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May 8 (word/Shen Xiaoxue)

“one psychology” is a psychology of network service platform, committed to the spread and application of psychology, platform to gather the psychology of amateur and professional practitioners, and connect the psychology experts and people need psychological help. So far, more than 1032 professional psychological mechanism and 3717 counselors in “one psychological” platform. Since launched in July 2011, has accumulated 4.68 million Web users, live, 170000 users, the APP users, 4.73 million users, 70000.

“one psychological” owns a Web platform and launched the mental FM, pocket APP such as psychological test and psychological economist online community – circle, “psychological FM” station is a motivational psychology, the user can through the products to the self healing of the mind, at present, the radio has 327 anchor, program has exceeded 1000, equivalent to in 1.1 million. “Pocket psychological test” is a help users understand their interest psychological test software.

as the founder and CEO, said Jonathan wong to cloud network hunting after on mental health service market has made the analysis, we found that the mental health of the Chinese people have this question: in China, there are 12 million people have varying degrees of mental illness, when they need professional psychological help but don’t know where I can get a doctor of psychology, that is, the current domestic lack of effective channel to connect psychological service professionals of the masses. In patients with depression, for example, China there are about 30 million cases of patients with depression, but only 5% get treatment. According to statistics, China’s ‘antidepressants fluoxetine’ sales will be more than 7 billion in 2015. International congress of psychotherapy, data also showed that about 190 million people in China life need professional counseling or psychological therapy. We believe that the Internet’s openness, convenience and anonymity is very fit for psychological services.

the current main profit points embodied in the B side, Jonathan wong convective cloud network, “said one psychological traditional service into the APP, and developed the psychological auxiliary products for enterprise users. In online developed 20 channels within 3 months and 12 terminal customers, customer coverage area such as guangdong, guangxi and hunan. Because in mental health counseling, enterprises and government departments still have demand, they need professional mental institutions shall provide employees with regular psychological services, including psychological evaluation, psychological capital construction, such as psychological counseling, psychological training system services.

Jonathan wong thinks: in 2014, domestic there are six psychological mechanism for investment, but in the peer in the development of mental products, no more than 500000 users. At present, the domestic main psychological counseling teams are running a taxi “drops” model, in contrast, our team is good at social marketing, our light application in QQ mobile browser subscription number more than 8 million, in UC browser subscriptions more than 2 million, we have the number of fans on douban has more than 800000. We at the same time, the in the country with 158 universities psychological society offline cooperation, they are our in each city division, to help us promote psychological. In the past year, tencent open platform will one psychological entrepreneurial story into a micro movie “world and I love you”, our project is on the CCTV program of finance and economics, in June this year, phoenix satellite TV will help one psychological relevant documentary.

the next step, we will be fully paid product promotion B end, handheld psychological doctor APP will be launched in May, the aggregation will be more online psychological service personnel, at the same time, continue to introduce psychology professional organizations and professionals in one psychological, online psychological doctor is expected to exceed 10000 people, earnings growth will also have a breakthrough.

cloud network hunting, in terms of the integration of Internet and psychological industry, psychology has more than 10 years of experience. Founder and CEO Jonathan wong is a serial entrepreneur, he focuses on the psychology field for 12 years, is good at from the operation of the media he is the first generation of grassroots sina weibo’s got talent. Co-founder and CPO RongZhongHua who have served in sohu, was also has 60 million users of the RC voice communication software (computer language) primary production manager. Co-founder and engineer Huang Lijiang has 8 years of experience in the Internet website development, a former “Chinese NLP college network portal (psychology)” the CTO. co-founder yong-xing guo for psychological doctor, he has 17 years of industry experience of psychology, mainly responsible for the development of mental products.

it is reported, this psychological team in July 2011, angel investment, October one psychological Web version online; In March 2012, psychological FM online, the same year was awarded a prize of tencent open platform of public. Jonathan wong told hunting cloud network. We hope that this mentality can and watch and layout of VC in the field of mental health vertical cooperation, investment, investment is not a “player”, but bought a “track” in the field of mental health.

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