“New girl” He Ningning: ali listed bell came back doing

He Ningning seat of a white skirt a row of seven of the world women entrepreneurship, for the appearance level super girl — “new girl” He Ningning, public cognition also listed bell will stay in ali. As one of the woman behind the ma, after half a year, He Ningning this identity has become a female entrepreneurs, and argued that the “can eat on the face but it happened that want to rely on power”.

in fact, in addition to the new girl, graduated from hangzhou normal university He Ningning, since 10 years have been engaged in autism education work. Until the end of last year after the bell, she felt that can put their energy to play bigger, gradual transition from tao girl become entrepreneurs.

on April 2nd, the launch of her public welfare project, the monthly has raised about $200000. As the “star edge guard” care for children with autism and their families public welfare project, the sponsors He Ningning wants to use the Internet do something thought to cause autism.

“star edge guard” now doing free interest class, every weekend to do information matching work. Through the micro believe it public accounts and micro group of institutions, teachers, space resources docking with autistic children and families. “Starting from the hangzhou local. After all, it’s not that simple, than would be difficult to do a lot.”

however, the identity of the outsiders difficult road of the transformation, in He Ningning view does not conflict. She felt the girl at this stage, should do some specific practical and come out.

“are full-time teachers autism at first, then part-time for girls, and then to full-time for girls, and later to open schools, had been groping in the middle.” Before the public welfare project start, the experience of teachers and schools to let her deep pain points of contact with autism education industry, also slowly see business need to know the business logic, and listed bell “new girl” identity is a card of shiny.

at present, in He Ningning has a more fundamental shift towards public welfare project, avoid unnecessary ambiguity in business and social contact. “Partnerships with people driving school is not easy thing, withdrawals are now going to do good, my heart because, after all, schools and public welfare or there will be some conflict of interest.”

in addition, He Ningning filming in the corresponding also reduce part of the tao girl, ask its reason, she also said: “after the kids, now with the development of the trend, now like a round face, for example, aesthetic standards have been converted. And do the public welfare project, does not a lot of time and energy to marketing yourself.”

doing public project, and entrepreneurship in He Ningning own words, the new girl’s work is relatively simple, brush appearance level, photograph, the business is very different, more to consider the ability of doing things, including how to integrate all aspects of the resources as a whole at the beginning, how to build platform, how to form a team.

the biggest difficulty comes from, although do public welfare project, but for the sake of sustainable development, must find the balance between benefits and public welfare, permanent volunteer service takes a lot of dedication. For example in resource sharing with the commercial institutions, will involve the value, culture, and spiritual things. Because of can not specific and physical entity, in practice it is very difficult, it is sometimes hard to get.

as a result, the nature of part-time work in a team member is currently the case, temporarily as a founder and spokesman for He Ningning, not only to deal with large resources docking at the head of the sex work, dealing with small details. “At the beginning of business will be facing some confusion on the team management, on the one hand, because now public people less, can really as a full-time into less likely the person, on the other hand it is also hard to weigh the balance of business and the public.” Other part-time staff including professional autism teacher write micro letter copy, film and television company is responsible for the promotion of the film, teachers of the teacher to help to do statistics and dispersing pertains.

He Ningning hope that in the process of systematic gradually cultivate the right talent, and gradually do more peripheral resources docking and foreign promotion.

in offline integration resources, past experience and present the change of the environment for He Ningning in addition to the work. At present domestic public welfare project of entrepreneurial atmosphere is very hot, and autism day is on April 2, social people from all walks of life are focusing on people with autism. As many companies will invest public welfare institutions, the responsibility of society as a whole are fostered gradually. For companies, on the one hand, brand show, on the one hand, cultural values get passed.

He Ningning on May 19, wrote in the circle of friends “with executives during the day, night express.” Fading “girl” after the identity of the aura, He Ningning is now developed into a real entrepreneur. “It is for girls to two or morethings and public welfare, and try to do some cooperation products.”

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