“New world” in the field of game: with a “eyeball” upgrade to blame

cloud network hunting note: eye tracking technology allows you to play the game play to madness! To tell the world is large, the original is really only unexpected, no can’t do. Now, as long as you use your eyeballs game interfaces allow you to control. Eye tracking technique is introduced into the game, players control the game some of the functions, opened up a new era in the field of the game.

recently, most of the press release issued this message: large 3 d action game “assassins creed: defect on March 10, log on to the PC platform. In addition, the PC edition of the assassins creed: a mutiny Kiev development team cooperation and Tobii eye tracking technology company, they will be the eye tracking technology is applied to the game. You didn’t listen to wrong, they just do it! Once the eye tracking technique is introduced into the game, some users themselves can control the game.

most of the press release no description of this kind of eye tracking technology to do too much, but thankfully, Tobii company press release many of the detailed information is given. Draft introduced in “assassins creed: rebellion” in the game can experience the limitless extension of “screen”, is when the game players to stare at the interface on the left side, the game screen is infinite extension to the left, then the eye tracker to record game players to focus in different position of screen time, allow game players in a new way to view the replay. That is to say, when the player stared at the screen left side, the camera will automatically record he saw.

of course, you can still use the traditional mouse eye control method, but doing so is like Tobii company said, you don’t want to experience “a new generation of human-computer interaction way”. Developers with a short video to demonstrate the eye tracking technique works, video display game interface will move as gamers eye moves. “Where is your eye to notice the game, the screen will automatically move to a place, no longer need you to use a mouse to the point; In fact, this is the infinite extension screen, your eye controls the display on the screen.” Tobii company software partners VP Anders Olsson said in the video.

if the above function will not be able to attract you, the eye tracking technology users will tell you when they look at the screen, the game will automatically stop; When they view back to the screen, the game will start automatically. This may sound crazy to you? Yes, it is so amazing. For game enthusiasts, this is indeed a great benefits, because most players think every time want to pause for a moment and see the big bang theory, have to pause, this is too much trouble.

of course, you need some special hardware devices in order to activate these features, specifically $200 worth of Steelseries (game theory, the professional game equipment brand, founded in 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark) game level rem Sentry, it can real-time tracking when players play the eye movement. Sentry adopted by Tobii eye tracking technology provided by the company, the game level issued by the eye opener at the end of last year; It is on sale in the market to help players playing a virtual game, to be able to use the line of sight control screen instead of using the traditional mouse and keyboard. If professional gamers want to analyze his first game area of the current situation, in order to improve their strategic technology, then the eye-movement apparatus is a good auxiliary tool, because it features include view game playback as well as the statistics show.

Sentry niche marketing prospects or can be, but Tobii eye tracking technology to its full of confidence, feel Sentry can certainly make greater action. More and more of the news media in propaganda eye tracker, says that he can lead a new way of control in the future. Tobii company in the press release said “Sentry for Tobii company sale can let its indirect gain many benefits. Because AAA games using eye tracker, can increase the usability eye-tracking technology platform, which will in turn push the sales of products in the long-term.” In order to better implement the idea, they will be giving away free 5000 Steelseries Sentry to assassins creed: a mutiny.

Tobii company think eye-tracking technology more useful than the camera focusing control technology. The company also recommended the tracker can be used to “multidimensional movement”, such as game with the mouse in a place to fight the enemy, eyes just staring at another direction at the same time, as the direction of the grenade. Between players in the game can make eye contact, as if they are in daily life. By the way, the game environment as players likely also eye movement and change. Tobii will provide $139 worth of EyeX dev kits, very suitable for those who want to create your own game designer eye-tracking function.

although the assassin creed: defect is a triple-a game, but it seems to be not able to persuade players to buy a $200 but has not yet been verified eye trackers. Tobii company’s Eye the Arcade site has four independent games that support the Eye tracking technology, including the CES conference in 2013 launched the Asteroid – shooting game. May now go to the early model eye tracker will find it a bit funny, but if you operate properly, it also can let you use an eye to control the game.

the PC version of the journal assassins creed: defections next month will meet with you, then you can see the long-awaited Tobii company of eye tracking technology exactly how they work. But, looking forward to we have to know about the Gear samsung VR virtual reality head-mounted device and Microsoft Win10 virtual reality to enhance equipment Project Hololens, they are not simply more flat-panel display, they may represent the rely on eye movements to control the future of the game. These technologies are not mutually exclusive, but should learn from each other. Like SensoMotoric Instruments (professional computer vision application in the field of the world’s top companies, specializing in the eye and eye tracking system and OEM solution of research and development and sales) company, now there are a lot of company in research, eye tracking technology is how to through the concentration of the line of sight, to enhance the virtual reality experience and to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.

it can really sense my eye movement, put my attention to my eyes? Hey hey, cloud network editor jun hunting and so on will buy equipment to try.

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