Nokia’s eye: HERE the map will not be easy to sell!

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on Friday, sina science and technology, tencent technology, domestic media quoted by bloomberg news, reported “, according to people familiar with the news that nokia is considering selling HERE map business, to focus on the wireless network department, improve the debt rating, and is currently attracting the interest of some businesses and private equity firms “.

the interest up, and at that time the domestic media have reported the event. This makes a deeper nokia complex I watch the news, in the early with dismay. Was released on April 9, the company series HERE map suite (HERE maps, driving HERE +, kaleidoscope, HERE, HERE city bus) to update the nokia how can have such ideas? But think carefully, discovered that the so-called nokia to sell HERE map, is just after numerous rumours that nokia is going to sell business HERE in a drop in the ocean, and basically after an April fool’s joke.

it is well known that nokia will be the most familiar cell phone business to Microsoft, had taken on a new look, the majority of business also by the front into behind the scenes. Now new nokia by “nokia, nokia technology department communication and HERE map” of the three business units. And as one of the three departments HERE map business department, mainly for nokia in its heyday in throwing $8.1 billion acquisition of the electronic giant Navteq map. And its name is successively experienced “nokia maps”, “ovi maps” now entitled “HERE map” in the end.

HERE map “‘ hybrid vector diagram based on advanced technology, to support the global 74 countries 46 languages voice navigation, 26 countries traffic information query, and details of more than 180 countries, location map has covered the 38 countries.” With online and offline navigation dual mode, its rapid offline maps, has covered 135 countries and regions, make consumers even if no data connection can also find the direction. Support Turn? By? Turn free navigation services; And 3 d display on the map, the augmented reality application of the most innovative City Lens (urban kaleidoscope), more can let you quickly find in the strange City “catering, accommodation, shopping malls, entertainment, and public transportation”.

one, map business development good

as the new nokia HERE, one of the three main departments of map in the development of these years, also showed his potential. HERE map business is thriving, the development of specific performance in:

1. On the mobile end

HERE of nokia maps, by not selling mobile Phone business of the company brand monopoly to today’s full bloom, on Windows Phone, HERE as the default system map, provide data support for Microsoft mobile map service. And besides, nokia maps HERE have also become a samsung Tizen OS, Mozilla Firefox? OS, amazon Fire OS adopt the nokia maps HERE such as solution. While on the more mainstream iOS, Android, nokia maps HERE is also very popular. On iOS, nokia on November 20, 2012 officially land after the apple store, let HERE map a map in the listed after just 15 minutes time has increased from the original 101 to 32, it is enough to prove that iOS users to map HERE. On Android, nokia and Android first big brother, samsung Galaxy series of smartphones using the Android version of the map HERE, signed an exclusive licensing agreement. And now HERE maps have been landed comprehensive iOS and Android, let all global consumers can enjoy HERE map service. At this point, nokia maps HERE on the mobile operating system has been fully support Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Tizen OS, Firefox? OS, the Fire and swordfish operation system and PC and Mac OS web version. HERE has become the most widely cross-platform map service.

2. At the business end

in addition to the mobile terminal, nokia maps HERE also have a good performance in enterprise market. In recent years, such as nokia maps HERE continuous captured group-buying services company, amazon, fedex, yahoo!, oracle, Microsoft, deutsche telekom, companies such as baidu. These companies choose nokia map data with enterprise location service, help them to do more service. For example using yahoo HERE map data according to the construction of yahoo map construction, such as shopping center with multiple levels of indoor navigation services; Baidu baidu company’s products use HERE map data, in addition to baidu desktop map, the Android, iOS version of baidu maps in except the Chinese mainland, will also begin to use HERE map data, covering area is China’s first island Taiwan, further expand to other countries and regions. For users provide a more intimate baidu map navigation service.

3. Car market

in the map navigation market, HERE map can be said to be the preeminent global currently has 80% of the on-board navigation system are used HERE map data services. And its in German Frankfurt motor show in September, 2014, 10 also released its world first cloud-based embedded navigation service to drive mobile Internet solutions – HERE Auto. It includes embedded navigation service HERE Auto, the Cloud data service HERE Auto Cloud, as well as the combination of mobile application HERE Auto Companion. It remains HERE support offline map information, voice navigation in the whole process of the support of 95 countries, with 2 d, 3 d, such as street map consistent advantages such as view mode. And car manufacturers can use software development kit (SDK), easily extend HERE Auto service and other applications. HERE Auto let nokia HERE map on has an advantage of automobile audio systems continue to power. Chrysler, ford, Daimler, and Honda, BMW, mercedes-benz, Volkswagen, modern, Pioneer (Pioneer) Garmin (Garmin), and other auto giants are HERE maps of the customer. And HERE the team cooperation with Mercedes is developing unmanned vehicle technology.

from nokia official weibo “nokia communication” data also show nokia maps HERE in the dominant position of this field. Its official weibo data show that: in 2013, nokia maps HERE has embedded in more than 10 million new vehicles, 2014 HERE map has been embedded in more than 13 million new car. The growth rate of 30%. And the nokia authorized in 2014 cars HERE map number of detailed data as follows: in the first quarter of 2.8 million, the second quarter of 3.3 million, the third quarter to 3.2 million vehicles, in the fourth quarter to 3.9 million vehicles.

by the information above, we can see that HERE map products covered a full mobile navigation devices and map based on Internet application products, at the enterprise level position to provide solutions and good development, but also is in leading position in vehicle navigation system. It formed the basis of business steady HERE map.

2, nokia’s can imagine the future of the construction and map space

in the HERE above map of achievements, nokia has been expanded to strengthen the muscles of map HERE. Removed before buying all kinds of firms, in 2014, in one month, nokia is continuous acquisition of artificial intelligence (AI) application Desti “travel planning” and “small intelligent data companies Medio Systems”, to further enhance the functions and capabilities of nokia maps HERE.

and on the map in the future, as nokia CEO suri: map technology is one of the core elements of interconnected world, the future many innovative business require positioning technology in order to develop. In terms of the future, the map service is also a hidden under the huge potential of business. Its future can imagine space is enormous, map service can extend to every corner, now the hot driverless cars, for example, its support is also a map navigation service. Can quickly in our current perception such as express delivery, group purchase, recruitment, advertising position, etc, all can use digital map services and augmented reality, to provide a better service. To say the map service will be another can connect all the key. Since since 2014, ali in gold, tencent in four dimensions, millet in navione; Domestic giant are betting on a map service also can see the potential of map service.

3, financial performance

these rumors, said nokia is ready to sell HERE map is out of focus network business, improve debt rating. And on the network business, there’s no denying it occupies most of nokia’s overall revenue, but with the improvement of the network foundation, large development of 4 g, 5 g in sight, network business growth potential in today is relatively limited. And nokia web services behind huawei, Ericsson. So there are rumours that nokia takeover bid for alcatel-lucent, strengthen network business. And want to sell HRER, main is to use sell HRER’s money to buy this one.

at the end of the day is for the sake of money, but it is really very short of money now? As is known to all, after the nokia deal with Microsoft, nokia has strong cash flow. And since nokia restructuring its debt rating has been rising. And once again become a EuroStoxx 50 index. But financially, nokia is also profitable, in Q3 earnings in 2014, nokia’s profit of 457 million euros. In Q4 earnings in 2014, nokia’s profit of 443 million euros, nokia’s profit is sustainable. If it is going to buy this one, that also don’t have to sell this potential business HERE. And that there are both at the same time also does not conflict.


about HERE map this nokia strategic business in the future, all pretender, from Microsoft to its earlier, to encourage capital market apple then laid hands on him. Previous many acquisition has said, but on this precious business, nokia was adamant. About the rumors, as business owners HERE map Michael ha bucher (Michael Halbherr) against the New York times site map in previously reported HERE will be the next potential billions of acquisition said: “HERE still is an integral part of the company’s overall strategy, every company has club, our club is nokia. As a division of a large company is a good thing. “Today, the news of the nokia will sell HRER map, after analyze the reason, will find that do not stand up to scrutiny, so assume that he is countless rumors that nokia is going to sell HERE in a drop in the ocean business.

HRER map business, whether the current layout depth or market performance or future imagination, is commendable. At the same time nokia will intensify construction of map HERE. But HERE the map in the future, nokia CEO suri is depicted: they are HERE on a map of the depth and breadth of vision is HERE map service do no one can and “.

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