Number of couplet inscription: focus on big data business think-tank, technological innovation to build a third party

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: Internet financial times, the data become the core of the financial infrastructure, and become the industry’s core assets. Big data technology in judge the trend of financial, quantitative financial risks, credit management, mergers and acquisitions for melting, asset allocation has had a huge impact. Couplet inscription product (BBD) on their own big data technology advantage , aims to set up the third party enterprise data platform, holographic images for the enterprise, become necessary, a think-tank, the customer make business decisions.

in July 2013, professor LLLDD, director of the center for science in the university of electronic science and technology the Internet for the first time as a natural person with dozens of global senior financial experts established several couplet inscription (BBD) company, the team hopes to use its own advanced technology of data, combined with acute financial analysis ability, build a third-party enterprises supported by huge amounts of data, data platform. Customers through the platform to help save a lot of data collection time, put more energy on business decisions.

“we data scientists and seamless integration of financial team, using our platform enterprise data resources, not only can an accurate evaluation of the industry risk of the enterprise, also to the enterprise business is accurately calculated, the statements and predictions.” Couplet inscription product (BBD) founder and CEO had way tell hunting cloud network, in order to guarantee the advanced technology of data ability, a team of more than 75% of all colleagues overseas universities to study background, including the Massachusetts institute of technology, university of California, Los Angeles, Carnegie Mellon university, etc. Core technology research and development team number accounts for 10% of China’s big data top talent technology underlying framework by LLLDD, Xu Zenglin top scientists responsible for establishing, etc.

on April 20, 2015 days couplet inscription product launch of the world’s first big financial data enterprise holographic portrait engine – HaoGeYun letter (HIGGS CREDIT). Team will complete encapsulation technology, data and algorithm in the engine system, technology integration, data integration, fusion algorithm, enterprise can according to the report and API data, get the data needed for the output. HaoGeYun letter system can real-time monitoring the enterprise the management status and the investment dynamics, and to make enterprise image holographic time machine, real-time display at any moment the operating results of the enterprise status and any period.

once way to hunt cloud network said: “HaoGeYun letter to store hundreds of millions of enterprise background information, and can timely operation analysis was carried out on the huge amounts of information, a few seconds to draw the outline of the related party of a business different dimensions, for each enterprise to load thousands or even tens of thousands of independent identity.” It is understood that at present the world’s top four accounting firm pricewaterhousecoopers (Beijing), KPMG (chengdu) and changsha, bank of China has become the user of the product.

in the forthcoming on May 18, sponsored by several couplet inscription is tasted, fortune venture capital, the data in collaboration with the hall of awakening global summit, the first commercial big data will be held in paradise intercontinental hotel in chengdu, hunting cloud network will also follow-up reports. The summit will be published COSR data services framework, this framework is made up of several couplet inscription product (BBD), Allen &overy, tsinghua university school of management, data hall, China institute, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics software college, university of electronic science and technology research center and so on the big data fields giving organizations raise policy.

COSR framework from the data environment, data source and data technology, data applications, data security set out five aspects of industry standards, all-round cut into the data service provider organization and product layer, strict control of data service into the market input and output data. Was way think today’s big data era is an era of big data, industry standards have not yet formed, user is difficult to zhen bian data reliability and validity, the need for a market credibility strong organization led by the specification, and COSR (strategy research council) is such a public welfare organization.

once way tell hunting cloud network, several couplet inscription product (BBD) future will become a third-party enterprise data platform. In the data collection data, formed by processing high-dimensional correlation and time sequence each holographic portrait; Combined with all kinds of industry data on the application end demand, to provide one-stop business external data solutions, directly in the service of credit evaluation model of risk assessment, equity financing is expected in 2016 to form a closed ecosystem data sharing.