One can’t die: abuse heart little game behind the survival and development

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: “one cannot die” is a very challenging agile kind of little game. In the game, the player to control multiple matches at the same time run on different lines, avoid obstacles, can’t die any matches. From launched in May 2014 after trigger people, compared with flappy bird difficulty bigger, more abuse of heart. Hunting cloud network interview to changsha farce software product manager li liang zhe show let’s go to the heart of this kind of abuse of the survival and development behind the game.

in May 2014, a game called “1 can’t be dead” hit hand swim ring, the rule is simple, operation is difficult for a lot of game players. “One can’t die” product manager li liang told cloud network, hunting game so abuse of heart, to develop more style is hope can through the difficulty keep players, for players to don’t stop.

“1 can’t be dead” scale has reached 40 million users, over 20 times the update version, with 36 kinds of gameplay, and still work in progress. Li liang said, user growth significantly slower in 2015, the users showed a trend of decline. This situation is common in the small mobile game market, to abuse the heart of the game after a period of time of rush, the market will be gradually cooled down.

farce zhe software teams established in March 2014, when only five people (a product manager, two programmers, art), the number of teams for eight people. Li liang said: “” 1 can’t be dead” is the first game, we developed initially in order to try to the team, because everyone thought the game was very funny, and at the time also did not think too much.”

like “1 can’t be dead” abuse of mobile game, there are many in the market, the shanzhai version also emerge in endlessly. Li liang think little game was accused of shanzhai is a matter of no way to control. “Even if we have a soft hand, also to no avail, only through the quality of the game and the game’s core values, make their own unique taste.” Can’t die with “a” at least 10 games of the same kind of even the same name, but still can’t compared with the original on users.

hunting cloud network, since its inception the farce zhe software without any financing, team mainly taking the mode of cooperation in quantity for promotion. The current team with combined use of treasure, love film platform such as the amount of cooperation. Abuse of heart like this kind of little game spread is dependent on the user, in this kind of word of mouth promotion mode, abuse of heart degree is can effectively promote the important factors.

small mobile game soon hot, cool faster, user viscosity is one of the important problems need to consider the producers. In July 2014, “one can die teams use iOS Game Center, Google Play Game Services to realize the on-line, chat with friends, and other functions in the Game, trying to create” Play a cannot die to make your life and death friends “such a concept.

“we developed the purpose of this function is hoping that the player’s home communication, accelerate the spread of the game and the viscosity of the game. But with the Game Center and Google Play domestic users is too little, cause the effect is not ideal. Then we turned to join in the game community, for players to exchange discussion.”

abuse heart type of small game through difficult challenges to keep players, users to keep trying to break the record, but in the repeat again will find certain rules and skills. This “game abuse me thousands times, I like the first love” in psychology is important in the development of the games live, constantly updated extension of the game itself is another way to retain users.

the changsha farce zhe software also launched accelerate everyday, every bits of bit slippery abuse such as games, but also like a little black puzzle games such as treasure. Including rui zhe team is developing a third person shooter game, is preparing to meet with the user. “Abuse” can be the highlight of the game, but a good game is not just rely on “torture”.