performance management of business transactions. OneAPM products available from 2013, in January 2014, completed A round of funding, in September the same year won the partners China and became capital of joint investment of RMB 70 million B round of funding, as early as march this year, C round of financing has been completed, officially announced until today.

founder OneAPM xiao-yang he said the 165 million yuan to refresh the record in recent years, China’s enterprise SaaS services market financing, this shows that the capital market to “go to the IOE era ‘domestic enterprise service and look forward to recognized by the market. “In addition, in this to be sure, a year more time OneAPM has won three rounds of financing, the company and the team why has this charm? .

in the finance conference, OneAPM issued based on the real user experience at the same time the Browser end of the performance management tools Browser Insight (Bi), can be solved at the same time performance analysis and user behavior analysis two big problems. Browser Insight is a based on the user experience the whole life cycle of performance management products, the real user experience RUM will record each real user page load time, the average response time, geographical location, Browser type and version, JavaScript error, Ajax error, DOM processing and page rendering time, and provide one-stop performance evaluation, at the same time for the end user’s satisfaction to conduct a comprehensive real understanding, to rapidly determine the application performance bottlenecks, to help developers solve the performance problems on Browser.

the current OneAPM move has been formed, the browser, application, infrastructure, network, database performance management of six major product lines, universal coverage APM and ITOM two big markets, OneAPM hope to be able to provide a comprehensive solution application performance. Whether Application Insight, Mobile Insight, Infrasyructure Insight, or new product Browser Insight, including future more Application performance management products, are all around the user requirements for deployment.

in the future, OneAPM will also all product integration, comprehensive through the data, unified to customers provide a comprehensive range of performance monitoring and analysis of data services, providing a browser, the server to the application of the whole stack type performance management solutions.