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hunting cloud network (note: the development of the virtual reality technology attracts the attention of the world, all walks of life all want to be, a head. Disneyland is widely known to all. new Walt Disney company to apply virtual reality technology in Disneyland, the wonderful meet, wipe out the spark.

not long ago, in the game developers conference (GDC) on an event, Walt Disney fantasy creative director of Bei Yang delivered a speech, expounds the entertainment giant work on virtual reality.

according to Bei Yang explanation, Disney has been in development since the 1980 s virtual reality wore a device, but also in Epcot (April carter), set up a laboratory in addition to this, also launched a series of prototype of hardware and software products, including packaging to “explore” Disney (Disney Quest) project. But with some consumer devices, such as Nintendo (Nintendo) Virtual Boy (Boy), in the mid – 1990 – s, interest for wearing a device also decreases, until recently Oculus Rift leading the trend recovery.

the team continue to thinking exploration of virtual reality, and research and development from different angles. Now is working on the research and development “cave” (caves). “Cave” will achieve all-round coverage of your field of vision, rather than just “put a display in front of you.

this experience an instance in Disney’s “flying” California (Soarin ‘Over California) amusement facilities, it will directly let you sit on a 70 mm video playback IMAX giant screen front.

since then, Disney is in the use of motion tracking and large-format projection technology to promote the concept of 4 k resolution. At Disneyland Paris, the “Ratatouille” (Ratatouille) lets you experience when your head becomes as big as a mouse in pixar animation, moving around is what feeling.

Bei Yang said, “cave” plan a big advantage is that it can reduce the causes of vertigo in virtual reality. Disney is not realize stereoscopic 3 d effect, but using action tracking technology presents deep 2 d images. It’s a bit like Amazon Fire Phone “dynamic perspective”, only scope is bigger.

this scheme also can let the team building is similar to the experience of virtual reality, let more people to experience at the same time. In addition to “ratatouille”, Disneyland and based on the “Toy Story” (Toy Story) rides the shot. In this project, you and your friends will be through a preset area, and then on the surrounding characters and target shooting. After years of testing for these rides, the team has mastered the technology of further reduce vertigo, such as not to let the seat and the zero shift of the screen (zero point), the zero point is common in first-person shooter (and early virtual reality experience), that’s because most people body motionless, staring at two azimuth constantly around feel uncomfortable.

give prize of this technique as originally inspired the concept of the “cave” solution is the same, namely from the Star Trek holodeck (Star Trek). Disney’s “Digital immersion exhibition hall” (Digital Immersive Showroom) is probably the closest to the experience of the holographic deck. This is a large open areas, using 480 hz action tracking technology and the 4 k projector to simulate visit Disney theme park experience.

at present, the exhibition hall are available only to the team, and be able to make the team to show new rides to executives in the eyes of the visitors. However, in the Bei Yang question and answer session after the speech, he said, their team is developing system more accessible version “cave”, to be used for a variety of attractions.

however, the technology available in Disneyland has for years: Bei Yang pointed out that the team also need to solve some important problems, such as how to make multiple participants free to move the body in the process of experience, but don’t confuse movement track and destroy the projection effect. Nevertheless, I still envy to future generations of children. For decades to become a reality and the possible immersive virtual reality technology, compared to wander based on Disney’s animation to create scenes will be wonderful.

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