Not make cost-effective products, it is “food” for $15 million series A investment swimmer

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today focus on the folk manual food trading platform “feed” to hunt cloud network, according to the model has landed A total of $15 million from sequoia capital led A round of investment, angel round morningside capital and investment. Founder and CEO Feng Xiao said in an interview with cloud network hunting, this round of financing will be mainly used for the product research and development, the private kitchen marketing services, regional development and food security.

foraging in formally launched at the end of march this year, now has more than 40 everyday users, nearly 1.5 registered private kitchen, covering more than 300 cities across the country. In just the end of the sponsored by foraging, in “China’s first folk food festival” online trading orders are there in three days time nearly 90000 single, covering 298 cities across the country. Behind the big volume also let foraging team found there are many need optimization problem.

food orders as far away as the team’s forecast range, beyond the goal 3 times more, it brings to the platform and the private kitchens are a lot of stress. Feng Xiao admits, all quick wilted, 15 minutes before the system part of private kitchen single too dense cause explosive situation, and the team also found that the background to provide private kitchen of a lot of things is not perfect. “Such as a private kitchen in three days after the 500 orders, he needs to query the order record, corresponding to each order to production, shipment, because there is no export orders and print function, so all must be written, it is unexpected.” This activity make team saw a lot of shortcomings, including the system, product function and activity forecast, but the Feng Xiao was delighted, “99% of the orders are finished in a week, caused by insufficient system of consumer dissatisfaction also has a solution.”

foraging co-founder and CEO, said Feng Xiao “foraging positioning is not solve the problem of users have a meal, but friends, it is naturally contains the cuisine of people, such as for traditional, authentic pursuit.”

foraging online version of the latest developed user search function, and further detailed classification, improve more than 70 secondary category, food consumption further refine scene. Feng Xiao think that the satisfaction of consumer scenario must add new functions and service standards, so you must do to deepen on the part of the scene, “such as the door to eat, now also is very simple, but the door of the whole order booking way and other completely different, so will be launched on the door to eat reservation, pay the deposit service, rather than a full payment.” Under this category scene will do some depth, the optimization and adjustment to different standards.

at the same time foraging in the transplantation of the users and the private kitchen communication chat tools, tries hard to let users communicate before produce trade, reassure users, improve the communication efficiency. Feng Xiao, however, in an interview has been stressed the function of adjustment is optimized, the purpose of the foraging hasn’t changed.

1, do you want to be foraging food version, hope to explode the power of the folk private kitchen, really make a delicious featured food market rather than a ratio of food market, and will not join the industrialization, the brand goods guarantee.

2, foraging hopes to continuously improve the rise of private kitchen service quality, to improve the service quality of the whole platform, will increase in the mode of various platforms mechanism, the mechanism is to promote and guide the private kitchen more do more delicious than more do the cheaper, foraging do not cost-effective products.

as the application of food class, food safety is also part of the core value. Feng Xiao told hunting cloud network: “set up security, improve food safety guarantee system will become the most main food of a business. And good management methods and mechanisms will also bring new threshold value for food and platform advantage.” Therefore, foraging developed a perfect food safety system:

1, where there are “food” registered private kitchen food providers need to provide health card and a valid medical certificate and identity information;

2, “feeding” has and is specialized in food and agricultural products safety quality standards research of the international line quality management agencies, the private kitchen workers training and examination, with the result of the public with sampling, laboratory tests, the seller penalty corresponding mechanism;

3, “food” and the people’s insurance (property) company of China (PICC) jointly launched the private kitchen industry’s first food safety insurance – “food”. Booked with consumers on the feeding platform “gourmet” bao pay qualified private kitchen cuisines, if there are any of the table during a meal food safety problems, according to the specific situation, consumers can obtain maximum 1000 yuan compensation.

in the end, an interview with Feng Xiao also revealed that in addition to the current Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, after feeding will expand the guangzhou, chengdu, chongqing and other markets. In addition, in terms of distribution, foraging insisted on by the seller free distribution.

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