New York, a city of entrepreneurs can not be ignored

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editor’s note: in this paper, the author is Jonathan fryer, Work – Bench’s director of vc. In the Work – Bench, Lyle focused mainly on the early investment of science and technology company. At the same time, he is also one of the founders of NYETM. The purpose of this article, Lyle for everybody this paper expounds the importance of as a startup company headquarters in New York.

I recently wrote an article on the development of technology in New York City, is mainly used to expound the current growing prosperity in New York City’s entrepreneurial environment. Stressed that there are more than 70 of entrepreneurial company headquarters are set up in this city, but I ignored another increasingly common forms: even if headquarters in other places, these companies still choose to set up a satellite office in New York City.

this kind of startup, reflects the fact that a sharp, if your company wants to develop into a big company in New York City has a stop regardless of the size of land can have twice the result with half the effort.

the lifeblood of the company sales: network

the company sales and the company’s network. Enterprise purchase software, also means they have to their reputation and year-end bonus based on trust in your team and the product. Therefore, trust each other is part of a successful trading can not or lack of, but only on a few temporary arrange meeting or telephone communication, the depth of the trust is hard to set up.

invite customer to dinner, or take them to visit your office, you can make them really understand your product, as well as the team behind the product.

as from Anderson horowitz Ma Keke lanny in “if software instant service can promote themselves, we also need to sales do?” The article explains, in many cases, the company sales are to help users to complete their own internal purchase process. Even the most popular product, also can’t change the way users of specific procurement.

the Context Relevant set up a place in New York City, and the development is rapid, its founder and chief executive Stephen oprah said, “in the software services, cloud computing, social networking and mobile technology and other emerging areas of science and technology, and everybody is fighting for low cost, high sales model. These sales model with plenty of internal sales team, quick release of the product and quick sales cycle optimization change constantly. But despite the technology will change, large enterprise users without. The situation is, you have no way to communicate through the phone only can finish a seven-figure deal. The same, there is no solid foundation, you simply can’t keep up with a fortune 100 company’s purchasing process.”

& poor’s oprah further stated that “arrange customer service team in New York, let customers have the opportunity to face-to-face communicate directly with company senior management personnel, has a very different effect. There are few competitors can beat us, because we have a physical office, and they can only through the network.”

all kinds of traffic – New York City subway, taxi or city bike – to the last moment of temporary decision can happen at any time, not to mention things such as customer accidentally walked into a store.

set up the office in New York City helps the company to better understanding and further to the east coast of the big companies in sales and business development culture. New technical cooperation and investment in the Reuters director Joyce Chen, in to the big company selling products, understand their culture is very necessary, these companies usually have similar culture and technology development route.

customer network effects can also continue to create a steady stream of demand for your product. Chen said, “most of the big company there are clients or cooperation relationship with large companies, so the local have a physical office in New York City can help startups with one or several long-term customers on the basis of rapid expansion.”

customer service

in addition to sales and customer recommend these direct benefits, has a perfect customer service center in the local team is equivalent to give your customers and potential customers in the future for a evening, to after-sales service when you don’t have to worry about looking for less than half of the figure.

considering “land and expansion” strategy has been seriously, to provide convenient customer service greatly increases the chance to achieve higher cash value at the end of the year.

Tim Edith, vArmour’s chief executive, he said New York City is like headquarters in silicon valley of the company’s second-largest commercial base. Data center security firm in mountain view, there is a core team, where they are responsible for protecting the company’s virtualization and cloud computing assets, but as their financial services centre in New York. Edith said, in order to serve their customers with safe and reliable, to set up a place in New York City is very necessary.

combined with user feedback, and continuously improve products

outside sales and after-sales service, the New York of the stagnation point can make you more clear product development route. When your team is based in New York, in the process of face to face and customer communication, real-time, you can understand the important requirements, their response in a timely manner, to avoid the trouble behind closed doors.

alex wave, the chief executive of CoreOS, he added, “in the long term development of a truly influential products, means that the deeper understanding in the company may the key problems in the field of security and infrastructure.” CoreOS since the middle of 2014, established the technical center in New York, in the wave continued, “is very lucky, our company has a well-trained team, in both technical and commercial, thanks to their efforts, our company didn’t have the ability to create a more secure Internet.”

BetterWorks since day one has been established to focus on doing the best platform for the enterprise employees incentive, at the same time they also don’t forget to bring customers the best service. “Customer service is one of our work,” the director of the company’s office in New York City, Omar Divina says, “sometimes the customer is not very clear their problem, so our customer service is particularly important. Our task is to make it clear that even the most basic potential problems and the needs of users. Why, for instance, our customer will have such a question? How to achieve customer satisfaction by surprise?”

“in addition, the New York team will visit us from time to time in silicon valley headquarters, together we communication of information on the project for the housebound ‘technology curtilage the big customer feedback and vision about the future.”

sales, recruitment, and directing the environment of

long-term stationed in New York City can let your company into the whole city environment, where all kinds of social relationships to maintain a more natural. There are a lot of Enterprise technology exhibition activities, such as the famous NY Enterprise Tech Meetup Enterprise technology conference (New York), you can easily find potential customers in these activities, and then in a seemingly casually chat conversation pointed out their key problems in IT, then proposes a solution for you. If you are only temporary, however, came to New York to participate in the activities of several such words, it is hard to establish a sense of trust in a carelessly dialogue.

jamie Mr Merentes, Merck’s technical cooperation and business development, deputy director, he often attend NYETM, at the conference for the company’s technical team to find new technical solution to the company to deal with some technical difficulties. He also met many companies in the business incubator, most of these companies from around the country, but the New York as the main team. Some of these startups, finally became the Merck’s suppliers.

Mr Merentes points out, “as a headquarters on the east coast of financial fortune 500 company, we are more inclined to start-up and also on the east coast office. In this way, without across most of the country, engineers and designers can sit together to discuss problems, product manager at one side quickly jot down important notes to promote key cooperation smoothly, finally to ensure fast near perfect product and submit it to the end user’s hands. But if across several time zones, it is not so simple.”

the diversity of New York City to ease the limits of silicon valley. In New York, is not the only industry science and technology, you can find different job functions with all sorts of different backgrounds. Once the company needs to understand the user requirements or started a long sales cycle, the diverse background of talent can play a huge advantage. Think about it, who can be more than the original in the field can understand of this field?

David arrow, Flybridge Capital Parterns general partner, in March 2014 report from the he “will be the next venture building in New York in the emphasis on the more and more engineering and technical personnel to choose to stay in New York. In more than 110 university, Google, amazon, Facebook and yahoo the large company has attracted a group of elite, and New York City recently due to the convenience of h1-b visas, is attracting more and more high-end talent here.

don’t make yourself look like a dilettante

a IT vendors in senior investment bank risk management department friend who works for business entrepreneurs provides several very practical advice, he said: “don’t always in business trip on the way, don’t leave New York as a second or third market. The world’s best opportunity to here, so why don’t you choose New York? Where money will go to!”

in the end, he concluded, “don’t let yourself look like a layman. Here have a entity shop, for potential customers to provide sales support and after-sales service in New York City, is very necessary.”