O2O financing evening news: working dinner to eat son, beauty O2O best color for financing

on April 17, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

team work meal O2O “eating son” tens of millions of yuan A round of investment, investors for JingLin capital investment, capital source and ether. Lunch is provided for the enterprise group meal to eat son custom start-up, mainly solving the problem of small and medium-sized enterprise employees at noon meal. At present there are cattle, customer innovation works and the diffuse camera, coffee, Qian Fang garage, and many other Internet companies.

the door maintenance O2O “eucco car” for millions of Pre – A round of investment, investors for co-win. Eucco do car maintenance service, Shanghai million car brands bond. Owners in the network platform to order, provide home address details, models, such as displacement, eucco customer determine the time and place of the door maintenance, direct door-to-door service technician.

5 million yuan of angel investment, business office space WeOffice is domestic investment office for a long run investment company. WeOffice currently in beta, inviting entrepreneurs can be free in a month. Expected to be officially launched in May 2015. Near wudaokou ustb, with a total area of nearly 2000 square meters, an independent 4 floors.

beauty O2O “jia” grade do A round of funding, investors for HongTai fund, the fund is mainly used in beauty products supply, technology innovation and promotion and market distribution. Designed to allow “hundreds of color jia” beauty standard transparent price, let consumer through online platform beautician, and complete booking order to offline to experience beauty salon.

family services start-up Taskbob won $1.2 million in seed round, by Orios Venture Partners, led, Mayfield Fund investment. Taskbob can recommend friends, users through word of mouth, through preliminary screening, certification, and professional skills of service personnel, direct door-to-door to provide family services, such as maintenance of household appliances.

EyeEm won $18 million B round by Peter Thiel name Valar Ventures and existing investment ginseng. The money will be used to help the existing 13 million community of users of excellent works are more likely to be found. In addition, EyeEm will continue construction works for users to sell online mall.

car head-up display Navdy won A $20 million round of funding, $80 million valuation, the Upfront Ventures led, 8 Formation and qualcomm for refs. Navdy is a smart car HUD product through the OBD are connected to the car, using bluetooth connected to the phone, the useful information and phone information projected onto the car windshield.

mobile electric Spring won $25 million B round, investors including BoxGroup, Google Ventures, etc. Spring itself is not responsible for the procurement and distribution, but through cooperation with brands “light” to help them improve the mobile end shopping experience and strengthen brand construction.

smart fitness bike Peloton won a $30 million round of funding, C led by tiger fund, True Ventures with pitch. Peloton in the front of the bicycle body embedded a screen, not only can calculate movement data, at the same time also can get the Peloton provide professional fitness classes, and has set up a community for the fitness cycling enthusiasts in it.

office communication application Slack won $160 million in a new round of financing, company valuation of $2.8 billion. Investors for li ka-shing’s harbour investment, Google ventures, Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, kleiner perkins, etc. Slack currently has 750000 active users, twice the number of users is the beginning of 2015, of which 200000 are paying customers.

Indian taxi application Ola won $400 million round of funding, E valued at $2.5 billion. Participate in the investment of new investors including DST Global, GIC and Falcon Capital Edge LP, both investors including softbank corp, Steadview Capital and Accel Partners.

58 city officially announced a merger with market net

58 city will hold a 43.2% stake in market network. Contains 34 million ordinary shares and $412.2 million in cash. Tencent will subscribe for $52 $400 million worth of 58 city new shares. So far, tencent to 25.1% of shares. It is understood that the two companies will maintain the independence of the brand, website and operation.

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China life has investment transfer type share a taxi software granddaddy Uber $200 million in financing, now Uber valuations have over $40 billion. Uber into China has been trying to service after localization, has introduced Uber car-sharing service people, and received a $600 million strategic investment company, the two sides will in technology innovation, develop international market, expand China O2O service three aspects to cooperate.

done Liu Jin $485 million in financing, P2P investment and financing platform Liu Jin China completed the latest round of financing, the financing of Liu Jin valuations reached nearly $10 billion. It is reported, investors including BlackPine Private Equity Partners, CDH investments, etc. Financing has been done in March. After trading, ping an to hold only a minority stake in the company.

the rebate shoppers platform rebate net gain C round of financing, investors for a international electricity giant, after completion of this round of financing rebate net value, or $1 billion. Since the second half of last year, the rebate and offline brand contact frequently, on an integration of online and offline integration. After get C round of financing, rebate or will pour more resources here.

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