New incubator DotZero: not only help financing, but also entrepreneurs sharing community

cloud network hunting note: DotZero is Pakistan’s a is aimed at providing an enabling environment for technology startups co-working community, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts can collect and exchange views here. It not only provides startups with a physical space, but also a platform for job creation, investment opportunities. Might as well read the story!

in Karachi, Pakistan’s port city) is one of the joint office space DotZero is a diversified business company build Shared environment to encourage innovation in the community. Put forward four initial startup entrepreneurs, DotZero’s goal is to create and catalyst for tech startups a ecological system. For entrepreneurs, techies and other people who are interested in this field, it will be a comprehensive “community space”.

let DotZero have quality for the first time span is their careers, fiercely loyal to the entrepreneurial teams. All four members: Imran Moinuddin, Yusuf, Jan, Atif Azim and Farzal Dojki have impressive created brilliant history of the high-tech companies, and they are eager to spread to the wider ecosystem of their foresight and insight. Believe such strong team force will reach twice the result with half the effort, after all, they have helped early experience of the development of entrepreneurial firms, and these experiences will slowly spread to other entrepreneurs. In general, DotZero is doing is to give back to society.

DotZero want to give full play to the Pakistan’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. In 2013, the online shopping market announced that Pakistan is its third largest user base platform, followed by India and the United States. The same is true of the Elance, the fast-growing, the Guru of these portal website, enough to see its thriving and entrepreneurship. In fact, a large number of Pakistan’s local qualified professionals are willing to work for themselves, their professional range is wide, from software development to graphic design, variety. Of course, these professionals and not just in Karachi and Lahore and Islamabad these major cities, second-tier cities are also a considerable proportion.

startup, before being part of a DotZero is heavily tested. Each application will be evaluated by a professional team, they will analyze the sustainability of its business model, future plans, as well as the background of the research team members, to ensure that they have value-added space. For DotZero co-founder Imran Moinuddin, have ambition is the key, it will decide whether they can even through the audit. He to Asia’s science and technology, said: “a business plan can be adjusted and transform, make product times more attractive, but the most critical or have a heart of a desire for success, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, never give up. If a person can affirm oneself, believe in team, that he was half the battle.”

the ups and downs of entrepreneurship road

Moinuddin experts, is a data analysis is also a startup company Nexdegree CEO, he believed, with enough experience to guide the fledgling DotZero. Was at Stanford university graduates Moinuddin quit his coveted biometric technology consultant in New York, moved back to Pakistan, start a business. He said: “in 2006, introduced a lot of stable Pakistan foreign investment, with a friendly business policy, I think it’s a wild adventure so I can really love a good time.”

originally, Moinuddin partner with his previous two colleagues open a shop, a few months later, however, Moinuddin and his partners they realized that they did not common vision, so they break up the company. In this way, the only leader Moinuddin became their startup.

early practice is always a headache, he recalls, “I have to tighten our because my project was not accepted at all.” But success is quietly after he finished the first task, and the task is to provide a British customers automatic backup solution. The total compensation is actually $50. Ecstatic Imran please his whole team out for dinner, that night, he told them: “a good start is far more than money can bring. You are successful, also is not bad money.”

however, due to the lack of opportunities, financial, business, marketing channel and lack support, Moinuddin special slow the pace of progress. Before finding the right way of operation, he can only again and again to taste the taste of failure. But it is also the experience made him believe that process is the most important thing. He said: “many of the early startup believes that as long as there is a breakthrough idea, you should immediately into energy to study, however, before that, you have to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Think about how my solution will work? Who is my target audience? I am in the solution actual problem? Or is it just my fantasy?

feedback economic growth brought about by the

DotZero is one of the core elements of an infinite loop feedback. Startup regularly in the Shared workspace for Suggestions to other companies, and to establish a professional team in the field of all kinds of. Every week startups need to report to the whole DotZero their progress, and DotZero especially encourage constructive feedback and criticism. Management meeting will be held on a regular basis network, access to the speech, and arrange the angel investment opportunities. The whole DotZero community are sending out the friendship and team spirit.

Moinuddin believes that provide early startup network, training, product development assistance is particularly important. He said: “in Pakistan, a startup failure is quite a luxury, it more than in mature markets, investors have no patience, so you must be a thoughtful then dive into the research and development, product design and test.”

in lack of venture capital of Pakistan, such assistance is more valuable. Traditional venture capital will not only provide investment, still can give a start-up companies to provide professional network access. The move to create synergies is very precious, greatly accelerated the pace. Moinuddin said that Pakistan’s existing fund distribution system inhibits the development of the ecological system. Passive angels do have to provide investment, but they want to get equity and investment is out of proportion. In addition, most of them can only see the short-term benefits, not to take over the company’s long-term vision. Many founder without elaborate is busy with the implementation of solutions, so that return on investment have unrealistic expectations damage to the ecosystem.

Moinuddin plan to double our efforts to ensure that under the umbrella of his entrepreneurial firms can obtain network and resources needed to achieve critical mass. Although the company is able to operate efficiently, innovation, but Moinuddin believe, through the control of the execution strategy to reduce the risk or quite important. To help early startup hone their model, Moinuddin regularly use their networks all over the world and vertical industry, such as media, fashion and analytics. He said: “the strategic relevance and positioning is the key, we always urged founders spent a lot time to set goals, and empower them all the tools necessary to achieve the goal.”

infiltration in DotZero this culture will also prompt the resident enterprises are not satisfied with the ordinary and implementation solution of cutting-edge innovation. DotZer also cooperate with some other organizations in Pakistan are to build an ecosystem, such as: co-working community i2i, global entrepreneurship StartupGrind, software company P @ SHA, Pakistan’s biggest technology incubator Plan 9. Moinuddin, however, was not satisfied with the present. His next big project what is it? Is to want to enter the C series start-up financing and want to in the global extension products as a guide?

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