New tool “foot” in the circle of friends, the product ideas do you have any different?

note: hunting cloud nearly a week, “foot” this APP in circle of friends, a surge in users. But the product is, beyond the team expected, it is a simple and convenient to operate, the second is the visual sense of instant reflects the film and story. Hin for tencent technology report under the full text, the author phase:

in recent days, many people in the circle of friends is similar to the one blockbuster movie photography refresh, it turns out that all these seemingly is screenshot of the film from the “foot” this APP.

this is still a unknown new applications last week, in recent days has experienced a “terrible user explosion”, was paralyzed server for 4 days. Remember even in a system message display, product will be on March 15, 2015 at 2 am – 6 PM system server upgrade maintenance.

in the early hours of yesterday morning when tencent technology relates to foot down, founder of the willows, she and her team members are still stay up late to work overtime.

willow tell tencent technology, sufficient APP now remember the number of users has reached 930000, time is of the fastest growing in the latest week, only on March 14, the day is a new rose by 360000, the growth speed to let her and her team never thought.

according to willow, full of team members is not a “cafe”, no brilliant background, eight members of the team are all movie lovers. They know the fans and fans to chase movie scenes, in our view to love, in recent years have seen many dedicated fans around the world only to repeat the movie scenes, foot team even to our advisors, please remember Zhao Yafei hardcore fans. You may feel strange about this name, but how much you will see him retrace sherlock, “harry potter”, “amelie” and other well-known movie scene photography.

willow also told tecent science and technology, the full completed already in August last year round of funding, angel investors in venture capital is the speed of light and violet fai venture capital, and recently they are preparing to preA was round.

according to tencent technology observation, foot the APP fire remember there are two main causes, it is a simple and convenient to operate, the second is the visual sense of instant reflects the film and story.

core function is to “movie view”, large model makes it leap up is red

Used APP

the foot of the user is not hard to find, open the foot down the APP, you can see many movies in “discovery” channel viewing field, such as the film “the killer is not too cold in the last period of Leon and Mathilda comic tons at 3812 Broadway in New York apartment, for example in the shawshank redemption in Mansfield, Ohio, the Ohio state prison, also known as Mansfield prison, the story of the film here, a large number of classic scene to shoot again. “This is the most core value and creative purpose.”

however, large mode allows foot down quickly in the circle of friends and micro-blogging.

willow, said large mode (or called “widescreen mode”) is “accidentally”. “Thought the pictures of the love movies from our team colleagues, one day, a picture team daily products reach sensitive PM immediately to find feel, decided to add this functionality to act decisively enough to remember.”

if discover and explore the threshold of the shot is very high, small foot originally just want to remember all the users to provide a communication platform, large model is sufficient in became a popular application between off guard.

photographer Pinky on weibo, said foot down will overturn part is used sets a square composition people viewing habits.

why in the classification of tourism?

“foot” word from “footprint”, but the APP Store does not allow the nuptial, named only enough to remember, a “living” implication.

careful users find, foot down the APP in the APP Store is in the classification of “tourism”. Willow said, “this is a photo software, actually already changed classification, if not be banned from the APP Store again on Wednesday, this week you should have – where it should be in photography and video classification.”

as of March 14, according to data from the foot down the APP has jumped to a list of the top tourist classification.

willow also talked about, initially when considering the application of belial, despite its original image processing algorithm, also have the function of social and reading, but the final decision points in the “travel”, it is because in the process of travel to are more likely to encounter the scene of the movie.

if you memorize a version of the APP through the foot is introduced, their logo is also known as “foot – follow the film area travel.” Willow said, is not a long distance is travel, weekend travel shopping is also at a time. In addition to the film scene, foot down also includes many historical photos, celebrity foot, such as sun yat-sen in the pictures of the west lake, such as qinfeng costs and so on.

the way next?

willow said, then the way how to go, the foot down team goes something like this:

1, since you like big pattern, the depth of the model optimization.

entry not so deep, simple to use, a key to do it is taken. Perfect the subtitles libraries, can be classification, search, multilingual, want what is what.

2, conscientious do change products.

home page, topic, found that add photos, news, personal albums, play… Our own plan has listed a series of products in grinding plan. If is not the sudden hot to panplegia manpower extremely insufficient, the server should have changed to find the page. And, the performance of the product is not good enough, such as filter easy to flash back, etc., are optimized.

3, eventually settle user, I want to always should be around the place and the story.

enough to remember the birth of the original story is around the site, there are still early users to remember and miss our original slogan “no story place, after all, is a cold”. Large model will eventually fatigue, although I think in this way to record the expression of life is beautiful. Fortunately, our core value is where the story, film scenes, are endless.

the foot in circle of friends and micro-blogging rapid leap up is red, let a person can’t help but think of was all the rage the picture type of application. Willow said, “in fact really don’t know how long the large patterns of heat away, any product will have a decline day. But with a heart of love movies to life, to explore, foot can do to should have a lot of things.”