Nubian “sandwich” attitude are, can break through millet meizu attack


Nubia (Nubian) performing arts center in Beijing on March 26th at launch, fully exposed the legend of Z9 Max, Z9 Mini. Hunting cloud network in conference did not see jay Chou, cutting time. But the price still have surprise, Z9 Max2499 yuan, Z9 Mini1499 yuan. Among the feeling sent a 1999 – yuan Z9. Nubian website and jingdong synchronous starting this day.

is called Nubian sandwich, for one, hunting cloud network to obtain a new moment is attracted by its double glass design, like sandwich biscuit. Secondly, in time, meizu sent at the end of the year, new spirit’s blue millet also need to send new March 31st, Nubian I caught in the middle. Ok, please donate said, look at Nubian can break.

Nubia Z9 Max configuration:

– screen: 5.5 -inch, 1920 x 1080 OGS all joint

– processor: qualcomm Xiao 810 eight dragon core processor (2 GHz + 4 x 4 x A57 A53 1.5 GHz)

– memory: 3 gb

– the fuselage size: 154.8 * 76.6 * 76.6 mm

Nubia Z9 Mini configuration:

– screen: 5 inches 1920 x 1080 OGS all joint

– processor: qualcomm Xiao dragon 615 eight nuclear

– memory: 2 gb

– the fuselage size: 141.3 * 69.8 * 69.8 mm

similarities: both black and white and dichromatic, rear 16 million pixels, pre – 8 million pixels, supports 16:9 format photos directly take pictures, capacity is 2900 mah, storage for 16 gb, support maximum 128 gb microSD card extensions, using Android 5.0 with Nubia UI v2.8 operating system.

in addition, Nubian lasted for the whole network netcom formats, support for mobile, telecom, unicom all 4 g netcom, 7 mode frequency, the td-scdma LTE, LTE FDD, all can use. Unicom, telecom has a licensed FDD, China mobile, what do you think?

appearance, the design of the double glass a bonus, the back of the glass and diamond texture. Hunting cloud network play for a long time, different from the fuselage USES the sleek design of other phones, angular, hale and a lot of, also is catering to the “attitude” are.

despite rumours that three card slot design before, don’t mention concept without borders, the recent burst of fire in the aos corps “small white, let a person never forgets anything, Letv seize the opportunity, at the top of the phone using the symmetrical design, brings a new idea. If the Nubian also USES the symmetrical design, more perfect.

in addition, Nubian nubiaZ9 also offers a variety of materials such as bamboo, denim shell after.

the design of the red circle is Nubian screen aesthetic interest, the back of the camera and the echo of the red circle lens, the red circle size made adjustments, closer to the camera position. In addition, unlike Z7, Z9 camera position adjustment to the upper left corner.

Nubian Z9 continues the SLR in the “mobile phone” product concept, it is also a Nubian “foundation capital”. “Red circle lens” reflect on their own self-confidence, taking a beginning Z5, “red circle lens” in various circles appearance of photography, the aurora can be stars, pat. NeoVision5.0 F44 long electronic aperture, the longest exposure of up to 150 + seconds, running water, traffic, creative light painting, Nubian achieve the integration of time and space.

since then can see Nubian and meizu millet configuration design belong to the echelon, but how to deal with both before and after the attack, the task of natural to fall on the Nubian always rely on powerful camera. After all, the price is reasonable, whether can break success, let’s wait and see.

just, jay Chou in rumors, ling blessing in the king sister-in-law kunming, let alone a nation. And so on, and don’t forget, there are a few days ago the aurora feast, uproot shayna, Lin update… There are involved in. Nubian has unlimited scenery, spring imperial city scenery infinite, also do you want to go with it spring scenery.