News that hot mama help C $100 million round of financing, the only product will take

recently, hunting cloud network learned from people familiar with the place, moving from mother to child vertical community hot mama help recently completed a $100 million C round of financing, this round of financing by Vipshop collar, matrix partners, JingLin, morningside venture capital, and shot. Hot mom help official temporarily has not responded, if the amount is to be verified, it is also a recent after maternal and infant electricity beibei net, and a huge financing field of maternal and infant start-ups.

in fact, the news around the hot mama help C round of financing, as early as last month had the media revealed that financing issues. At the time, hot mama help hiring in all kinds of recruitment websites, this also is regarded as after obtaining financing into the next round of rapid expansion phase of the signal; Another point is the company top 3 months don’t want to see new investors. The more reason to believe, financing issues has been finalised.

was established in May 2012 hot mama help locate in mother social platform, users can pictures, text, voice, a variety of ways to share parenting, slimming, beauty makeup, emotion, delicious food and hit the small three, sexual health, with large population, the business has been cut into the partner tools during pregnancy, and build the import and sales platform. According to the latest figures, the current hot mama help already has more than 4500 users, day live users reached 3 million, month left over 60%.

on financing, hot mama help also maintained a fast pace. The company was founded at the beginning, hot mama help angel investors, who won Mr. Dai, then in A round of millions of dollars in financing, investors including matrix partners and perilous peak huaxing, morningside venture capital. In July last year, the company raised $20 million B round, led by JingLin capital, with throw morningside venture, wei, matrix partners and perilous peak huaxing.

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