Nut shell WiFi acoustics 499 yuan to open to booking, friends said it was crying dizzy in the toilet

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shells electronic after 18 months of research, finally combined WiFi receiver module and sound. The latest GEAK intelligent stereo Audio fruit shell has three characteristics: lossless transmission of high-fidelity sound quality, the convenience of a key switch control mode and the universal price of 499 yuan. Shells electronic official website and the raise overseas website Pozible are synchronous open to booking, the user can be scheduled. So, it will bring what kind of impact to the market?

according to shells electronic CEO techweb, nut shell intelligent sound is designed “sound heard life”. In Beijing combines the dynamic industrial park of creative culture, tasting meeting cloud network heard with sina 7 years, hunting Techweb7 years of relevant working experience, media people from techweb tells the story of “growing together” and music equipment, the scene also special choose Jonathan lee of the hill to audition, also reflects his special artistic feelings.


triangle has the stability, the mechanical characteristics, has also been integrated into the design. Triangle shape let it get to the title of “small three”, this also is the team took 18 months of research and development in the process of accident increased a little fun.

the difference between the WiFi acoustics and bluetooth stereo

traditional audio to bluetooth stereo, get rid of the “line”, the sound quality and experience has not been perfectly solved. Not long ago, hunting cloud network reported MUZO music pebbles, adopted a flattering way, itself is only a WiFi module, in order to upgrade the traditional sound as WiFi sound.

the nut intelligent audio will sound from the bluetooth era into the Internet age. According to hunting cloud network know, usually, the bluetooth speakers transmission rate is 768 KBPS, only to suit the requirements of transmission level HiFi sound quality data. And the nut intelligent sound transmission rate of 150 MBPS, bluetooth transmission rate is 200 times, can satisfy the HiFi included, all audio data transmission requirements. At the same time, the nut will intelligent sound transmission distance extended to 100 meters, it is also a bluetooth connection from 10 times, greatly released the user’s mobile space. Fully covered the indoor, outdoor, direct, cloud connection using the environment and the connection a variety of ways.

APP control

complex operation is also let users big bad experience, nut shell electron launch comprehensive adaptation Android and iOS application Geak Audio, greatly simplify the procedure of the use of WiFi acoustics, install the first 20 minutes of learning time, down to four steps, after installation by Geak Audio application can be a key control equipment.

audio source

fruit shell electron provides users with a huge number of free content and the Himalayan, douban FM, listen FM, ttpod and dragonflies music radio, shrimp, such as domestic LavaRadio several high quality audio reached a strategic cooperation, to provide users with millions of first music tracks and 24 hours a day, a global online radio content, covers news, music, economics, entertainment, crosstalk, language, education, urban, sports, novels, stories, drama, transportation and so on more than 3000 channels.


fruit shell electron will WiFi sound within the price down to one thousand yuan, only a third of the international brand price, in order to promote the rapid popularity of WiFi acoustics. After a survey showed that 73.4% of users can accept the price of the gear in 500-1000 yuan between, as soon as the price to break the ice, will cause the entire audio industry fast fission.

market impact

“the balance of product quality and price is our biggest effort to overcome the pain points”, techweb says, “after two years of adjustment and try, we finally made it under the condition of equal or higher quality, will cost under effective control, to users were more likely to accept the price, take the lead in promoting the market bigger.” Techweb said: “the nut intelligent sound will drive the whole audio industry upgrading, promote the popularity of Wifi sound.”

what’s interesting is that in order to “bad” claim to be a sound brand CEO, in line with the purpose of “hit a son, and eventually was” nut shell intelligent sound “. Note that this is not a joke, but a fact. Then, they are still in the field of intelligent sound communication, agreed that music as a part of life, intelligent sound when integrated into the intelligent household in the future, will be based on “minimalist”, “understand you” experience to service users, such as the sun rises in the morning, gently pull open the curtain, light into the room, the control center released a signal at the same time, the intelligent sound begins to play music, and it is from slow to quick, wake you up in the melodious song. Or is the doorbell rings, sound also can close to reduce the volume…

smart hardware production, not only need to breakthrough technology, at the same time is also the difficulty in production link. Shells with 18 months to launch this product, however, techweb harshly still give the product a 7.5 points, he feel really can online product should be more than 8 points. Techweb revealed at the scene, therefore, the intelligent sound is still in evolution, gestures, voice recognition and other operation are updated in the subsequent get perfect, two months after the national conference center will hold a formal conference. Hunting cloud network will continue to focus on, stay tuned.

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