Newifi new road by the entrepreneurial team effort “technology” announced by thousands of dollar funding

today, as the Internet spread of thinking, and people for the rapid read of the mobile terminal, the demand for network is more and more big, the wireless networks become the necessary demand of people’s life.

intelligent household concept introduced to China for nearly 10 years, it is for “smart home” from unfamiliar to familiar, from at first “distance” into the practical application of the family. As technology constantly updated and improved, more and more intelligent furniture, electric equipment launched. Even the router, long forgotten now also making the horn of “intelligent revolution”.

smart home need a wise central

smart home than ever before, the household life, enhance the safety, convenience and comfort, more and more people begin to accept and use. Effort, founder and CEO li cheng think science and technology, intelligent household needs a central wisdom, it needs to do the remote control, data collection, and situational awareness, intelligent router is most suited to data center and control center as a family.

2014 effort to lenovo and baidu science and technology, developed a smart technology products newifi new road.

science and technology announced that effort for jingdong lenovo coupon for $10 m financing

intelligent hardware is the present Internet industry one of the most popular tuyere, big to the mature Internet companies, small to entrepreneurial teams don’t want to miss the opportunity, have taken up arms, both the central plains. Technology currently has the most front-end technology, effort in April 2015 the team in the industry to open two product launches, and shows many reverse the intelligent router product experience and intelligent router system.

conference, CEO li cheng science and technology as well as the effort from lenovo NBD guest zhu Wei, in-depth to share the experience in Internet, smart home, routers and insights, especially about “intelligent router 2.0 era” of classical interpretation.

technology for jingdong effort on stage with thousands of millions of dollars in financing, lenovo group for this round of funding for science and technology with the effort from first-class industrial chain to first-class powerful one-stop advantage to electricity sales channels, to become in the field of intelligent router becomes one of the most powerful competitors.

li cheng also said that the financing will be devoted herself to the features of the product research and development and hardware production. The core of the product is given priority to with video acceleration, of course, a lot of humanized function. For smart home, from the user’s starting point, let the user demand has achieved from the technical functions, he will do more investment. He said the future intelligent router also can be installed more powerful functions and system, will be looking for more cooperation opportunities.

The story behind the

listen to science and technology, founder and CEO li cheng told the media often said: “our advantages, one is the technology, the second is open. Besides we have powerful technology, openness is to determine the important dimensions of intelligent central attributes.” , he says, is to occupy the router on the leading edge of the field, because of development of xiao yun OS technology effort has 5 years experience in research and development of private cloud technology, and is the first in the intelligent router adopts MTK7620 project team, this plan execution after each use. Li cheng also said that new product selection of dual-core solutions intelligent router will become the most popular this year.

from a business perspective, scientific and technological effort successively with the thunderbolt, lenovo, jingdong achieve strategic investment and cooperation relationship. At the same time also with baidu, iQIYI, haier and other Internet giants and home appliance giant achieve depth bound and strategic cooperation.

Intelligent router startup window

has been closed

under the age of the Internet, intelligent router will be for a combination of hardware and software in the Internet ecosystem entrance, it also became the millet, such as the Internet companies compete for $360.

from a complete supply chain perspective, it should be from the original demand to the finishing services. Consumer demand into product demand first, then from the planning, design, logistics, sales, etc., through a series of services, it needs strong enough capital backing. From the technical side, the r&d team need to be familiar with the technical scheme of mainstream chip manufacturers at present including Broadcom, Marvel, Atheros, MTK, not only need to consider the stability of their consider operational costs. Said, at last the industrial chain, a lot of startups orders is too small, not out of the arrival of the goods is to get the premium channels, thus improve the cost and product then to raise prices, and manufacturers support may not reach the designated position, so it needs strong judgment resources in the middle.

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