Never leave home shopping, Mimi life let virtual shopping docking entity shops

(text/Zheng Dian)

Mimi’s life is a consumer-driven based service class O2O platform, online APP, for bearing, in the service of offline entity shopping mall and to help consumers understand the department stores, discount stores information anytime and anywhere, make shopping easy and efficient.

city life without food and drink to live line, but as the number of merchants more and more, “shopping” targeted become more and more blurred. The market at present there are many life service class pain points, such as the consumer shopping there is blindness, offline promotion information can be collected and less understanding of market information, etc. Mimi life hope that more merchants to understand consumers and satisfy the needs of the consumers get timely and effective, let the consumer from consumer behavior of the recipient to decision makers.

Mimi life belonging to chengdu three meters technology co., LTD. The company was established in May this year, is specialized in mobile Internet software such as product development, operation and maintenance, “Mimi life” is its service platform is developing and operating life. It is reported, Mimi will begin on June 8 private life, formally launched at the end of June the latest.

Wang Yidong to hunt, founder of the cloud network is introduced: “Mimi life mainly based on LBS, the use of two modes: shopping information (show) and consumer driven (C2B), can be summarized as light and heavy two modes. Light pattern is the core of “shopping”, Mimi life is going to cut into the market, to provide users with the most comprehensive market information, the user’s “offline shopping” into “online shopping”. But the development is the core of heavy model — consumer driven. Heavy pattern more reflect consumer initiative, to use the Internet break the traditional consumption mode of thinking, from the perspective of customer personalization.”

in fact like Mimi life APP on the market and many, such as visiting, shopping mall, meow street, artifact, some stores have their own APP, but there is no large, into the brand on the market at present the market service platform, the APP store developed by is often a “zombie” APP. Mimi life to develop the function of a “demand”, to strengthen the interaction between the seller and the buyer, let the APP truly “live”. Put forward their own consumer demand, the background after matching algorithm, pushed to the businessman, businessmen after the order by the customer to choose. In addition, Mimi life plans to further develop the pay mechanism “tong”. The user can through the platform to obtain a coupon or be in all shops to realize universal, and the user authentication businesses can be attention, so that stores the latest information at any time.

three meters technology team worked in prophase of consumer behavior research, found that a class of consumers shopping itself exists blindness, not for the purpose of shopping. Mimi life for this part of consumer groups, such as free parking lot, floor store information such as location, public facilities, commuting time. On the basis of the information, in view of the consumer groups for the purpose of shopping, Mimi life provides them with such as brand, on the consumption of new, promotion and other detailed information. In terms of business information acquisition, the first way is to cooperate with merchants, at present, the company is working with some merchants to negotiate; The second way is the company’s internal organization personnel information acquisition. “Users, however, the customer” is the company’s most like to use the interconnection model, the model by the user to provide business information, the “three meters synergy certification”, namely by three or more user information matching, to ensure the authenticity of pay again after the user must pay. Simple and efficient, this way can develop potential customers at the same time, is currently in optimization.

Wang Yidong told hunting cloud network, Mimi life plan first pilot in chengdu, and other basic mature after the famous all the first-tier cities and second-tier cities spread out. For ordinary secondary cities and below, Mimi life focus promote consumer driven model. Company currently has begun financing, late in the seeds, after financing will focus on building the company and product research and development.

company: chengdu three meters technology co., LTD.