Notification: provide one-stop solution for outdoor events SaaS system, hope from the service to run into in the future


in the era of sweep a more and more the health of the hot wind, to find their own collective outdoor activities too time consuming? With the lowest cost, the shortest possible time to find more people to participate in the activity also more difficult? At this moment need is one good lieutenant “connections”, building the bridge between organizers and participants information communication. Founded in January 15 years of hangzhou small north team, developed the first set of against the cloud network system of sports and outdoor leisure activities – system on SaaS. Used to provide a set of events and large and medium-sized business informatization solution.

the opponent team consists of 11 after 80, the four core members, three in netease has accumulated years of experience. Team members are more outdoor activities enthusiasts, co-founder of ge wei graduated from zhejiang university, civil servants, also worked as a policeman, is a veteran players outside at the same time. On May 5, 15 years on the official website online. At the end of may will be officially launched the web version, with mobile phone version of the docking system, brand. For the positioning of the existing customers organize sports or outdoor activities in need, outdoor club, as well as the event host.

the CTO Zhu Liming to hunt cloud network, said: “every enterprise has its own attitude, maybe we initially set punctuation is relatively high. we do is a web site, not only do is to produce numerous machine site.” Hope to be able to get through the host and the participants of the event, the event participants level between each other, for the outdoor sports really isolated .

14 years of the state council executive meeting on September to cancel commercial and mass sports competitions for examination and approval. Find Zhu Liming relevant club at the same time, hope to have such a system set up for them they want competition platform, this is a very good opportunity, Zhu Liming explanation, so some ideas before and after serving the company positioning. Small north team, they set up a new system.


the current function, in addition to the personalization of web sites, and the integration of the software, hardware, and after-sale services and expansibility, which also contains data backup, server upgrade, free competition propaganda and micro letter network promotion, and other functions. Specific operation is events host will need to contact customer service, demand for communication, you can wait for technical department task orders, then configure function, neither give solutions, delivery, site successfully opened, the service is all free.

the company planning is divided into three stages, in 1.0 at present stage. at small north team team hopes to connect the games “do 1 cm wide, 10 meters deep” train of thought. Is not easy to build a house, but puts up a building can be open for users and customers in standardization and customization of room, do good extension of high-rise .

2.0 phase is completed in September this year, is expected to make the number of athletes through qr code form of consideration, is expected to develop to develop sports chips, wear on your wrist to own rhythm of the pulse monitor adjustment, to better ensure the safety of the sport. To 3.0 stage, small north team hopes to build their own brand competition website, create the brand of the movement integration platform, achieve the brand proprietary .

at the same time provide outdoor sports niche scheme line and do more exciting life-stream, cultivating the brand team leader training qualifications or personal cooperation with relevant institutions, achieve standardization implementation, the diversification of personalized custom services, address some who loves the outdoors wizard, the mill can not solve the problem of the personalization of .

at the present stage the games through SaaS system is divided into three packages: free edition, professional edition and extreme edition. The early stage of the free version and pro is the main, free users accounted for 80% of the assessments, professional edition will be an additional photo albums, BBS, advertising and other services. Late prophase will locate target markets and resources, when have a large database, the quality of the product technology will become the company’s focus on breakthrough point.

at present, the SaaS model for outdoor areas to provide the overall Internet solutions provider of products and the donkey butler, flux core team members’ stewards earlier in the ass.

in addition to the games, the small north team doing a product, also hope to provide customized solutions for running of the event and aggregation platform.

about data level, Zhu Liming said, current research on SaaS system has been for more than 100 large-scale events provide information technology services, will be on May 30, 31, in the west lake of the west lake of music festivals, will work with the games. At the same time, the company has now completed the angel round.