Oculus founder lawsuits, accused of stealing the original employer trade secrets

note: hunting cloud Oculus at $2 billion last year to sell to Facebook sensation of the science and technology, the founder was just 21 years old. Many media reports, make him into a garage in the success of the new model, but little is known, he also worked for Hawaii’s Total Recall Technologies research and development products, it is the experience brought out one of his case. The following translate articles for tencent technology:

23 May, Facebook’s virtual reality glasses manufacturer Oculus VR inc. recently by the prosecution, founder of the prosecution the reason is that when he put his work with another company confidential information, apply to your company’s products.

the lawsuit the plaintiff is in Hawaii, Total Recall Technologies. Founder of the company had been hired in 2011 Oculus Palmer Luckey r&d head-mounted display prototype, Luckey signed a confidentiality agreement.

from the second half of 2011 to 2011, Luckey received feedback and other information about how to improve the display design, however, Luckey for his own “Oculus Rift” head-mounted displays in the Kickstarter by raising activities using his information from partners.

the plaintiff want compensatory and punitive damages, but did not specify the amount.

Facebook last year to $2 billion the Oculus, hoping to enter the rapid development of wearable devices.

Oculus is listed as the defendant with Luckey. Luckey was charged with breach of contract and fraud. Company representatives declined to comment.