One rehabilitation: 50 million yuan, physiotherapy massage O2O platform

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

massage just ticket, really want to do is physical therapy market recovery.

this rehabilitation is hangzhou jiagong yukon network technology co., LTD., the first brand, the fusion of physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine rehabilitation treatment technology, sub-health and have specific symptom group is dedicated to provide you with door-to-door O2O platform for the standardization of the massage physical therapy service. And the difference is that of the same kind of massage are parts of the body health, and physical therapy is recuperated for specific symptoms, including the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha, cupping, not can be done at once, but need treatment services, such as a course of treatment may be recuperated for 3 to 5 times, or a month or two cycles, and the effect will be different from person to person, a physical therapist can also according to the different on the technique of symptoms to change, even in a cycle of each methods are also different. toning process requires the user to cooperate, pay attention to the living habits, eating habits, otherwise will affect the control effect. actually one really want to cut into the initial rehabilitation market, now many patients discharged from hospital back home, don’t pay attention to the rehabilitation after illness, occupy the market recovery is blank. But the medical staff door-to-door service would be suspected of illegal medical problem, so now with physical therapy as the core.

stonecrop (flower) has been working in alibaba, from ali, after before the accumulation of customer resources, set up a consulting company, through the consulting firm, she met partner now. Stonecrop told hunting cloud network, a partner is the owner of a drug companies, enterprise is one of the “top” pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises in 2014. He very bullish on the market, physiotherapy and my own itself is very interested in the health industry, and the resources of the Internet industry, so we each director, who created the brand. The project launched in November 2014, up-front investment capital is 20 million, then the development of the whole project is good, and an extra 30 million, a total of 50 million, since the vote for all by two partners.

this rehabilitation APP to launch at the end of march, April began promoting, but so far with the massage service is given priority to, actually has not officially began to promote physical therapy services, because is very tall to the requirement of physical therapy services to a physical therapist, a variety of methods require internal testing, optimizing before the formal launch outward. One rehabilitation therapists team now has more than forty, a physical therapist will pass strict screening interview link, in the training period, you will have three to four weeks after the end of the training after the inspection will be divided the students into five grades, once every three months after the inspection. because of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, most of the time a Taoist elements in it, one rehabilitation therapist is according to the rules of the Taoist “hundreds of words such as” take a flower, gm – a physical therapist in “dao and DE,” whose woods, ordinary physical therapist is “xuan” word generation, hundreds of people a word. The functional departments of the employees with medicinal herbs for the flower. This is also a more distinctive enterprise culture.

so far, this rehabilitation thousands of registered users, is now a physical therapist’s per capita, 8-10 single order quantity, order of neck massage and body massage is the highest. Mainly from now through the promotion of the enterprise, market, obtain seed users, so the order quantity of growth is relatively slow. And is now the state subsidies, such as rehabilitation of enterprises for a long time yuan group activities. But the advantage is that old customers will introduce them to the new corporate customers, the enterprise employees, so the user number rolled up to speed quickly. Rehabilitation for valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day and other festival also introduced the corresponding activities, also recently for high examinee provides free leading health care massage service.

this recovery now have WeChat and App two mobile platform, but the function is different, WeChat is to show enterprise and the function of the product, the app can complete the order, but the future will be considered through the data, both sides can order operation. After the service scope is west and yuhang district, hangzhou will cover most of the hangzhou market this month. It will set up the site, in various areas therapist shall be carried out in accordance with the regional distribution.

stonecrop (flower), said this year’s goal is to develop 1000 therapists. In thought, also hope to expand the training therapists departments into a single training institution, cultivate a large number of physical therapist to supply market demand. Also ready at any time, hope to health policy relaxation time in the future, continue to develop market recovery, such as forming a community-based medical qualifications of physical therapy center, distributed to each community, can be door-to-door service, also can go to the store when the need to use equipment service. This future is not just a massage therapy of recovery of O2O platform, but a complete and diversified brand of health physical therapy.