Nine failure due to be too futuristic business philosophy

note: in the tech industry, the only thing more serious than error, is too advanced. Once, such as the day arrived, smart watches, group-buying, vertical electric business, digital currency and virtual reality devices such good business philosophy, and failed in advance too. Today, in large enough network user groups, as well as advanced and convenient logistics system under the support of these ideas.

the following content from Forbes China translation articles:

venture capitalists love say some experience, and even whole start-up world are popular with some of the golden rule. The most classic is an experience about entrepreneurial opportunity: “the only thing more serious than error is too advanced.” Examples of failure due to entrepreneurial ideas are too numerous. But since the “.com “after the bubble burst, a lot of the ideas I them a complete failure, and in other forms to glow the youth and become a vibrant enterprise.

these are successful entrepreneurial idea recovery, but also because they now have some of the key elements. First to get to know a series of simple Numbers: in 2000, only 43% of americans use the Internet. Now the Internet population has accounted for 86% of the total population, mobile Internet users also reached more than half of the U.S. population. In other words, Internet start-ups much bigger audience than ever before.

in addition, fedex and UPS logistics network is more developed than in the late 90 s, more efficient and lower prices. Finally, with the rise of cloud computing and open source software, Internet startup cost reduced from millions of dollars to thousands of dollars or less. This greatly reduced the risk of entrepreneurship, also means that the early phase of entrepreneurial failure does not lead to investors lost millions of dollars.

here are a few examples of failure due to too advanced.

day to

Uber have smart phones into the life of the remote control. Just press a button, almost anything you want can be sent to the house, such as wine, nail, flowers, and even marijuana. Amazon and Google now also provides the service, including Uber countless startups followed suit.

the first offer on the same day delivery service, is the Web 1.0 era of well-known Web site and Webvan. But in the “.com “bubble bursts lost hundreds of millions of dollars, Webvan is to let investors gone more than 10 dollars. The cause of the failure is that their service is not to make money. And through, co-founder of the idea of coming back to life, although MaxDelivery user group of fewer than 100000 people, but since 2005, it has to rely on their own profit realization of a slow but steady growth, and can feed 130 people. Now there are so many startups are doing the same day delivery service, enough to prove that this is not a bad idea, just not yet at that time.

pet food delivery

their of pet when family and child care “dog slave”, “cat slave”. And the size of the pet gens after in the era of “.com “continues to increase. is a very famous “.com “era of high valuations in the website, but by a simple logistical problems: in 1999, for most consumers, from the Internet across most of the countries on the economy is not cost-effective to buy dog food.

nowadays with the development of the national express network, several companies and picked up the pet food delivery business.’s revenue in 2014 is expected to reach more than $50 million. A company called Bark& Co dog food company claims that it have reached $100 million every year. Even the Petco company also launched a repeat express service.

smart watches

smart watches ever like iPod or tablet, become a leading electronics, now still not settled yet, but it is clearly not as small as the past. In April, according to analysts predict that when apple watches listed, its sales will reach 30 million at least.

Pebble and samsung had also launched their own smart watches, but they are not smart watches. As early as 2004, Microsoft released a prototype of intelligent watch, you know at that time even the smartphone is still to come. Techspot reported that Microsoft smart watches can take advantage of the FM radio signal will be news, weather, and other information into watches, of course, Microsoft’s focus is just in its electronic part, it USES the watch is still loose billiton, Fossil, tissot and WoQi etc famous Swiss watch maker’s products. But somehow, Microsoft smart watch has not been popular.


in the early 90 s, the group will blossom everywhere in the United States, its quantity as much as the company leading the era of “90 regiment campaign”. One of the most famous have, give up IPO plan in 2001, then Mercata dim and collapse, and, ActBig,, etc. Large and small sites. America online and yahoo has plans to launch its own sites. But after the “.com “bubble burst, in addition to, the website there is no survival.

in 2009, the company let group-buying concept fire again. Many people may think that group-buying business is still a new thing, as I have recently pointed out in an article. My colleague Dan? Primack and even said that the company is still a $5 billion worth of company.

Vertical electricity

in the era of “.com “, specializes in selling fashion, selling toys,, and specializes in selling cosmetics. In short, in the early stages of e-commerce, everyone’s idea is the same – select a product category, and then become the goods electricity overlords.

then, amazon reigns, thoroughly eliminate the competition. Started with the selling books website quickly became a “store” to sell anything, the dominate electricity business at the same time, also announced to the world: to be electricity a winner, you have to sell anything. In front of amazon’s powerful pressure,, and eToys website have been closed. (eToys bankruptcy was sold to Toys – R – Us.)

today, highly specialized electrical business model has been the only way as a counterweight to the amazon. Warby Parker, Bonobos, j. Hilburn, Harry ‘s, Everlane and Dollar Shave Club such as vertical electrical business have sprung up, because they have a specific brand and produce their own products. Many electric business began to focus solely on one type of products, such as Wayfair only sell furniture, Birchbox only sell cosmetics, achievable and Nasty Gal only sell fashions, could the Company only sell baby products, Baublebar only sell jewelry and so on, the future growth of these companies are very well. Relative to the amazon, the more specific, your product is special, the greater your hope of survival.

digital currency

Beanz and Flooz both sites have sales digital currency can be used to online shopping, and won the $100 million and $35 million respectively wind investment in gold. In post-bubble “.com “, both companies withdrew from the historical stage, “the network currency” concept also received widespread criticism. But now, with the rise of hundreds of encryption currency, hundreds of millions of dollars are to startup associated with COINS, it seems that many people believe that virtual currency is also a business for a long time.

virtual reality devices

nintendo in 1995 launched a named “Virtual Boy” (Virtual Boy) game of Virtual reality head-mounted device, but in the second year will be the listings. This product has a lot of problems: first, it does not have the portability and the second is the price is very expensive, he also wear very uncomfortable, and screen or black and white. (not to mention estimated only boys like to play with it.) It and now the Oculus VR and samsung launch of virtual reality is the only thing in common, it is reviewed the equipment of people believe that they “lack of social sex”.

Streaming media application

in Justin. TV before, in 1996 there was a man named JenniCam sites are popular for a time. It is just a woman on the network broadcasting her life, and to charge $15 per month per person. (now we call it the reality TV show. In 2007, Justin. TV began to smart phone users to provide the same service. But it is not as popular as hope. After Justin. TV video application Viddy also failed. Nowadays, Meerkat’s widespread success, and Twitter is going to buy Periscope, suggests that the concept is promising. Was the lack of just faster streaming, better camera, as well as to the video content consumption desire.

touch computing

touch computing is not apple invented by iPhone, but it makes touch really popular. In the 80 s, including the Go Corp, Pencept, Linux, and Communications Intelligence Corporation, many computer companies are introduced using handwritten pen tablet. In 1993, Microsoft also launched Windows for Pen Computing, apple also introduced later in the same Newton MessagePad.

another kind of advance