Notify the product to learn: how to build let users favorite application information push?

cloud network hunting note: our mobile phones every day received notice, however, is also a notice, some see at a glance feel upset, not tolerance, some is we become accustomed to, even indispensable, why is there such a difference? Ask yourself to see below, searches, create let a person fondle admiringly products!

Pavlov had a classic experiment, he each time the food to the dog before ringing the bell, over time, have established the connection between the food and the bell. Later, the sound “jingle” can cause dogs natural physiological reaction, ring, it will lick one’s chaps. Now, the same conditioned reflex also happen to us, the blare of the by mobile phones, hum, all kinds of the bell, as well as its various tags and buttons, like Pavlov’s the bell, in the 21st century are virtually stimulate our and cause a conditioned reflex, also let us often reflection and inspection of modern science and technology.

but, no matter how strong the signals, people also is not so good cheat drooling dog. As the user, once have alerted to the fact that I don’t like, they can easily uninstall or choose close.

so, a successful notice what elements constitute the “trigger”? And how to ensure the message to cater to popular taste, can bring more usage and not scare customers away? Below is some requirements for notification, do this, absolute attract customers, don’t have to worry about customer churn.

good news trigger is “timely rain”

can provide good application information push service, also can trigger the user experience, good application tends to establish immediate contact between the two. To obtain the psychological associations, effective information remind should be two things: timing, content, kind and considerate. Then the corresponding, also can have two kinds of timing trigger: external trigger and internal triggers.

external trigger is some hints about the running environment, prompt the user what to do next. , for example, some keys will alert users to “click here”, “comments here” or “now playing”, these all belong to the external trigger.

the internal trigger and external trigger is different, its operation depends on establishing contact with user psychology, and the most common internal trigger is affection. For example, when we feel lonely, can look at Facebook. Is there anything not sure, check Google; When bored, will look at YouTube, Reddit, or Pinterest.

however, users tend to be the most dependent on external trigger combined with internal trigger products (for example, when people feel uncertain or boring, immediately bounce out a push messages). Two trigger join the shorter the time, the connection between the user and the product is built the faster.

again, for example, imagine that you are on a plane, about to transfer to sit another flight, only 40 minutes. Then you came down from a plane, the rush, which gate I don’t know the next go to, and how long does it take to see mobile phone, flight patterns suggest a blank stare straight! Just then, a message to remind, provide you with the flight all accurate news, departure time, gate number, and whether the plane departure on time, and so on. What feeling? It is simply a timely rain have?

with these help, you can sit on the smooth transfer to a flight, no more people get to the terminal, in the crowd looking frantic departure screen. So the most useful information in time appear in the user’s needs, our application was successfully with the user’s trust and support.

good trigger is a “doer”

a good trigger tend to put an end to not clear and not related news, for the user to save a lot of trouble. For the trigger, after all, it is important to clear and concise.

a WhatsApp example. It is clear the notice, be clear at a glance, not only can help the user to see recent updates, more convenient user to respond. Clear and concise, it has been done, but also can guide the user what to do next?

now, some applications in addition to providing internal notification system, also can remind users. Google will be able to do this, according to it to the user’s location, the local traffic condition and transport way of understanding, to inform the user when the start date, like this: “behold, in the morning can arrive on time.”

good trigger is “conspirators”

in the trigger new features, namely guide in the user behavior, the purpose of human curiosity really helped us a lot. When people found some mysterious things, can not but want to find out, is to give it a try, so the trigger even if “seduce” success.

for an example of Timehop, it shall give notice of such a fun, “can’t, is it really you?” Users will want to see what was happening, and then open the application. Since the photos, you will poke a few times. So, the effect is reached, it highlights the Timehop notice different, relaxed and humorous and interesting.

of course, but then again, if Timehop issued notice every day so, stand still, there is no appeal. More designs can arouse the curiosity of the user, make notice more readable. Add some surprise, or unexpected elements are more likely to let users to respond to inform, so, don’t again to send the same message again.

good trigger is “server”

we have been pursuing good trigger, but it is undeniable that poorly designed trigger still abound, with dull message to remind, let us suffer. These messages have nothing to do with life, or inappropriate, or some repeated cliche, they like nails a chalkboard jars, unbearable. But we also is not “lose your life”. Once was offended by the these triggers, uninstall the software or even cancel account, complete with them say “goodbye”. Often triggers not following the “server” design standard, is pulling out of the market sooner or later.

so, on the premise of the user needs to design the service trigger if set, fun, strong execution at an organic whole, would be sending you incline thy ear and objective information is not far away.


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