Nubian Z9 without borders impressive enough, the first border interaction is too close


on May 6, 2015, held in Beijing water cube Nubian “9” endless product launches, officially released the first without borders phone Nubia Z9, as Nubian emphatically to must be additional to open a conference Nubia Z9, with its endless design and border interaction technology, has brought the stunning visual perception and more convenient manipulation of the experience.

Z9 configuration:

Nubia Z9 carry Qualcomm 64 eight core processor and 64 Adreno graphics processor 430, 3 g LPDDR4 speed 32 gb of memory and storage space, the rear 16 million SONY IMX234 Exmor RS stack type image sensor camera, tie-in F2.0 large aperture and OIS optical image stabilization function, pre – 8 million megapixel camera, a 80 ° wide-angle take experience.

in 2015, May 21, Nubia Z9 classic version (3 gb + 32 gb) is 3499 yuan, the elite version (4 gb + 64 gb) is 3999 yuan, honour enjoy version (4 gb + 64 gb + Tio fingerprint unlock) 4499 yuan of launch, and hunting cloud network look forward to with you.

Nubian Z9 done without borders

Letv false start released without borders, poking fun at half praise. The Nubian use aRC (aRC Refractive Conduction) screen technology, will be inevitable in the liquid crystal display panels of visual hidden sealing side, for the edge of the LCD has brought endless visual effect. To achieve the best without borders visual, Nubia Z9 using 2.5 D high hardness glass. Through special processing technology, a molding CNC surface strengthening and polishing after many times, fully retain the high transmission characteristic of the glass, greatly improved the effect of visual impact and smooth sliding touch screen display. Meanwhile, Nubia Z9 without borders can be designed in a more compact fuselage implemented on a larger display area, compared with the size and even smaller size of the mobile phone, have a more comfortable one hand grip.

Nubian Z9 conveniently create a border interaction revolution

Nubian that user behavior reflects some of the wrong operation is the most essential of human subconscious behavior. Since Z9 development initial stage, therefore, Nubian team through the structure design, the underlying drivers, gestures operating algorithm, materials Technology and so on multi-sectoral cooperation, brought FiT for users (Frame interactive Technology) border interaction Technology.

FiT from the system level greatly expands the mobile interactive resources. Nubia Z9 brand-new design, endless phone interactive resources unprecedented extends to the screen edge, simplifies the depth and the difficulty of the experience of the user control achieved through a simple edge sliding can be completed, such as brightness adjusting, clear memory, screenshots, held a variety of functions, such as shooting side compared with the traditional phone, manipulation of the steps by an average of 2.7. Future Nubian old models can also get FiT function by firmware upgrade, and other mobile phone with a border can also have the opportunity to enjoy the convenience brought by the FiT.

Nubian also brings unique Nubia Z9 fingerprint identification. It get rid of the traditional Home button and back type fingerprint unlock limited, on the basis of based on user operation habit will become the industry’s first fingerprint recognition under the fuselage side products, through the Tio (Three in) technology with a side buttons integrated the power button, volume button and fingerprint identification function, achieve highly contracted type on the machine design, with a simple touch and press the two ways to complete the volume adjustment, unlock, switch machine operation.

in addition, Nubian also for Z9 developed breathing Nubia UI 3.0, the version of the UI added boundless interaction area on the vision more flat, use more intelligent and humanization. Such as ICONS automatically according to the background color, background and theme of intelligent replacement, etc. Nubian will mobile application development, such as tencent WeChat partners in Nubia Z9 innovation design without borders, to develop more accord with no border interaction using the characteristics of the application, make the user feel more innovative mobile application experience.

Nubian Z9 advocating minimalist photography

is limited to the traditional photography, no matter on the phone or camera, light painting has been only in the form of static. Nubian in Z9 new light painting photography to 2.0, with video recording light painting creation process, from the light painting is no longer a static picture. In addition, the light painting 2.0 patent technology also support the daytime light painting photography in indoor environment.

Nubia Z9 custom Neovision 5.1 photo system also brings to more ascension. New photo system inherited the electronic aperture, orbital scene such as camera function, the creation of the vast space, can be a key to capture the fleeting moment, realize fluid atomization, space-time solidification and other professional effect. NeoVision 5.1 improve interact and wysiwyg preview effect, closer to the use of habits. All of the pictures, just simple sliding can share a key to the horizon, circle of friends and other social networking platform.

Nubian Z9 “visual sound” sound bites

on the output, Nubia Z9 equipped with AEX best sound award Esoteric grandioso D1 USES the same digital power amplifier chip, introduces professional HiFi stereo equipment in mobile phone. On the input, Nubia Z9 equipped with recorder and top with voice capture chip, introducing a new concept of “visual sound” implementation when recording audio on the azimuth and distance identification, through two milliseconds instant return technology, 3 d audio experience. In addition, compared with the professional HiFi stereo, Nubia Z9 without increase in outer ear put equipment professional headphones can be easily adapted. A new generation of Neosound 4.0 system, realized the 4 k high-definition video and the perfect combination of visual sound field, the perfect visual recording playback experience let users “sound” near its border.

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