Not afraid of apple and samsung, Stratos Card to do the king of the “Card”

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it is said that if a man can only use one word to impress women, this word is not “buy” is the “brush”. The emergence of various Card let men don’t carry a bag of money to accompany sister go shopping, but actually a credit Card, membership Card, score Card and so on also pretty trouble, don’t worry, Stratos Card to solve the problem.

yes, and there is a new one can synthetically all kinds of credit card card came out. Unlike ordinary credit Card, Stratos Card seems to be more interesting.

to launch Stratos Card, Stratos company adopt new methods, break through all the problems associated with credit CARDS, finally have good results, and plan to ship next month.

Stratos company since it was founded in 2012, the number of employees has been increased to 50 people. Founder decided to give up the pursuit of the raise plan, turning to venture capital financing of $7 million. Of course, such a decision for a reason. So, first of all, is conducive to the company quietly development technology, broaden the market, started the brand. Nowadays, the awareness of the company and its product are relatively low, do not take the raise, saved from the pressure of the public. At the beginning, with Stratos comparable competitors is because public pressure lost Coin.

a few weeks ago, I went to the Stratos Ann arbor, Michigan, where the plant with Stratos team sit together watching Stratos Card works. Stratos co-founder and CEO tiago olsen (Thiago Olson) was introduced in detail for me the general use of smart card. During delivery were equipped with this card can be inserted into the smartphone 3.5 mm headphone jack magnetic stripe card reader, open the application after brush card, the card information is add Stratos to system successfully. Stratos, chief technology officer, Henry barak farmers (Henry Balanon) told me that the card information will not be transmitted to the Stratos server. The company had a card related contact information, and these information is only used to fill in the legal requirement to verify that the card master status.

scan the card information, the user can choose to use three CARDS in Stratos directly. After the card information will be stored encrypted in the mobile phone in the local file. Through the new lock screen interactive features, users can quickly select the necessary or load any CARDS, even if there is no installation, can also work.

users choose to use a card in the Stratos, just lightly tap to activate Stratos, then click on the corresponding card. Besides the three card, users can also through the binding of smart phone lock screen choose to use additional CARDS. Then, this magical one card can be as common as using a credit card.

Stratos Card has two magnetic stripe on the back, which makes the Card can be used on any type of this device, is so capricious! According to Olson, this is Stratos company research and development of new technology, and no other competitors can so much.

but Stratos companies do not sell this kind of universal smart card, user can only have it by subscription service, perhaps this is the company’s secret weapon. Users spend $95 or $149 a year two years can enjoy Stratos companies to provide personalized CARDS, card for a full year use can also change into new products. The company is expected to be in the April shipment.

Stratos Card inside is a printed circuit board and a lithium battery, battery thickness as wafer, for the life of two years. Card outside is passed the ISO 7810 and 7816 test waterproof casing, after bending, static shock and wear test, in other words, Stratos Card like visa, strong, can withstand any form of abuse.

but, obviously, security is also a major concern to the user. For the Stratos Card using the bank level encryption standard, and built-in alarm system based on distance. The user can set the card, once with smartphones, lost in state of CARDS is paralyzed and unable to work.

in Stratos company visit during this period, I have been think about the problems of chip technology. Actually, Stratos in this respect there is a clear solution, but it did not give specific details. The company said, just as part of the subscription service, users can free upgrade system every year or buy a new card, the chip technology is still in perfect, look forward to as soon as possible. By that time, the user can gain after upgrading the next upgrade cycle of the card.

in the field of development general smart card, Stratos is not alone. In the field of the same Coin company by all the activity to raise millions of dollars of financing, but it did not release products on schedule. There is a company named Plastc also promised products launched in the summer, and accept customers booking for $155. Plastc, said at the beginning of the release, will support the company’s card visa, mastercard and American express account to use, at the same time have the chip compatibility and the ability of remote erasing card information.

so far, Stratos already from the Midwest and west coast of investors to raise $7 million m there. San Francisco Toba Capital led the company’s latest round of Investment, investors and other Western Technology Investment, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and located in Michigan, Resonant Venture Partners.

it is clear that Stratos company has developed a complete set of products, from mobile applications, physical products to the subscription model, all aspects into consideration. Ing is not the absolute good, however, the rationality of the company development is still a interesting question.

at present, the universal smart CARDS are to enter the market, mobile operators and handset makers are also introduced in common use mobile wallet. Apple launched Apple Pay has been a huge success, Google and Samsung also not to be outdone, have to upgrade their products. Consumers will soon have a variety of options, but sometimes more choices will only get lost. All kinds of smart CARDS have emerged, the real lending will not immediately withdraw from the market, perhaps even with Stratos, Coin and Plastc common development together, improve together!

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