Nubian Z9max/mini review (appearance) : appearance level be promoted


compared with Nubian Z9 design without borders, Nubian Z9max/mini first published, and if it is a step by step, such as surprise, Nubian taps the sky aurora, photography has extreme achievement, no wonder called SLR in mobile phone. Well, eat dim sum in the design, what jing?

hunting cloud network received a Nubian Z9max/mini profiling machine, first of all, from the appearance level for everyone to come to a detailed review.

before the conference, hunting cloud network also received a photographic accessories, tripod, various specifications of the lens, of course, a steel plate. Cloud network instantly thought of hunting before some meters “the art of a steel plate, Nubian what to do, is obvious. It is also true: Nubian is commonly used in anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy frame, to better fit your palms, which brought about by the handle on the increase is more obvious.

the front side of the fuselage adopts double corning gorilla glass, it would not have been the hunting cloud network “sandwich” to it. Moreover, double-sided glass brings a unique touch. Around the front and rear glass panel, with a ring of hard plastic box, slightly higher than that of the fuselage can effectively strengthen the protection of fragile glass. Of course, it will make the edge of the fuselage blow slightly.

look at the back of the fuselage, it is 6, including decorative texture layer, layer of composite material, more close to the glass fiber, the outermost layer is a layer of plastic protective layer. This kind of composite material, which can effectively avoid glass is fragile, and can increase decorative avoid monotony. Just mentioned decorative texture layer, or star yao texture, the effect of reflection in light is very bright. It is said that this is Nubian carefully designed more than one hundred kinds of texture effect, and then finalised plan, is take great pains.

this is don’t finish calculate, conference, Nubian NiFei announced the Nubian support, general manager of replacement of different color style removable back cover, including Paraguay wood, black pearl, denim and so on. Customized try let consumers to see the Nubian different side, the original tsundere Nubian can also grovelling to cater to the consumer. Cloud network hunting Nubian always don’t pay attention to the marketing of the impression, this also is a breakthrough, a.

to sum up the appearance of the design, it can be seen that the Nubian appearance level is accelerating, hunting cloud network have a little expect Z9 design without borders? Need to point out is, of course, the white Z9max even when stained with fingerprint is not too obvious, in contrast, black Z9 mini, you know. Is my paw is so dirty, I go to wash your hands first.

specific look at the details: Z9 Max is 7.9 mm thick, weighs 165 grams. Z9 mini thickness is 8.2 mm and weighs 147 grams. Component, natural light, because there are words through talent, besides Nubian is not taking thin line.

back is 1600 w “red circle” lens, with a single flash, not stick out like a fruit, this for virgo classmates, isn’t it much more pleasing to the eye. Unlike a generation products, position adjustment to the upper left corner.

then look at the front, with a red light effects for the Home button, breathing and hidden menu, the return key on both sides, the red Home button echo the red circle behind the lens. Cloud network hunting or poking fun at once at the top of the arrangement, symmetry, yo will look better.

look at the periphery of keys, card slot, the charging hole, headphone jack, the layout of the horn. On the whole, or is more pleasing to the eye, symmetry is also good.

is the right body lock screen unlock button and volume buttons. Nubian Z9 Max, Z9 mini are all CNC machines, winner-take-all three carriers of 4 g system, support double card double stay. And on the left side of the fuselage, to arrange the nano SIM dual card slot and the design of the Micro SD card slot used separate, so that users don’t have to face a SIM card or memory card with a choice. Z9 mini a Micro SD card slot.

at the bottom of the fuselage charging interface on the left, the right is the horn. Perhaps heap together too dense, to the left side of the headphone jack is on the top of the fuselage. Don’t know if this design is for the sake of prevent the two wires winding damaged, or is considering the actual environment, charging lower, headset slant on demand.

the appearance of the overall evaluation, here first, later is detailed “internal review”, please look.

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