Of disabled persons “Aladdin magic lamp” : inventory “assistive class” wearable devices

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according to the WHO (world health organization), according to data released in the world, about 6.5 y million of people with disabilities, accounts for about 10% of the population. Has accounted for two-thirds of the asia-pacific region.
It is clear that disabled people are not rare. So, how to ensure the disabled friends life is everyone concern. Nowadays, more and more intelligent device designed for disabled friends. The blind to light, deaf, hard of hearing birds singing because of smart devices, would no longer be a myth.

wearing equipment:


EMOTIV INSIGHT is a lightweight, multiband, wireless headphones, it can be read to the wearer’s brain waves and its “translate” adults who can read the data, and these data can be used in the field of automation control and so on application, for example with thoughts of remote control helicopters, etc.
This product is behind the Emotiv company, the company members are leading researchers in the field of nerve.
Emotiv Insight can scan the EEG in patients with brain waves, and accordingly draw “brain computer interface, then, equipment of collected data will be transmitted to the tablet, let gradually cold syndrome (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) patients by tablet issue instructions to control the philips electronics, such as smart TV, lamp, and call demand medical alarm service, etc. It is understood that the device will start go on sale in 2015.
Microsoft bone conduction 3 d headphones

Last year Microsoft in parts of the UK tested its research and development of new products, a designed to help blind people and disadvantaged groups travel headphones.
It adopts the technology of 3 d soundscape bone conduction headphones, after pairing and smart phone, can receive signal of bluetooth, building into a 3 d prompt for navigation, the design of the bone conduction liberated the ears at the same time, the user can still through the environment sound understanding of the situation around, that there is very dependent on voice to get information for the blind and visually impaired, it is very thoughtful design.
In addition to the 3 d technology of soundscape, and bone conduction design, is the biggest difference between it and other GPS navigator it equipped with intelligent system, light touch on the headset button around you can hear what place, and by identifying the user orientation, system which will give the site were in your position and distance.

OrCam is a visual analysis system, by binding the glasses on the small camera and a set of processing system. The processing system with built-in freescale chip, which is high speed computer vision that the processor can run complex algorithm, to see what parsing, and then through the bone conduction voice to tell the wearer, amblyopia groups. Users only need to want to see the direction of the object, the system can immediately tell users what you see. Therefore, if a person with visual impairment want to cross the road, as long as take the product, pointing at the traffic lights, then just wait for the device to report to his “green light”.
System can also identify any form of words: whether newspapers, books, restaurant menus, or other printed material, as long as the user, pointing to the above text, OrCam is able to read it to see things to the user. Is the device currently sells for $2500, the show is too high. In addition, its future plans to add including languages such as French and Chinese character recognition, and plans to increase the face recognition function.

body worn equipment:
wearable mechanical prosthesis (cinema-goers Robotics)

Cinema-goers Robotics, composed of two models, respectively is cinema-goers Personal and cinema-goers Rehabilitation, the former is mainly suitable for home, work or social environment, through the sensor and monitor, make the patient to stand, walk and climb stairs. The latter is used for clinical repair, to provide physical therapy for paralyzed patients, including slow paralysis caused by physical pain, muscle spasms, help the intestinal digestive system, accelerate the metabolism, etc.
Cinema-goers used the body feeling chip, capture the patient’s body movements, help to walk. Through the battery-powered joint parts of the motor, electric leg structure of center of gravity of changes of the patients can be induced in the process of walking, walking gait imitating nature, and can control walking speed according to the actual situation. Patients can also to complete the installation and removal.

Le Chal intelligent blind shoes

The design idea of smart shoes Le Chal is add vibration components in shoes, and smart phone links. At the same time it also has a GPS position tracking. When smartphones by navigation detected after the direction of the user, in need to through the corresponding vibration element, to remind users turn left turn right. Smart shoes Le Chal can also through the sensor to detect the front, the sensor can detect 10 feet is 3 metres away obstacles, to remind the user in real time and escape.
MYO wristbands

MYO wristband (gestures to control arm ring) is Canada’s startup Thalmic Labs launched innovative arm ring, wear it anyone move a finger or hand, can operation technology, and the occurrence of interaction. Gesture control arm rings can be worn in any of the arm above the elbow, to detect the user’s muscles produce electrical activity. It by low power wireless bluetooth devices and other electronic products of connection, do not need to use the camera can perceive a user action.
For disabled friends, it really is a boon. In the foreseeable future, their limbs will be more intelligent. They can wear MYO, just need to move the arm, even through the “mind” can operate their various activities of the prosthesis.
MYO is now officially listed, sells for about $149, need to be in Thalmic Labs on the booking in advance.
other equipment:

FingerReader made by 3 d printing technology, is the size of the ring. It is equipped with scan text miniature cameras, when a user finger pointing to the text, it can real-time read out loud. FingerReader website wrote: “it is a tool for visually impaired people need to read the printed word, and there are people who need translation.
By connecting a laptop or mobile phone, FingerReader can read restaurant menus, business CARDS, or any greater than 12 words. If the user fingers away from the words, will be issued FingerReader vibration feedback.
FingerReader design and development of three years, at present is only a prototype device. But the researchers say, they want to attract investors, and will soon be cheaper for the mass production, but sales of equipment.

the original Phone

The original Phone is a through customized Google Nexus 5 phones, include face recognition and the screen cursor. The screen cursor to let users do not have to click to control mobile application by hand. When send out “Open the original password, the user can Open the original Enable applications, capturing user face the key window opens. In the mobile phone is very good to identify users face at the same time, the screen will appear a cursor. Head slightly to the right, the cursor will move to the right. Stop running, navigation ICONS will appear, let you can choose to click and drag, sliding or quit.
The original Phone core technology is to make the hands and feet don’t convenient special groups can only through the shaking of the head, performed operations on the Phone. The original Phone mainly through front-facing camera, to track the user’s head movements, to the collected signals, after will enter their independent research and development of a set of algorithms, converting head movements similar to the form of the mouse operation. With it, the body action constant disabled friends is to have a pair of invisible hands.
But it appears repeatedly collapses during the demonstration, although can used, so the company also need to make sure the phone is suitable for all kinds of disabled people. In addition the phone of $900 to make it still need further precipitation.