Not into the next WeChat, nailing who would be next?

nailing is a way of working, WeChat is a way of life. From the high-profile transactions to low-key nailing, from social tags to small and medium-sized enterprise mobile office platform. Like previous high-profile as usual ali other products, nailing low-key.

in between half a year later, Chen hang from division to form a scale of 60 people nailing group, 14 years 12 about online testing, and to this day nailing version 2.0, compared with 1.0 work communication attributes, this time, more emphasis on nailing is mobile office properties.

an interesting phenomenon, nailing baidu post bar, because duration nailing adjusted individual users, users speak nailing: “nailing tool positioning is the enterprise team, the individual user is also more than promotion between business owners come true. Nailing side positioning statement is between enterprises to use, that you why again to individual users, the individual user is mice and artificial promotion tools.”

individual users have a feeling that’s right, the mood also on behalf of the user needs the product, but nailing the future development goal is to become small and medium-sized enterprise communication platform for the mobile office work. Individual user exit gradually nailing has become inevitable, but this is not necessarily is very refuse, but over the long term, individual users in the “welfare” obtained nailing team benefits have become more and more far away.

the nailing of 2.0, even pushing C – OA, C – Space, C E-mail three functions, will Mail (E-mail), OA (office automation), Space (file storage) moved to the cloud, and open API interface, in order to mobile office platform based on the communication software. Nailing said, integrating email, OA, Space, after nailing will be coordinated from communication transition to the office.

so, understanding is correct, nailing saw the small and medium-sized enterprises from the enterprise social pain points in OA office, nailing hope let small and medium-sized enterprises direct do big enterprise informatization, once upon a time IT era, skip the PC – IT stage, let small and medium-sized enterprises directly into the era of mobile office.

according to certain aspects also provides the recent data, the current nailing with 300000 enterprises and organizations, covering more than 100, more than 300 cities, enterprise users on an average day received more than 6000 functional requirements, issued a DING message every 1 seconds.

now, nailing is beta, even more interestingly, nailing support virtual team registration. That is kind of neighborhood aunt group, temporary group multi-worlds, business travel team can use nailing meet the demand of the scene. Such as telephone conference, Ding, event notification, etc.

although these are all very good, nailing ideal is also very big, but small and medium-sized enterprise mobile office market a few questions: data security, privacy, a blend of live and work time conflict, while also got problems such as nailing team’s response. But it is not easy to understand human nature of these relatively safe is a reasonable explanation. All the future of small and medium-sized enterprises organizational structure, address book, office data, daily data should be retained on the nail, don’t be fear.

simply, although each have concerns, but the right is: nailing without stagnation in corporate communications, and the next WeChat didn’t make it, but nailing who won’t be next? Now, small and medium-sized enterprise mobile office platform is still has a future.