Novice network, in the river’s lake out of a smart backbone of logistics network

logistics should eventually is a high-tech industry, a rookie should also is a systematic engineering.

alibaba to be held in hangzhou the first river’s lake “knight-errant dream”, at the end of the out of the hall, next to two logistics practitioners walk while chatting, the knight-errant dream, really good strong flavor.

the whole assembly, the deepest memory in addition to the host said outside a bird flew into the venue, and this sentence has been was broadcast on the big screen: “dream, not afraid of the distance, novice river’s lake, have I”.

from rookie network on May 28, 2013, was born with a gold spoon, to the novice network second anniversary today. Is ali version “du la la” rookie TongWenGong network President now say: rookie aimed at “the socialization of logistics coordination, data as driving force of the platform. Novice network five strategy is express delivery, warehouse, cross-border, rural and post.

warehouse distribution: through the way of social coordination to form a nationwide warehouse with smart backbone, known as “ground”. Rookie is now on the north, and widely, chengdu, wuhan five to self-built warehousing center, with a total area of 1 million square meters. TongWenGong said at the meeting, the warehouse was built a rookie, but operation will go to the partners, and rookie resolute don’t do delivery.

express: focuses on three aspects, promote the express business of digital layering, product, and service.

post: in school, chains, and property of the city, with a partner to build a rookie city station. At present, there are more than 20000 novice station, the operation also will cover all of the 211 colleges and universities. (but can not be ignored, university logistics platforms: wheat commune) also note that the novice station has been upgraded to “wrapped up” APP, wrap up is the rookie alibaba network officials launched a money and goods flow service software, designed to provide users with one-stop logistics solutions.

the countryside: the countryside act as purchasing agency member model, at the same time with the Shanghai vientiane and other dozens of fall to the ground with the company, China post, such as social coordination, promote the county to the village two stage logistics service ability.

cross-border: novice through a global network structures, reduce the threshold of the cross-border electronic business logistics. Through cooperation with yuantong, Russia postal and DHL, opened in China and the United States, Australia and China and South Korea imported special line; In hangzhou, guangzhou, ningbo and other pilot bonded stock mode; In direct mail on a line with overseas logistics providers to cooperate.

because the novice is a systematic project, TongWenGong said, rural and cross-border two big blue ocean market has great opportunities, the corresponding channel sinks and globalization is the key.

last attach a low-key operation two years rookie network current transcript: platform integrating the thousands of high quality logistics service provider; To set up multiple overseas warehouse, goods through 217 countries and regions; More than 1200 villages all achieved for goods delivery into the village; The country has more than 20000 novice station; The 12 node of city construction and the storage system.

still remember jack ma give rookie booked two requirements: one, the domestic express delivery can reach within 24 hours. “Up to” means to not only, still can be in accordance with the stipulations of the user time to; Second, the rookie number cannot be more than 5000 employees. Novice network by means of social collaboration eventually formed a nationwide backbone network, if the two requirements to be implemented, do you think, need how long?