No business experience, gates and Steve jobs, why can write management myth

as a good manager, strategy and tactics and execution phase as a, be short of one cannot.

to do both at the same time it will not be easy, but like Bill Gates, Andy grove and Steve jobs people like they would be a perfect fusion of both the high achievements. But, objectively speaking, they as a leader also has its own shortcomings, all success also cannot leave behind the management team and sincere cooperation and work closely with all employees. However, we cannot deny that they at Microsoft, Intel and apple in glory. Yes, they are successful. So, the question comes, how the three CEO effective organization team and get benefits? How do they become posterity unsurpassable leader model?

the answer sounds a bit incredible: gates, grove and jobs are not meet the requirements of the top business schools developing well-rounded managers also have no formal business training. Just the three of them, some of the leading experts may be referred to as “incomplete”, even said that their style of leadership is inefficient.

in fact, every CEO thinks he is the most outstanding talents, the field for a popular brand of “different”, are also accepted. They are trying to shape corporate culture. They will be very strict to the subordinate, even the difference treatment; They encourage employees to think independently, form against individual debate over each other even.

however, they have their unique advantages, and profoundly affected the with your company. Gates to Microsoft, is the understanding of the underlying software, in his view, the software is a kind of technology, is also a business; Grove to Intel, is in the process of specific management and execution to inculcate a engineering principles and discipline; And Steve jobs to apple, it is a unique product design, for the most intuitive understanding of the concept is, how to let the blind can also play the technology products.

, so to speak, chief executive of each has its own killer apps, with their unique advantages glows in the company, and formed a distinctive set of management mode. As chief executive, every day they have to do is to guide the team strategic thinking, presided over the company authorized recruitment and job and important decisions. Even today, they are regarded by some values and important management principle is still Microsoft, Intel and apple.

to the chief executive’s personal advantage there is a strong identity, more commonly, the visionary founder or transformational leadership under the leadership of the same, not necessarily is a good thing. Because under normal circumstances, to rely too much on one person will inevitably limit strain capacity of the whole team. Just like the ship’s anchor, chief executive of “personal anchor” also can prevent “the vessel” to meet the new direction of forward – such as new markets, new technology or the new strategy and business model, now Microsoft, Intel and apple in the different degree are faced with such a trouble. Although before the gates, grove and jobs all know their own shortcomings, while in office was also seeking partners and colleagues to fill this gap.

many ceos want to do on any of the practice, gates, grove and jobs early in his career. However, as time goes on, they also learned only in some key areas and operating lever fluctuation kongfu, and established a highly efficient team to run most of the business of the company. In addition, gates, grove and jobs also attaches great importance to the operation of key products details, in the field of themselves are not familiar with, they appoint relevant personnel in the instruction.

it can be said that the gates, grove and jobs has employees stand on the same front, they believe they can create the biggest value, but the reality is that they can only stay in a great fantasy about the high-level strategic objectives and product ambitions. In order to keep the company of the best ideas, and make it get sublimation on major issues, gates, grove and thoroughly within the company to seek jobs most knowledgeable people, regardless of their position, how generational, as long as it is talent, and pay more attention to. In other words, they are not just “followed the money”, knowledge is also very important here. In addition, they will also ensure that the combination of people and ideas, just like Bill Gates in a recent article about:

… Whether it’s running a powerful enterprise, or create a certain value, the rules have not been changed. On the one hand, almost every form of business covers the human factor. Do you have a near-perfect products, is there any detailed production planning and marketing, these are not the most important, the key is you need someone to lead and implement these plans. For a new Internet business people understand that it is very important…

in the same way, the gates, grove and jobs can also use their “personal anchor” to solve some questions such as strategic execution and organization construction, they are not the perfect manager, but finally succeeded. Their management style in different extent, can reflect the following four values:

know yourself – the advantages and disadvantages.

details – choice, a distinction.

never neglect the big picture.

because of wood of choose and employ persons.

Source: Fastcompany

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