New phone Neumob won $2.3 million seed investment accelerated application

Neumob for Android is a mobile phone lines (for Android 4.0 + at present, the future meeting IOS) applications, it by itself with other mobile phone applications and the combination of the browser implementation speed, and provide a VPN and application of network services. The company has received $2.3 million seed investment, investors including Accel Partners, Shasta Ventures, Menlo Ventures and plug-in & amp; Play Ventures.

Neumob is not the first mobile phone to accelerate the application of such services as Opera Max can achieve accelerated by compressed images and documents. Just Neumob took a slightly different way, and more focused on to save time.

Neumob CEO Jeff Kim says the software is wonderful in the company’s cloud computing network connected with each user’s mobile phone terminal software. Now most of the mobile application will occupy a lot of cache, so the company’s vision is not limited to front optimization, but the use of mobile phone wan acceleration dynamic API calls (similar to the practice of Riverbed). Kim said the service through a UDP change, realize the maximization of the directional routing throughput of user terminal.

of Neumob new users, they can obtain 3 billion gigabytes of free first acceleration, can then choose to pay in the application of extended service or recommend your friends to register the service.

as far as I am concerned, I have phone to accelerate service deep skepticism. Many of the “booster” mall application can make handset faster claims, battery is more durable, but most just spam. But Neumob obviously does not belong to this class.

after I use for hours, Neumob service said my mobile phone will speed up 35%, and some applications of running speed did have improved significantly. But the defect is clear — such as attics, Redfin and Twitter application in loading images and new problems arise.

Neumob development team are rich in the experience of the Network technology, especially with the CDN (CDN) the Content Delivery Network and Content Delivery Network), who was involved in’s, Cisco, and the development of CDNetworks. The company was founded in 2014, in the last month of its Android applications for application mall has caused no small impact.

Neumob to speed up the service as the core, and other services. Such as VPN services over the wall function, users can use them without being limited by the country Netflix, and can hide his position, his home disguised as China, Japan, Brazil and Germany, etc.

in addition, Neumob also provides a kind of encryption tool. Although it will be a certain extent, reduce the connection speed of mobile phone, but it can ensure the user’s mobile phone flow is stolen.

but the fear is that when users enjoy Neumob services, there is a risk of personal data is exposed. The Neumob said they only use a collection or anonymous user data.

Neumob explains: “we know the user data is less, the privacy of users can be more effective protection. Only in the service had to perform, or after the user permission, we will collect and use of user data.”


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