Nubian Z9 overhand experience: the human nature and fast frame interaction too sour, “friction friction” don’t stop


On May 6,

these compressors war “has in the past half, Michael personally platform” millet “hawk” android “the emperor, many with ray booth pictures from the scene, like a fan meeting. 360 of the “cool” phones have photos exposure, but the time to market a mystery, it is said that to wait for two months. The only launch Nubian, with its design without borders and pioneering border interaction jing finale. Hunting cloud network subsequently received a Nubian Z9 classic engineering machine, to see how to fit experience.


before light up the screen with Z9 mini some similar, double-sided glass design and comely, one-piece metal frame hale, hunting cloud network or like the “sandwich”. Back star yao texture of the mezzanine is gone, and the only version of the classic black and honour enjoy version of the golden, white version is missing. Don’t know is for the sake of what, perhaps no border to highlight the “beauty spot”, to in addition to these two kinds of modification.

if the said ointment, which is to “face”? Thickness and beauty fight, is how many will make girls hesitated, however, the rapid operation of “into” type (border interaction, detailed talk later), it doesn’t matter let it appear. Even hunt cloud network first impression “long”, also appear insignificant. To think, no borders, the visual experience of a “show thin elongated” the hidden effects, the girls dress as can draw lessons from.

look closely, there are some different, made it absolutely semmetry, at the bottom of the double sound exports, even is two screw fixation, symmetric on both sides respectively, charging port in the middle. , the power supply is connected with the small red circle on the bottom of the echo, feast for the eyes, with the spread of the red circle, like a circle of ripples, photograph echo with “drop” sound.

but look at the screen, is not the mouth. If you want to do the absolute symmetry, the top learn won’t phone, add a front, as the fill light is done, and, Nubian SLR rashly, always in the phone to do so is no exception.

look at the top, audio export if not in the middle, remove instead. Cloud network hunting has always been want to remove all the connectors, if it is because wireless charging standards differ, the process is limited, and have to say. Wireless bluetooth headset for so many years, and the standby time can be beyond the phone. Say what to consider for the user, attached with traditional headphones are consistent because traditional cancelled, why not do flat point, of users also need to purchase the headset anyway. It is worth mentioning that memory card 32 g set directly because of classic version, is not expanded.

cloud network hunting silently think of apple, the iPhone to pre-load software SIM card, let the user free to switch carriers. Macbook is perfectly to only one interface, so there is reason to believe that always tsundere apple pioneered “tight” mobile phone (waterproof level also can further enhance). Domestic mobile phone then follow suit, why can’t breakthrough, acme.

seems to ignore the power button and volume buttons, hunting cloud network engineering machine is a classic version. Nothing changes, on the right side of the bottom one more button for no reason, and experience to date, only for the in picture mode ACTS as the role of the shutter button, really cannot touch through deep the intention to do so. In addition, in fact Z9 have a honour enjoy version, just after a glimpse at the news conference, Nubian website is also no trace to be found. According to introducing, honour enjoy version adopts the technique of Tio, fingerprints, the power and volume three functions in one, the user operation more convenient and quick. Is this kind of top-of-the-line version also need to open a conference to introducing a separate? Or like “android” the emperor said, best left behind.

border interaction

well, light screen, visual effect really surprises without borders, aRC, aRC refractive conduction) – surface reflection transmission technology, the use of special Angle of 2.5 D curve glass, will have the edge of the LCD to create endless visual wallop, extremely go here. Although it is a kind of “illusion”, through the optical principle of cheating the eyes, that I also enjoy it, is just like a mirage, all know is an illusion, but also attract all people, want to look.

light screen, one hand (left hand, index can be regulated according to the habit itself) a little hard to touch the frame edge, can unlock. Then holding two consecutive times, the rapid screenshots. Although also can be set to start the one-handed operation, but this kind of mobile phone, slender body is suitable for single hand grip, feel a little less? And, in the condition of light screen, the palm of your hand to cover up, can realize the lock screen feature, why unlock need according to the first touch the power button? Good contradictions.

hunting cloud network set up is on the left side of the edge of the slide switch the background application “, on the right edge of the slide is a quick start application, slide music, in the recording, of course, the same as above, or so can be set by oneself, quick start application can also be set according to individual commonly used. The official version is to make the operation by an average of 2.7 step operation, save the time of 5.6 seconds. Hunting cloud network: does it feel to be back to us a more pure desktop phone.

in addition, also can undertake continuous sliding up and down on the edge to clean up the background program, compared to shake up, in a kind of operating experience, feel more “lady”? Bilateral sliding can quickly adjust brightness at the same time, or you can set to adjust the volume. If set to volume, more feel that the volume of the side keys lost meaning, before it is too late to remove it. It is worth mentioning that the Nubian the handset volume combined with gravity induction, flip the fuselage, can realize the mute (i.e., broadcast suspended). Unfortunately flip back, also can’t recover.

cloud network experience hunting down favorite places to number, landscape, both hands touch the edge, four finger up camera, this is definitely a tie in with the SLR in “mobile phone” shortcuts, and at the same time, a finger on the edge of the tap, can finish taking pictures, and don’t have to click on the specific traditional photo position. If it is in a single image browsing, click on the collection. Images can be collected, and the music collection implements the bai, well, a little push your luck.

or ridicule the entities on the left side of the shoot button, a purely chicken ribs. If it is in accordance with the beautiful mobile phone design, no matter under what application, clicking two consecutive seconds into photo mode, that is excusable, but hunt cloud network according to the ages, all worry about it is out of order, didn’t also found a new feature. Regarding this, have the opportunity to discuss a Nubian official, and see what they are for design considerations.

hunting cloud network repeatedly SLR in “mobile phone”, Nubian and upgrade, light painting, 2.0 breakthrough Nubian last light painting form, from three to four dimensions (time) of art, in addition to static display, more can show video form, will process record. The camera family also further enrich, new special pattern such as short video, passers-by to remove.


eggs, a Nubian Z9 carrying is based on the Android Nubian UI 3.0.8 version 5.0.2, increased the yellow pages model, point to the left after the open dial-up interface will see yellow pages menu, common calls inquiry, more credit was integrated, taking a taxi, ticket booking, but if you want to use this function need to log in to your personal account of the Nubian.

eggs a again, at the same time, press the power button and volume + key, can be custom shape screenshots. Eggs one, at the top of the specially added the infrared remote control module, you can add almost all electrical appliance in the home life (TVS, set-top boxes, audio, DVD, projector, air conditioning). Feel the aunt dong mingzhu, gree the realization of the function of the mobile phone, have never thought, Nubian there is also a great make (ye) into the smart home life (xin).

configuration, have introduced before, simply list the data. Nubian Z9 equipped with top 2.0 GHz Xiao dragon 810 processor, using 20 nanometers. 64 of the big LITTLE architecture (A57 + A53), for Adreno GPU graphics processor 430, supplemented by 3 gb LPDDR4 32 gb of memory and the fuselage storage space. WiFi technology, Nubian Z9 support 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless network, support 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz dual band connection.


the human nature and fast frame interaction too sour, “friction friction” don’t stop. Jing said too many times without borders, hunting cloud network to focus on the border Nubian first interaction, the humanized design, fast operation, let a person fondle admiringly. Nonsense, cloud network hunting happily “friction friction”.

by the way, this morning at ten o ‘clock, Nubian official website can open to buy yo, hunting cloud network will have to pay attention to “honour enjoy version” message. For most consumers, the “classic” actually has been quite enough, but if you’re going to be the identity of the man, “elite” of gold can be completely to the local tyrants gold iPhone6.

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