New host’s director of vc platform, it is wise to bet or knowledge your shit?

hunting cloud network note: in The Times of more than one second birth start-ups, vc firms also unwilling to lag behind, in succession to create their own vc platform, committed to start from the whole process of entrepreneurship to find business opportunities, and leading to a director in focus. These really worth it? Can let the flagging venture capitalists obtain new? The author Jay Acunzo told us the key to see if work center of gravity and the appropriate strategy.

now, the change of vc industry ushered in the subversive type, and we these investors are also going to large-scale recruit talent around a specific function. Start-up companies demand looks be like simple, they don’t have to invest, don’t have to analyze and understand the enterprise; They don’t need to help these enterprises, not to look for a limited partner. Of course, they won’t be hiring specialist or a public relations consultant, as well as other our common job.

you may see here some scratching their heads, it doesn’t matter, almost everyone. Actually, this function is called “platform”, and in his last year is director of the vc platform, I don’t dare to clap breast to ensure people understand the true meanings of the term. But from the recent phase of the development trend, the frequency of the word could be more and more high, because is almost overnight, investors are scrambling to hire a suitable person for the position of the character (position).

so precisely, the platform is to point to? In essence, it is a series (based on the support of various portfolio) the carrier of commercial development and educational resources. Specifically, it embarks from the global, focusing on a complete portfolio or group, rather than provide one-to-one consulting services (such as the design of the Google vc test) or recruiters of many companies look good.

in March 2014, after Google and HubSpot, seed round winners at NextView Ventures also offer an olive branch to me, that I became the first director of the vc platform to Boston. , of course, I also to deliver, in the past year, conscientious, constantly digging deep inside our portfolio or (Boston and New York) other requirements (or blind spots) in large business groups, and then make reasonable decisions, develop and take appropriate solutions.

give some examples, the project has a lot of, such as the establishment of a complete focus on seed round startup founder of the blog, created to help create perfect board structure templates, Boston scientific ideas and can test those using cutting-edge technology and finally developed a new method of proprietary applications.

of course, several other top venture capital firm also provides such a platform. Platform pioneers of First Round Capital, has formed a team to deal with these major projects; True Ventures to select a vice President in charge of related projects, such as the founder of dinner and their undergraduate training plan; Spark capital also unwilling to lag behind, hired one of my favorite’s director of platform, solely responsible for their daily activities and other projects. But recently, and many more venture Capital firms to join the ranks, Bowery Capital elected a partner who is the burden, the founders of Collective hire a reporter in an attempt to provide a public relations boost. Meanwhile Atlas to introduce a senior entrepreneurial marketing personnel to help restore and develop new projects.

is almost a blink of an eye, I find like-minded people more and more. But after the first few months alone, now my schedule is almost all kinds of share will fill, because from Boston’s director of new platforms and other places are hope to be able to listen to my comments.

so why (that is, all kinds of vc platform have sprung up across China director position)? More importantly, if the trend continues, how can we ensure that it is good for entrepreneurs? Answer all depends on how many VCS are willing to admit that this reality: we sell are of the same product.

and as a vc, sounds like you don’t want their own platform other competitors of the accessory products, or the so-called business incubator, accelerator, and own some business groups and graduate programs of the city.

in the past in the media and marketing, we mainly by looking for a “blank space” in the industry a new shape, and finally successfully developed or selling a product means to create business opportunities. In the vc industry, however, as a founder once said, everyone in the same direction of money betting. Make an appropriate analogy, all platforms, director of the challenge actually like everyone selling ordinary doughnuts in running a bakery, and live right next to each other, forming the so-called doughnuts street. Of course, there are many ways to make them separate from each other.

personal opinion, if I have such a bakery in this street, then stand out is not a problem. However, as I just described, their store all around is to provide similar products of competitors. Is more serious, now more and more people pour into the line, and with the aid of AngelList independent connections, or using Kickstarter such high-profile appeared in the power of the raise network.

this problem comes, when everyone is selling ordinary doughnuts, how can different? Selling other things, of course.

as a result, brand management, pay attention to the network effect of portfolio, share the success of a business or are many useful resources (that is, a platform), the account of the techniques of arises at the historic moment.

part throughout the vc website, you will find that they have long tried to distinguish between “platform”. Proof of that is a few years ago, founder of the “friendly”, “secondary entrepreneurs”, “value-added” such words. But up to now, they are everywhere, and then lost the original value. I mean, they may be a particular enterprise, however, no sound is unique. Therefore, we would like to make an issue of in his ordinary. If implemented properly, the platform will bring real change.

in fact, whether before or after the director hired platform, a want to catch up with the trend of enterprises urgently need to make a major decision, is to find a job.

in the past three months, I met every frustrated director of (a) what may now be up to the number of times have complained in the past without work center of gravity, give up those seemingly ordinary actually project feasibility is not high. Because this kind of platform is trying to work hard in the whole process of “entrepreneurship” which is also for this industry has no gap, all saturated congestion.

here I’m again, as a vc, sounds like you don’t want their own platform other competitors of the accessory products, or the so-called business incubator, accelerator, and own some business groups and graduate programs of the city. But such as conceit, personal goals and vision, too high potential success rule and etc, a lot of director can’t go to great lengths to be the best.

and for those who have a more long-term investment strategy of the enterprise, can have another to ensure the success of the vc platform works focus on the object, concrete content whether adopt a strategy (such as seminars, video, etc.), adding a business function (such as recruitment, design), or to set up a special department responsible for B2B software services. So even if you are not in this industry investment, the content is far than those easy to forget something more meaningful.

in the end, if I learned anything to say in the past year, that is the “only when you absolutely know one platform work”. Therefore, the vc and hire talent a word of advice, “read” of what we have learned now. If you can’t do, the better off. You know, the early bird catches the worm, bakery and opened early.

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