Netease and entrepreneurship: a&r 2.0, horse want some less hidden rules

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catch horse CEO tian jing bo told cloud network hunting an example: in a cast, I actually saw a girl who graduated from Beijing film academy, in a hotel a knocking at the door delivery your resume. Actually it is not hard to imagine that such a thing will make malicious loophole.

this circle is actually exquisite acquaintance recommendation system, but most people there is no network at first, make your own entertainment reporters earlier, the deepest experience is: the industry ecology is still the most primitive barbaric. Not uncivilized brutal, savage, is the difference in information is information not transparent, is an actor, agent system all kinds of resources in the two-way merchants, catch the horse away the lives of these people have to do is leather .

so, what the entertainment circle is a shape? Tian jing told hunting cloud network, a very simple example, if a company has business needs to find famous actors, he to go through a lot of links, spend a lot of time before the last contact directly affiliated to the star broker. Catch the horse to do is to let them don’t have to spend so much time, can be directly to received directly from the star broker. Star also want to go to more actually received a oneself to like, also agree with their business notices and advertising. But the industry information poor communication between the two sides is cut off.

horse in do what thing, conceptual terms: let traditional artist agent from the original 1.0 to 2.0. Straightforward it is to make the industry information transparency, first obtains from the artist announcements . Earlier to recruit actors, the need to call one by one to introduce, to interview. All notices can be scratched on release right now, there are recruiting talent, have invited requirements, material released, there is even a film financing. Hengdian shooting a TV series, for example, actors need to group, China good voice needs to recruit students, sale fashion program recording needs to have talent of actors are notice requirements.

but these are too 2, 3 line artist crowd? Tian jing bo also made explanations for this, artists resources information transparency from the bottom up, need time stage, catch the horse meet more now is little artist notice requirements, but we want to be in a more is the social needs of the entertainment industry. Notice transparent is a means to change the industry, our product has not officially launched, is now a testing phase, invited the 1000 veterans of the entertainment industry in catch horse, these people are also saved by the wave field Beijing career connections, as well as the core competitiveness. others can replication technology, but don’t copy product idea and industry accumulated resources.

this 1000 users have a producer, a director, actor, have the Internet, there are Olympic champion, senior model, a well-known agent, etc. The people of the entertainment industry status. Seed users to set the tone of products, grasp the notification service object is 2 or 3 line of artists, but catch social attribute of the service is the social of the entertainment industry. If the social is WeChat, enterprise social is affectionately, catch the horse is the “kind” of the entertainment industry. These people in dating right now, communication, update their circle of friends, keep in touch with people with cooperation space, etc. Can be completed in catch the horse.

tian jing told hunting cloud network, fuzzy is more commercial van, let the people of the entertainment industry in social tone does not build, Momo although is a very good product but also is not suitable for extensive entertainment industry social, weibo content is more interaction between artists and fans, generic entertainers social also catch a horse, they can grasp immediately get online, real-name social, anonymous leaks, etc. Pan entertainment group is a kind of relaxed social atmosphere here, we don’t invite code system, also does not have the exclusive product trait.

and for such “pimp platform” tian jing also did explain, does someone do bad things with platform, platform is the real-name system, users can report platform at any time to check. There is also a situation is to use technical means “separate spheres”, for appropriate notice to the right people, let people in the same level at the horse see only their own circle, others see their circles, relative to avoid excessive information being harassed. But at this stage will not do, users don’t have enough base, also is an open social status.

The origin of the

catch horse also pretty interesting. Is the result of beauty in the common English vocabulary “drama”, refers to the various kinds of drama, drama, the plot of the dog blood. Inherited traditional Chinese Internet circle animal worship, catch horse LOGO image is a blend into the entertainment circle at the bottom of the tenacity, tease than cartoon horse and self-mockery spirit .

founding team understand the entertainment industry a variety of operating rules by senior media higher-ups and film, founder of senior paparazzi (netease), before the media planner tian jing, is also a former VIVA wireless editorial director of new media, the former flavour library operations director, belong to the army of netease is a startup new members.