Nine brother: massage service began refining, only do the head and neck and shoulder, but also with palm reading

(article/who 闫森)

after head and neck and shoulder massage palm reading, time can also about keeping in good health. Nine sun teacher may work in shenzhen, is often a young white-collar customer high praise, exquisite technology, love said love to laugh, and good service, if the service can also give customers at leisure to roughly to see your palm, popular in the nine brother. Co-founder Huang Wencai told hunting cloud network: “anyone who accept master sun service customers, not a not happy end, say a word, please his master who are difficult to get bad review.”

although this is only one, and no instructions nine elder brother have a very full of characteristic, but cloud network hunting and Huang Wencai are same on the following views: “at present, the door massage is a new project, the early stage of the model is not very big difference, but some detail of the operation of services, user experience and is the final decisive factor of the difference. Massage teacher training is one of the most important link, the massage is to train to become a master temperature, means that the temperature of the brand, believe that such a path is a wise choice.”

9 May in an attempt to do massage scene more segmentation, new product nine elder brother also from the earlier yellow man consortium’s start-ups to comfortable and metamorphosis. Positioning is the first company in China focused on help moderate the health problem of the door massage office white-collar brand, want to let all the office sedentary family no longer subject to head and neck and shoulder problems.

service began refining, only do the upper part of the

the door O2O domain after burn, the majority of the project is also to A round of stage, but the product is still at war, compound are not fully exploit the city will have to expand to other cities. For others who want to have is a share of the red sea battlefield is becoming more and more difficult. While ship small good turn, while no dominance, the present stage is the most important is not the scale, but the product in the user impression in the heart, product service features, will be replaced.

the massage service overall meaning contains a lot of projects, massage, cupping, scrapping, knead ridge, such as various massage services are said they can do a lot of, pour a admits he can only do a few.

key on the master, to personalize their, doctor

the most easily spread by word of mouth, the stand or fall of massage service will eventually to people. So the master the technique is a professional, friendly degree of satisfaction is the most care about customer service points.

Huang Wencai tell cloud network, hunting on the nine brother platform at present by the selection of the technicians are holding the massage card mount guard, they are all five years work experience + 18 professional skill + 16 return an industry standards. But because the platform on the teacher’s character is different, some people enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, someone uncommunicative, but for any service, both of which are not the best, so, nine brother regularly invited some professional manners of teacher guidance, let the teacher form interactive relationship with customers.

now, nine brother’s teacher, before the start of work will be inited to personality psychology teacher, guide them according to their own characteristics form their own personality charm. Such as chefs love to chat, sun zhao masters love singing, Mr. Wang said crosstalk, master li love sign, etc. 9 May hope that the future state is: the user can through the platform technicians professional choice, the choice of personality, good at life experience and so on to find the most appropriate technician.

so for now, nine brother evaluation of teacher are the only requirement is two things: professional service attitude and enthusiasm, is tough.

9 May now only do the shenzhen market, relative to the north to hangzhou, it won’t be competitive in the field of massage, but also means they will face more scope to enter the north hangzhou. For them, product reputation, team performs, financing speed are facing the test.