Netease’s first hardware products “green camera” easecredit landing platform

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on May 25, netease’s hardware products “green camera” start selling on easecredit APP. , hunting cloud network interview with easecredit CEO Hu Chen, in-depth understanding of the “camera” related content. Before the interview started, Hu Chen emphasized the “netease total camera” this name, netease new camera with the combination of Internet technology, early with a simple video chat “camera” draw a line.

we do an open platform, hardware interface, will not do any hardware, but concentrate on doing all interfaces and social sharing of docking , today to introduce netease shawl camera is developed by netease company, the intelligent hardware platform for docking with easecredit, through several months of iterative tuning in to complete a product” tuan800.

simple first introduced the camcorder, fuselage height 6 cm, the host is circular and spherical wide Angle design, wide Angle lens can rotate 360 degrees, 112 degrees image quality of 720 p, priced at 199 yuan.

now baidu with 360 are launched their smart cameras, netease why again out of the camera? Hu Chen enumerates the netease shawl camera three advantage points, hunting cloud network summed up as follows:

1. Dynamic warning: dynamic early warning function with GIF images can be intelligent detection of moving object, sending messages warning by mobile phones, make early warning, security features to advance the role of active defense.

2. The cloud storage: in addition to netease shawl, millet, and 360 are stored locally, baidu cameras also have the function that the cloud storage, but charges, that the flow is a most of the users. Netease in this aspect to consider very carefully, free cloud storage access to the user seven days, if have a higher demand, you can become more members to meet their own needs.

after service is also the commercial opportunities of netease cloud, Hu Chen said: “the value of the cloud storage for the future business actually have the very big imagination space, it sold a hardware is not to earn money from the hardware, but later in the form of service structures, the possibility of secondary services, when we turn it into a cloud monitoring platform, in fact we can do a lot of innovative on the cloud storage function, the service charge, can do some customized value-added services.”

3. Based on easecredit platform advantage: compared to other independent intelligent hardware, do this by a user can experience from the social class to the intelligent hardware closed-loop class experience to hardware experience. Old users easecredit intelligent hardware without having to download new application of the shuttle, in letter can be achieved in intelligent hardware platform installation, monitoring, operation and share multiple consecutive steps. By the end of December 2014, we had 150 million registered users, the stability of the user community provides shuttle hardware into the market for the first piece of “ticket”. At the same time, telecom application in family and industry on the accumulated resources will also provides the diversity of intelligent hardware usage scenario.

introduced above is Hu Chen shawl camera three-point advantage, as the cloud network list few personally think shawl camera compare ground advantage:

1. Easy letter is to do social background, so more considered for the user privacy Settings, Chinese olive camera permissions to consider very carefully. Including friends sharing, authentication and public share three levels.

2. Two-way voice function, total camera can realize two-way voice calls, live images with voice interaction, voice broadcast before there will be a pleasant voice.

3. Infrared night vision: total camera recording is colorful picture during the day, at night or dark scenarios are automatic infrared LED function, ensure all-weather use requirements.

4. Based on the advantage easecredit social App, define total camera as a “social sharing” tool, to share the content of the shooting interception paragraphs to weibo, micro believe it and three platforms.

smart home is to use more in the life scenes, netease the camera is also in order to bring convenience to the user, let the user with the help of the camera, how to return “home” to every day several times. What are so total camera usage scenarios, or to achieve what value?

1. The main value of monitoring: the camera is monitoring function, can play the function of “see”, see the old man, ‘Eva, see pets, stores, etc.

2. Total camera users dug it also more appreciation value, such as the camera placed in the public environment in real time the rich scenes, including street traffic, high-speed roads, tourist attractions, enterprise park, etc.

3. Phone video conference feature, for small and medium-sized companies, telephone conference system is expensive, shawl cameras can be used to meet such a scenario.

Internet companies do intelligent hardware, easy to believe itself has a natural advantage, it is a joint venture enterprise of China telecom and netease, so there are a lot of technology from traditional telecom industry, if the application on the Internet products, will lead to different changes. Yi letter communication + social differentiation positioning will continue to go, easy to serve as the hardware platform of open letter, will provide interface hardware manufacturers and more cooperation. And shawl is easy letter issued by the first intelligent hardware, follow-up and more netease’s intelligent hardware products. Cloud network to understand the general direction of hunting is wearable devices and automotive products in secret plan.