Network qin 2015 will face “metamorphosis”, or upgrade the brand strategy

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founded in 2005, net of the qin dynasty, will have 10 years old this year, compared with the number of mobile Internet company, net of the qin dynasty is both lucky and unlucky. Luckily early company with a keen eye quickly to win market share and going public in 4 years ago, and spent 3.15 exposure, muddy water short two big ordeal and health still survive; Unfortunately, the company have suffered from a variety of questions, are not yet fully eliminated.

question focused on the business system and management constantly change, originally on his concept of mobile security net qin now on how to generate revenues, some executives changes will not affect the company’s long-term stable development? Net qin what will be the new profile?

the company last month has just released the 2014 fiscal year earnings or can reassure part. Results showed that fiscal 2014 net income of $332.3 million, compared with $2013 in 2013, up 68.9% from a year earlier, while users to record highs, profitability level was improved.

results, points out that advertising, corporate mobile services, mobile games, mobile broadcasting multiple niche as a new source of revenue, net of the qin dynasty. The fiscal year advertising revenue of $72.9 million, for example, grew 99.1% from $2013 in fiscal 36.6 million, mobile business revenue of $148.7 million, up 180.5% from a year earlier. Mobile value-added business revenue of $106.1 million, a 2.5% increase to $2013 in fiscal 103.5 million, sales of the main causes of increased as a result of mobile gaming revenue growth as well as from the social video broadcast mobile platform of new sources of revenue, but by consumers on mobile security revenue to reduce offset.

mobile security into the red sea war already, this is a need to rely on performance to maintain to the growth of the listed companies, demand breakthrough revenue is the only way. From the end of October 2013, the net of the qin dynasty was released platform strategy, building security, mobile game, such as multiple lines of business enterprise, search and advertising platform. And successively investments or acquisitions many mobile companies, such as micro dynamic wallpaper, enjoyed, thorn live, guosen ivr. This also brings a problem, its various brand business and seem to be dispersed, in traditional security has been marginalized, qin today’s network and how to locate?

net qin strategy and investment relations vice President Billy in hunting cloud network, media interview, said qin the focus of this year is on several competitive niche, but how to together, with overall net qin brands management thinking, is expected soon to give a clear direction.

net qin how existing mobile map, then there will be what kind of business could become a development center of gravity? We might as well look at together.

brand spread out, 1 + 1 & gt; The effect of 2 free

since 2013, the net of the qin dynasty’s strategic center of gravity began to move, have the thorn, acquisition and investment in torrents, micro music, music of radar and other recreational company and products, hoping to exploit its own resources and capacity to plan its mobile service territory, but still on the market for qin’s main concept or safety net.

Billy, “qin traditional security net business revenue in general has been below 5%, xianzai qin real situation and market impression of we actually have a large gap.” From the brand set up the first day, he said, actually gene has been formed, infuse the concept of it, this is need time to change.

due to the outside world on the net business system of the qin dynasty have misunderstanding on the other hand, the new investment or m&a business in brand recognition, unified association, also has not really play out on collaborative, even there are quite a few users in the use of some products don’t even know when is the qin’s net.

this to a certain extent, affected the net qin company valuations. After all, in the capital market valuation of the company’s business system, not 1 + 1, the relationship between business between collaborative more can produce 1 + 1 & gt; The effect of 2.

Billy said to this, the image is not unified problem does to the outside world, net late qin will gradually to a unified image, put forward the strategies of the clear positioning, a clear strategic deployment. But is still in the exploratory stage, need only by the middle of 2015, will become clear.

the Internet is a highly fragmented, driving hardening of the network, individual demand more and more unique, it is difficult to meet the needs of all people, how to meet the personalized needs to become a big problem. In big ways, net direction of the qin dynasty is to be a mobile Internet service platform, and build its own industrial chain, which seems to Billy also need careful thinking, “what is the ecological network of the qin dynasty? How to play the advantages of it? Today qin has the preliminary inquiry the starting point of ecology, but also need the layout of the long term.”

mobile value-added services or main direction of

net qin next specific in what direction is unclear, we can from company executives or some recent comments.

on recent earnings disclosure, qin, chairman and chief operating officer and acting chief financial officer Shi Wenyong has said that in 2014, the company continued to flow based mobile entertainment business transformation strategy and got good grades. Meanwhile, Billy in the assembly investors phone further pointed out that net of qin’s wholly owned subsidiary in torrents, 2014 active users and revenue growth than the same period last year more than 100%; The beauty of the landscape main beauty live in Q4 2014 mobile value-added services than has more than 10%. This or implied that the next step change path arrangement.

in qin existing mobile value-added services system, torrents gaming platform account for larger proportion, its revenue level has reached even listed in the body. In addition, the disclosure of its existing product including micro music, music radar, clever desktop wallpaper, xiuse showed good growth momentum. Now these products have passed the accumulation stage and the original user has considerably user volume, increasingly have scale commercial conditions.

for example music search is the world’s second largest music search engine, music radar has accumulated 520 million API users, and Shazam, according to data from 2014, using the application number of users has reached 100 million per month. Moreover, xiuse with virtual consumption has contributed a lot of revenue, and net qin mobile entertainment brand vanguard. Data showed that its fourth quarter earnings in 2014 has more than 10% of mobile value-added services accounted.

these new business growth is offset by the mobile security business adjust lead to falling revenues. In fiscal 2014 revenue of $332.3 million, mobile value-added business still account for thirty percent proportion, fiscal revenue of $106.1 million is 2013 achieved 2.5% growth, is not easy. Predictably, with the accelerating commercialization of new products, mobile value-added will be net qin next growth point.

games, music, wallpaper and other business in big ways, all belong to the category of entertainment, and a strong collaborative business, and good fusion and advertising business. Imagine, users play games played at the same time recommend playlists, when open the phone’s screen to torrents of the game, and so on.

if previous key walk along this route, net of the qin dynasty is more likely to put 2 c pan entertainment products and pure entertainment products integrated into a large system of a business, such as business, to strengthen internal coordination operation achieve common value.