Old playing children’s proposed “kindergarten endowment experience”, pension service is no longer a traditional sit to eat until we die

(text/Tang Yaqin)

a heap of heterogeneous cheater group, inclined to pocket money from the old, the group of fad, the sooner you go the better .

the current domestic pension mode of community endowment, household endowment, institution endowment and pension property, these are the traditional mode of endowment way. Endowment institutions lack of standards, lack of professional talents, low returns “wait is today’s pension industry faces and the problems which need to continue. At the same time there are new endowment mode, greentown wuzhen, college endowment, build a relationship of classmates to let the old man experience.

in the data, the development of Chinese aging “twelfth five-year” plan has pointed out, by 2015, the old people over 60 will be increased from 2011 in 178 million to 2011. Elderly population will increase from 13.3% to 16%, increasing 0.54% per year on average. The future domestic base of ageing will be big, fast growth, the serious trend of aging.

what do so would be a good pension? Sentence: never just sit to eat such as die .

in fact, the old man like children, the older the child. In his later years of life not only draw a circle of radius, but out of the circle of radius , where more energy to keep up with the situation. Hangzhou old playing children’s endowment service co., LTD., put forward the concept of “kindergarten endowment”, founder Zhao Jianzhong now dean of a warm home hangzhou icahn, company’s kindergarten type pilot endowment is doing here. But old playing children’s business concept and operation strategy is another kind of game.

unlike traditional endowment institutions, old playing children’s endowment experience more focus on the implementation of the kindergarten. Hope that the old man endowment the Internet, but not the wings with Internet . Old play child is through the private pension institutions in medical and nursing service, improve the profitability of institutional pension, and through the pension after market (pension, pension financial, pension travel) development, improve the added value of institutional pension, finally let more market funds into the pension agency.

old playing children’s co-founder and CFO Zhao Qi tell hunting cloud network, now in the play in the old boy has a very interesting phenomenon, to the old people with an average age of 82 years, and most healthy body, the hate lonely, though they need nursing home, but they need more social identity, they don’t want to be specialized, and has a strong self-esteem. old playing in the child, the old man’s diet is personalized, order system, recreational activities are often organization, traveling also held in due course. Fixed for all old man 2 times daily blood pressure, a nursing home in direct driving small hospital. Convenient to go to a doctor, and medical insurance fees . In terms of old-age tourism, consider the old man security problems, more than 20 old man will be equipped with seven medical personnel. During the travel at the same time, make use of local resources, and contact local pension institutions, to solve the problem of old man the accommodation during the trip.

although the above description is good, but Zhao Qi tell hunting cloud network, existing is not fully show the old nursing home playing children’s pattern, they lack a flagship store .

the best way is to use a new building, reconstruction and renovation. Finalize the details one by one like a kindergarten for the old man. Hangzhou tonglu there will appear such a nursing home in the future. Old play child currently are working with a company, the other party pay, old play child out of solution, joint operation nursing home. Although there are some bargain in a disguised form the shadow of the real estate, but Zhao Qi said team also don’t want to make money in this way. It’s not long fad.

what is the aim of the late old play boy? 1: set up the new nursing home (money problems at present stage, the joint development of operation) 2: do a nursing home do retail industry benchmarking, experience store. 3: comb upstream and downstream, the elderly health data monitoring technology platform, make endowment professional talent training (kind of pension industry taobao university), and want to lower price in the form of light to complete common old-age tourism.

although for old playing children’s target, here can have a future vision, but Zhao Qi said pension market is big, but can’t be a nasty red eye. They have recently stopped the angel round. Wanted to do a period of time, the steadfast groping.

the old man is a big gold market in the future, currently on the market, have cut the old man health management system from the hardware, from medical tourism cuts, from electricity cut in, happiness. 9.

look, prescient companies have started to layout elderly services, this is a good thing. But still that sentence: if the future is still a heap of heterogeneous cheater group, inclined to pocket money from the old man, the one batch of fad, or early fuck off good .